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Historically Speaking

Historically Speaking: Spanish Flu

There has been a lot of criticism over the President’s use of the term “Chinese virus” and rightfully so. Names have not always been...

Historically Speaking: Academic freedom

A recent incident at the University of Oklahoma should have all people concerned, but for more reasons than you may think.  A journalism professor...

Historically Speaking: Edmund Burke and Mitt Romney

I recently wrote an article for his column about a lesser-known influence on the Founding Fathers, a man named James Harrington. I think, with...

Historically Speaking: Historical Impeachments

Watching the Senate hearings over the past weeks I am happy to see historical arguments being made by both sides. As I have said,...

Historically Speaking: War powers resolution

My last article dealt with the growing crisis with Iran and the history of American presidents using missile attacks on their enemies. Based on...

Historically Speaking: Missile Attacks

If anyone was hoping for a calmer more peaceful decade, then surely by now they are disappointed. With just a few days into 2020,...

Historically Speaking: Historical Christmas II

Christmas is the time of year when everyone seems a little happier and are a little nicer to each other. It is when we...

Historically Speaking: Whistleblowing

As surprising as this may sound, presidents behaving badly is not new. President Trump is just the latest. Politicians have been skirting the law...

Historically Speaking: Historical forgiveness

For me Heaven will not be Heaven unless there is a history symposium at least once a week. For this week’s symposium they are...

Historically Speaking: Public Virtue

The men who gathered in that blistering humid room in Philadelphia in 1787 to create our governing document did not represent a cross section...