King, Nye and Lambeth lead varsity grapplers at Excelsior Springs tournament

Senior Davion King wrestles his semifinals match against Warrensburg, which he won by fall. Crystal Brown / CNO

EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. — Senior Davion King remains undefeated on the season at 165 lbs. for Carthage Wrestling.  The Tigers have struggled with open weight classes due to injury and illness the entire year, but King, along with sophomore Ayden Nye and fellow senior Gabe Lambeth brought home first place medals in their respective pools and weight classes.

In addition, freshman Grady Huntley (120 lbs.), and senior Esvin Gonzalez (175 lbs.) brought home second place finishes, with Tanner Putt (106 lbs.), Bradyn Tate (132 lbs.) and Grey Petticrew (150 lbs.) finishing third.

Here are the Carthage Wrestling results from the varsity wrestling tournament in Excelsior Springs on 01/07/23.  The top kids were put into a pool/bracket that is the A pool.  The rest were put into the B pool.  No team scores are kept for this tournament.

Carthage next wrestles in a dual with Bolivar on 01/12/23 in Bolivar starting at 5:30PM.


Individual Results

Weight—Name—Grade—Tournament Record—Season Record—Placement

106—Tanner Putt—10—(4-1)—(15-9)—3rd

Won by fall in 1:42 over Wyett Shipman—Excelsior Springs

Won by fall in 1:47 over Kemper Gehring—St. Joe Benton

Won by fall in 2:56 over Victor Schmalz—Pleasant Hill

Lost by fall in 3:28 to Cole Blattner—Fulton

Won by decision 2-1 over Peyton Lee—Kearney


113—Alberto Sales—11—(3-2)—(12-7)—DNP

Lost by fall in 1:20 to Ryder Shelton—Kearney

Lost by fall in 3:44 to Zach Pruitt—Lee’s Summit West

Won by major decision 15-5 over Cameron Cummins—Fulton

Won by decision 9-4 over Samual Jerabek—Pleasant Hill

Won by fall in 0:21 over Jaylen Civil—Warrensburg


120—Grady Huntley—9—(4-1)—(13-8)—2nd

Won by fall in 1:17 over Landen Schaper—Rolla

Won by fall in 5:48 over Caden Underwood—Kearney

Won by fall in 0:40 over Ryne Shadbolt—Fulton

Won by fall in 1:01 over Dominick Betts—Excelsior Springs

Lost by fall in 2:24 to Jaden Lambert—Belton


126B—Aydan Nye—10—(5-0)—(16-10)—1st

Won by fall in 2:59 over Robert Atkinson—Van Horn

Won by fall in 5:36 over Evan Kim—Belton

Won by fall in 3:26 over Gannon Lyons—Pleasant Hill

Won by fall in 2:30 over Trenton Rock—Grain Valley

Won by fall in 5:29 over Brayden Squires—Rolla

Sophomore Ayden Nye wins against his Rolla opponent in the first place match at the Excelsior Springs Tournament. Crystal Brown / CNO

132—Bradyn Tate—11—(4-1)—(23-3)—3rd

Won by fall in 2:40 over Logan Chamblin—Van Horn

Won by fall in 1:49 over Gunner Holt—Fulton

Won by fall in 1:56 over Tyler Manfredi—Lee’s Summit West

Lost by decision 1-7 to Dru Azcona—Grain Valley

Won by fall in 1:44 over Dalton McNeal—Lawson


138B—Brandon Perez—10—(1-3)—(4-10)—DNP

Lost by major decision 1-11 to Damien Carter—Kearney

Lost by fall in 5:28 to Matthew Light—Rolla

Won by fall in 2:48 over Damon Queen—Van Horn

Lost by injury default to Lane Pannell—Lee’s Summit West

Withdrew from tournament due to a broken collarbone




150—Grey Petticrew—12—(3-2)—(15-4)—3rd

Lost by fall in 1:41 to Garrett Lyons—Pleasant Hill

Won by fall in 5:26 over Maddox Snyder—Warrensburg

Won by fall in 2:58 over Tye Mills—Kearney

Won by fall in 3:17 over Taichi Hogg—Lee’s Summit West

Lost by decision 2-7 to Bishop Rush—St. Joe Benton




165—Davion King—12—(4-0)—(18-0)—1st

Won by fall in 1:46 over Kaden Lee—St. Joe Benton

Won by fall in 1:12 over Quinten Attebury—Belton

Won by fall in 1:01 over Daniel Stark-Wroblewski—Warrensburg

Won by overtime decision 3-1 over Tanner Barker—Grain Valley


165B—Gabe Lambeth—12—(4-0)—(13-6)—1st

Won by fall in 1:30 over Jared Robinson—Lee’s Summit

Won by fall in 0:53 over Jeremiah Hutchins—Fulton

Won by fall in 0:23 over Colton Rittenhouse—Van Horn

Won by fall in 0:43 over Anthony Circo—Excelsior Springs

Senior Gabe Lambeth prepares for his match against Van Horn’s Colten Rittenhouse. Lambeth won the match by fall. Crystal Brown / CNO

175B—Esvin Gonzalez—12—(3-1)—(6-9)—2nd

Won by fall in 0:52 over Sebastian Carter-Paup—Fulton

Won by fall in 3:52 over Mason Bertrand—Grain Valley

Lost by fall in 1:48 to Reid Kearfott—Warrensburg

Won by decision 4-2 over Lucas Lara—Rolla








Carthage junior varsity competed this weekend at the Seneca JV Tournament.  Individual championships were awarded to Indiana Gray (113 lbs.) and Noah Norbury (132 lbs.), with Wyatt Hole (120 lbs.) and Lenny Teo (165 lbs.) finishing second in the day’s competition.

