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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Haines, My Way: School wall art inspired this message

When I wasn’t intently keeping my toes on the silver line like a tightrope walker down the halls of Fairview Elementary School, my youthful...

Haines, My Way: ‘Can we put lights on the Whee Hill?’

My kids have been little sugared-up balls of energy – just bouncing off the walls in Christmas exhilaration. Nolan is 7. His wish list to...

Haines, My Way: Those letters to Santa are worth reading

On Dec. 19, The Carthage Press will publish the annual letters to Santa. What a joy, and what...

Haines, My Way: A prayer for those empty seats

When Christmas comes – and it’s coming fast – have a plan and a prayer ready for your heart for the moment when you...

Haines, My Way: Will the next ‘Lion King’ measure up?

I was 14 years old when “The Lion King” debuted at the theater. Mom and Dad took my brother and me to see it. Please...

Haines, My Way: 4 holiday season de-stressor tips

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Haines house, every creature was stirring and so was the mom. It was no fun. I had...

Haines, My Way: Live aware of human trafficking

It was such a horrible thing to think about … people abducting tourists and selling them as slaves. I felt terrible for those individuals who...

Haines, My Way: To love Christmas is to love people

Every Christmas it seems I blurt out the same cheesy line, “carry Christmas in your heart all year-long!” … Then I scowl when I...

Haines, My Way: Love a good scare but conquer fear

It’s OK to love Halloween as long as you keep Jesus close to heart. I don’t feel the necessity to separate the Oct. 31 observance,...

Haines, My Way: Encourage innocent childhood

Halloween is coming, and I have a request from this community. Please don’t discourage anyone from dressing up and having fun – especially teenagers.  It happens...