Carthage JV wrestlers claim COC Title


Carthage Wrestling concluded its junior varsity season with a definitive win in the Central Ozark Conference Tournament last Saturday.  Coach Kenny Brown couldn’t have been happier with his team. 

“We won the tournament by over 60 points, but what is striking about that performance is that we did it with only one champion.  Having kids win championships is a great thing, but as a coach, what is more telling about our program as a whole, is that we were able to win by the margin that we did with only one champ.  It says that we are developing a lot of young men into very good wrestlers, not just a select few.  The PROGRAM is strong, not just a couple of kids carrying us to success.  It is nice to know that we have these kids waiting in the wings for their shot to make an impact on the varsity in future years.”

Carthage Wrestling will next compete in the varsity Class 4 District Tournament at Ray-Pec High School on Friday and Saturday, February 8th and 9th.


Here are the results from the JV COC Wrestling Tournament in Republic on 02/02/19.  Only the JV wrestlers were allowed to score points for their team.  Extras were placed into separate pools and didn’t score team points.




4—Webb City—192





9—Carl Junction—115



JV Individual Results

Weight—Name—Grade—Tournament Record—Season Record—Placement


106—Chris Lopez—9—(4-1)—(17-3)—2nd

Won by fall in 1:21 over Adam Hofer—Ozark

Won by fall in 1:06 over Gage Gordon—Carl Junction

Won by fall in 0:35 over Bryson Seymour—Branson

Won by decision 13-7 over Rocky Walker—Joplin

Lost by fall in 5:30 to Nate Copeland—Neosho


113—Clismer Lopez—9—(0-4)—(7-10)—DNP

Lost by fall in 1:11 to Dominick Famiano—Republic

Lost by fall in 1:08 to Cameron Clark—Webb City

Lost by fall in 1:50 to Reece Macios—Joplin

Lost by fall in 0:56 to Jordan Hurst—Ozark


120—Selviin Estrada—11—(5-0)—(18-1)—1st

Won by fall in 1:07 over Bryce Fitzjohn—Webb City

Won by fall in 1:15 over Jeremiah Kincaid—Neosho

Won by fall in 2:54 over Sean Evans—Ozark

Won by major decision 11-0 over Dylan Webster—Nixa

Won by decision 5-3 over Reese Lawler–Republic


126—Mateo Kaempfe—11—(3-1)—(18-7)—3rd

Won by fall  in 1:50 over Brandon Cron—Republic

Won by fall in 1:20 over Houston Collard—webb City

Lost by decision 1-4 to Cade Daniel—Neosho

Won by fall in 2:29 over Cody Reeves—Carthage


132—Eli Sneed—9—(3-2)—(13-3)—2nd

Won by decision 7-3 over Gabe Hesington—Republic

Lost by decision 4-7 to Jacob Selby—Neosho

Won by major decision 10-2 over Snyper Herron—Webb City

Lost by decision 2-6 to Jacob Selby—Neosho


138—D.J. Witt—10—(3-1)—(10-9)—3rd

Won by fall in 2:54 over Rafe Mackey—Webb City

Won by fall in 5:47 over Sam Wallace—Nixa

Lost by technical fall 2-17 to Noah Reiboldt—Neosho

Won by forfeit over Philipp Liethaueser—Carl Junction


145—Creed Lambeth—10—(3-1)—(18-8)—3rd

Won by fall in 1:27 over Logan White—Webb City

Won by fall in 1:57 over Brock Davis—Republic

Lost by fall in 2:22 to Davencyl Alexander—Neosho

Won by fall in 0:55 over Brock Davis—Republic


152—Levi White—11—(2-3)—(16-11)—DNP

Lost by fall in 5:23 to Christian Berumen—Branson

Won by major decision 14-2 over Brody Whitman—Willard

Lost by fall in 0:40 to RSJ Ifamilik—Neosho

Won by fall in 1:04 over Logan Guernsey—Nixa

Lost by fall in 4:14 to Toretto Stine—Ozark




170—Obed Gonzalez—10—(4-1)—(12-3)—3rd

Won by major decision 11-2 over Colby Allen—Ozark

Lost by major decision 3-12 to Garrett Smith—Willard

Won by decision 8-4 over Hunter Row—Carl Junction

Won by decision 8-3 over Jarrell Boettger—Neosho

Won by decision 5-1 over David Honeycutt—Republic


182—Payton Choate—11—(3-2)—(15-6)—3rd

Won by fall in 2:53 over Braegan Patman—Ozark

Won by fall in 2:53 over John Hickman—Republic

Won by fall in 2:34 over Jeb Blackburn—Willard

Lost by fall in 3:09 to Steven Ward—Nixa

Lost by fall in 1:39 to Cooper Crouch—Webb City


195—Kanen Vogt—9—(2-1)—(12-1)—2nd

Won by fall in 0:35 over Hunter Mitchell—Webb City

