7th grade girls basketball tops Joplin, 8th grade falls to Eagles


8th Grade

Tuesday, Nov. 23 – A team lost 10-37

Alexis Jenny led the team with 8 points followed by Chasity Straw and Isamar Rodas with 1 point each. Sadie Comer and Emma Denney tied for the team lead in rebounds with 6 a piece. Jenny added 3 rebounds, Rodas and Lottie Youngblood finished with 2 rebounds each and Straw and Braeli Hoover added 1 rebound each.

Tuesday, Nov. 23 – B team lost 24-31  

Rodas lead the B team with 10 points. Michelle Miranda finished with 9 points followed by Comer with 3 points and Hoover added 2 points to round out the scoring. Comer lead the team in rebounds with 6 followed by Savanna Ochs with 4 rebounds. Rodas, Ashleigh Rowden, Miranda, Evie Carrol, Hoover and Jaycee Bayless each chipped in with 2 rebounds.


7th Grade

Tuesday, Nov. 23 – A team won 27-24

Chloe Hawks led the team with 14 points. Hayden Lawyer added 7 points and Havyn Thayer finished with 5 points.

Tuesday, Nov. 23 – B team won 30-22

Riley Cochran finished with a game high 16 points followed by Miley Manzer 5 points and Hope Roberts 4 points.

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