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Thursday, July 2, 2020
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Historically Speaking

Historically Speaking: Domestic military action

If you read this column, then you know my goal is not to persuade to a particular belief but to merely inform with historical...

Historically Speaking: Protests

This week I do not have a clever opening. America is in pain and especially our black brothers and sisters. This is an understandable...

Historically Speaking: Mail-In Voting

With the shutdown of everything non- essential and social distancing becoming the new normal, one area of concern is voting. At the very heart...

Historically Speaking: Miracle Cures

As I was driving home from my office this week and listening to talk radio, the host kept talking about how if everyone took...

Historically Speaking: Pandemics

It is interesting that, with all the advancements today in weaponry and defense, the thing that kills the most people is natural and too...

Historically Speaking: Coronavirus quarantine fights not a first for U.S.

Theodore Roosevelt’s 1904 presidential address to Congress is famous for bringing us the Roosevelt Corollary, which warned European nations from involving themselves in the...

Historically Speaking: Equal Rights Amendment

If you are watching more TV than normal, then you may be seeing ads for FX’s upcoming miniseries called "Mrs. America." The show is...

Historically Speaking: Spanish Flu

There has been a lot of criticism over the President’s use of the term “Chinese virus” and rightfully so. Names have not always been...

Historically Speaking: Academic freedom

A recent incident at the University of Oklahoma should have all people concerned, but for more reasons than you may think.  A journalism professor...

Historically Speaking: Edmund Burke and Mitt Romney

I recently wrote an article for his column about a lesser-known influence on the Founding Fathers, a man named James Harrington. I think, with...