Won by fall in 1:00 over Austin Hendrix—Willard

Lost by fall in 2:42 to John Gholson—Nixa


220—Christian Tebalan—10—(0-5)—(8-18)—DNP

Lost by fall in 4:54 to Adrew Odell—Branson

Lost by fall in 0:41 to Keegan Bennett—Carl Junction

Lost by fall in 0:51 to Astion Brooks—Nixa

Lost by fall in 1:53 to Marcus Orellana—Ozark

Lost by fall in 3:06 to Isaac Gyles—Republic


285—Josue Gonzalez—12—(4-1)—(17-2)—2nd

Won by fall in 0:42 over Luke Hulse—Ozark

Won by decision 5-1 over Micah Lieberman—Carl Junction

Won by fall in 0:37 over Ethan Piles—Republic

Lost by decision 1-3 to Carson Gehring—Willard

Won by fall in 0:48 over Samuel Wood—Branson


Extras Individual Results

120—Brayden Benefiel—10—(2-0)—(20-5)—1st

Won by fall in 0:58 over Kynden Bennett—Carl Junction

Won by fall in 1:14 over Luke Parsons—Webb City


126—Cody Reeves—9—(3-2)—(14-7)—DNP

Lost by decision 3-8 to Nolan Mueller—Ozark

Won by fall in 1:36 over Silas Walker—Carl Junction

Won by fall in 1:16 over Alexej Bolzern—Nixa

Won by fall in 0:39 over Layton Coatney—Willard

Lost by fall in 2:29 to Mateo Kaempfe—Carthage


132—Brexton Logan—10—(5-0)—(17-8)—1st

Won by fall in 5:39 over Byron Lopez—Carthage

Won by fall in 0:57 over Jaron Coatney—Willard

Won by major decision 8-0 over Jonathan Coreas Perez—Carthage

Won by decision 3-1 over Brett Rockers—Carthge

Won by decision 5-0 over Trent Neece—Neosho


132—Brett Rockers—9—(4-1)—(16-5)—2nd

Won by fall in 0:14 over Jaron Coatney—Willard

Won by major decision 15-7 over Trent Neece—Neosho

Won by fall in 1:24 over Byron Lopez—Carthage

Lost by decision 1-3 to Brexton Logan—Carthage

Won by technical fall 19-4 over Jonathan Coreas Perez—Carthage


132—Jonathan Coreas Perez—9—(2-3)—(9-9)—DNP

Lost by fall in 0:21 to Trent Neece—Neosho

Won by fall in 5:01 over Byron Lopez—Carthage

Lost by major decision 0-8 to Brexton Logan—Carthage

Won by fall in 0:35 over Jaron Coatney—Willard

Lost by technical fall 4-19 to Brett Rockers—Carthage


138—Byron Lopez—9—(1-4)—(10-13)—DNP

Lost by fall in 5:39 to Brexton Logan—Carthage

Lost by fall in 5:01 to Jonathan Coreas Perez—Carthae

Lost by fall in 1:24 to Brett Rockers—Carthage

Lost by fall in 4:25 to Trent Neece—Neosho

Won by fall in 2:45 over Jaron Coatney–Willard


138—Emanuel Chavez—11—(2-0)—(11-4)—1st

Won by fall in 0:48 over Carlos Lopez—Carthage

Won by fall in 0:50 over Alexander Bewley—Nixa


138—Carlos Lopez—11—(0-2)—(4-11)—3rd

Lost by fall in 1:40 to Alexander Bewley—Nixa

Lost by fall in 0:48 to Emanuel Chavez—Carthage


152—Wessly Estes—10—(3-0)—(18-4)—1st

Won by fall in 4:50 over Connor Candler—Branson

Won by fall in 0:21 over Gage Crawford—Willard

Won by fall in 5:17 over Fernando Lopez—Carthage


152—Fernando Lopez—10—(2-1)—(14-7)—2nd

Won by fall in 2:44 over Gage Crawford—Willard

Won by fall in 1:29 over Connor Candler—Branson

Lost by fall in 5:17 to Wessly Estes—Carthage


182—Blane Steffen—11—(0-3)—(6-15)—DNP

Lost by fall in 3:12 to Richard Sherman—Willard

Lost by fall in 3:06 to James Chuta—Carthage

Lost by fall in 1:20 to Elijah Mackey—Webb City


182—James Chuta—10—(1-2)—(4-13)—3rd

Lost by fall in 0:43 to Elijah Machey—Webb City

Won by fall in 3:06 over Blane Steffen—Carthage

Lost by fall in 1:18 to Richard Sherman—Willard


195—Ronaldo Escamilla—10—(1-2)—(12-9)—2nd

Won by fall in 4:43 over Cristian Salas—Carthage

Lost by fall in 2:57 to Alexis Vasquez—Carthage

Lost by decision 3-5 to Peyton Nevels—Nixa


195—Alexis Vasquez—10—(3-0)—(17-3)—1st

Won by decision 5-3 over Peyton Nevels—Nixa

Won by fall in 2:57 over Ronaldo Escamilla—Carthage

Won by fall in 1:25 over Cristian Salas—Carthage


195—Cristian Salas—9—(1-2)—(13-8)—DNP

Lost by fall in 4:43 to Ronaldo Escamilla—Carthage

Won by overtime decision 6-4 over Peyton Nevels—Nixa

Lost by fall in 1:25 to Alexis Vasquez—Carthage


220—Rafael Lopez—9—(1-1)—(2-21)—2nd

Lost by fall in 0:30 to Marshall Swadley—Willard

Won by decision 6-5 over Darris Hill—Carl Junction


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