Letter to the Editor: New stadium ill-prepared for CHS graduation


Dear Editor:

My beautiful granddaughter, Grace Sylvia, graduated tonite in the new “David Haffner” stadium. I have never attended a (much anticipated) event that was so ill-prepared for the mass of people who would be attending and wishing their loved one well. I cannot believe that the CHS administration could not foresee that the bleachers on the East side would possibly need to be open and available for loved ones to sit in!

I actually had to find people with walkie/talkies, keys around their necks/IDs, and appeal to them to please, please, open the empty bleachers on the east side. After many phone calls to the “higher ups”…they finally did. But masses of people were standing up, leaning on the chainlink, or sitting on tables far-removed from from the graduation.


After finding “someone” they FINALLY opened the East side. TOO LATE! Most of us who went there found NO SOUND & it was so unaccommodating we barely could know/hear what was going on. No valedictorian speech/no salutatorian.

This was a sad encounter with the new “David Haffner” stadium.

I had a pregnant mom & a handicapped person in our family & I ain’t no youngster myself! To expect us to STAND UP for this large graduating class was inexcusable!! Please, I have one more coming up in 3 years!! I expect BETTER!!

April Hurst

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