Here are the Carthage Wrestling results from the Seneca JV Wrestling Tournament on 01/07/23:


Weight—Name—Grade—Tournament Record—Season Record—Placement

113—Indiana Gray—11—(3-0)—(11-0)—1st

Won by major decision 10-1 over Ian Heffren—Seneca

Won by decision 10-5 over Cole Beezley—Carl Junction

Won by fall in 3:12 over Aiden Mercadante—Carl Junction


120—Wyatt Hole—10—(3-1)—(3-1)—2nd

Won by fall in 3:21 over Langstyn Arthur-Soliven—Columbus

Won by fall in 1:03 over Jackie Coose—Nixa

Won by fall in 0:54 over Camden Kunkle—Carl Junction

Lost by fall in 0:53 to Caden Thompson–Seneca


120—Erick Mejia—9—(0-2)—(1-6)—DNP

Lost by fall in 1:23 to R.J. Hill—Marshfield

Lost by fall in 2:44 to Xander McClelland—Republic


126—Mason Pugh—9—(1-2)—(3-6)

Lost by fall in 2:25 to Shawn Lang—Parkview

Won by fall in 0:50 over Raul Amaya—HarBer

Lost by fall in 1:53 to R.J. Hill–Marshfield


132—Noah Norbury—9—(4-0)—(7-0)—1st

Won by fall in 1:25 over Sivad Davis—Nixa

Won by fall in 0:51 over John Cameron—Parkview

Won by fall in 1:07 over Cameron Grisham—Willard

Won by fall in 0:24 over Isaac Baker—Marshfield


138—Cole Tournear—10—(3-1)—(3-1)—DNP

Lost by fall in 2:24 to Nick Tarr—Joplin

Won by fall in 1:37 over Dylan Raymond—Nixa

Won by fall in 1:35 over Noah Eichhorn—Frontenac

Won by overtime decision 10-8 over Dalton Nading—Columbus


144—Joe Pantoja—10—(1-2)—(5-6)—DNP

Lost by decision 1-6 to Angel Cordova—Frontenac

Won by fall in 1:35 over Gavin Stodghill—Webb City

Lost by decision 5-6 to Kenyon Washom—Joplin


144—Jared Portillo—9—(1-2)—(3-6)—DNP

Lost by fall in 0:50 to Dylon Rogers—Marshfield

Won by fall in 0:40 over Barrett Chambers—Kickapoo

Lost by fall in 1:32 to Jaden Russell—Nixa


150—Corey Breese—11—(2-2)—(4-4)—DNP

Won by fall in 1:58 over Bryce Austin—Nixa

Won by fall in 1:09 over Kesty Tihpen—McDonald County

Lost by major decision 1-11 to Chris Zbranek—Carl Junction

Lost by fall in 3:49 to Carter James—Marshfield


150—David Gramajo Paz—9—(0-2)—(0-9)—DNP

Lost by overtime decision 5-6 to Connor Irwin—Nevada

Lost by fall in 0:54 to Ethan Jones—McDonald County


157—Joshua Hill—9—(1-2)—(2-8)—DNP

Lost by fall in 3:38 to Dale Anderson—Willard

Won by overtime decision 8-6 over Patrick Smith—Republic

Lost by fall in 2:07 to Grant Bayless—Bolivar


165—Lenny Teo—9—(3-1)—(8-1)—2nd

Won by fall in 2:33 over Jacob Moran—Nixa

Won by fall in 0:54 over Kalel Black—McDonald County

Won by fall in 3:24 over Landen Commons—Seneca

Lost by decision 4-7 to Aiden Haines—Willard


165—Saul Alvarado Hernandez—9—(1-2)—(1-8)—DNP

Lost by overtime decision 7-9 to Mason Jensen—Marshfield

Won by fall in 1:16 over Johann Wittenburg

Lost by fall in in 1:42 to Devan Aguirre—Marshfield


165—Jed Fewin—9—(0-2)—(6-3)—DNP

Lost by fall in 1:52 to Grayson Hart—Republic

Lost by fall in 2:16 to Kaden Hemphill—Marshfield


165—Keagon McCoy—10—(3-1)—(7-2)—2nd

Won by fall in 0:37 over Caen Colson—Glendale

Won by fall in 0:54 over Devan Aguirre—Marshfield

Won by decision 11-7 over Joseph Beranek—Joplin

Lost by fall in 2:00 to Logan Elmer—Nixa


175—Hector Escobar—9—(1-2)—(1-7)—DNP

Lost by fall in 3:22 to Alex Bogart—McDonald County

Won by fall in 0:17 over Landon White—Joplin

Lost by fall in 2:23 to Tristan Oliveira–Bolivar


175—Steve Serious—9—(1-2)—(1-8)—DNP

Lost by fall in 2:37 to Henry Meeker—Joplin

Won by fall in 2:19 over Dillion Spencer—Kickapoo

Lost by fall in 1:00 to Brad Englund–Kickapoo