artNotes from Hyde House: Celebrity Contribution for SILENT AUCTION

“Choosing the Perfect Tree” 5x7 oil framed by Andy Thomas.

The excitement is palpable in Hyde House! The call has gone out and responses are coming in as artCentral artists deliver their donations for artCentral’s fundraising SMALL WORKS | GREAT WONDERS 5×7 Silent Auction opening Friday, October 7 at 12 noon.

Again this year artCentral has received a one-of-a-kind contribution from our local celebrity artist Andy Thomas. Rendered in oil, his “Choosing the Perfect Tree” is a sparkling gem waiting to go home with the highest bigger. While prices for Andy’s large format paintings continue to skyrocket, do not miss out on this unique opportunity to own an original generously donated by Andy in support of artCentral.

Before becoming famous as the “painter of presidents”, Andy put in years working in graphic arts. With the blessing of his beloved mentor and friend, Lowell Davis, in pursuit of his own holy grail Andy set out on his quest to become a self-supporting painter, supplied and suited out with his natural talents and riding a steed of passionate determination. Increasingly he grew confident in his ability to achieve his goals.

Andy’s wife and muse Dina brought the special magic Andy’s journey needed. Traveling in a partnership of equals they found their diverse talents and skills made them the perfect business partners to go forward together, to succeed in manifesting their shared dreams and to enjoy a comfortable life of their own making.


Beautiful renderings of Andy’s and Dina’s artistic collaboration can be found in the interior restoration of St. Ann’s Catholic Church here in Carthage. With Dina serving as volunteer leader for the restoration, Andy designed and built wooden frames for the Stations of the Cross lining the church walls. He also designed the grand wooden encasement for the Sacred Heart statue. Together, they restored the statue.

Another collaborative venture for Andy and Dina, a must-see for Carthaginians and visitors to enjoy, Andy’s “Big Dreams Grow in Carthage” mural is just off the historic Carthage Square at the corner of Grant and Fourth Streets. Preserving local history was an idea proposed by Vision Carthage that Andy and Dina both liked. Dina did much of the background work and provided assistance and promotion in order for Andy to just create. The artwork was initially conceived in watercolor with several oil paintings made in the process. Installed in tiles, the completed mural tells the story of famous people whose roots came from small-town Carthage, Missouri.

Over many years Andy has shared his talents with our community, first with a mural entitled “Memories of Carthage High” at the Carthage R9 Auditorium on Main Street, later designing the theme artwork for the 2011 Carthage Maple Leaf Celebration and Sesquicentennial of the Civil War. Andy was honored with the 2013 Carthage Citizen of the Year and Artist Award at the Carthage Chamber of Commerce Banquet. In 2020 Andy was installed in the Hall of Carthage Heroes.

A nationally recognized artist, Andy’s historical and western works hang in numerous museums, galleries, national parks and private collections. His advice to painters aspiring to success:  “You are successful because you keep going. You have to want to be better. A positive attitude goes a long, long way. Put on a happy smile and surround yourself with positive thinking and positive speaking people.” Dina emphasizes: “Modesty and self-criticism do not sell art. If you cannot say something nice about your art, do not say anything at all!”

At the SMALL WORKS/GREAT WONDERS Silent Auction you will have many, many nice somethings to say about Andy’s “Choosing the Perfect Tree” and every other original 5×7 donation in this terrific collection created by the artists of artCentral.

All the Silent Auction 5×7 creations will be on view beginning October 1 at and

Mark your calendars to celebrate the magic of the HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE October 7 through December 3.