Ida Kathryn Hartley


In this garden of life we’ve unfortunately lost the oldest and most bountiful branch of our family tree.  She was weathered and losing her strength slowly over time, but never failed to provide or support others.  She was firm in her will and never wavered in her position.  

Ida Kathryn Hartley was born August 14th, 1923 to August and Jenny Mae (Wiggins) Brueggeman. She passed peacefully Friday, January 1st, 2021, joining her parents, her brother Karl, her husband Don, her grandson Jed and her son in law Jerry.  She married Don Hartley on August 29th, 1941 and they raised five children together.  She is survived by her Daughter Gloria, her granddaughters Jeri, Amy and Jill, her great grandkids Alex, Will, Maddy and Sofia.  Her Daughter Carol and her husband Randy.  Her Son Doug and his wife Kathie, her grandson Alex and her great granddaughter Abbi.  Her Son Jim and his wife Michelle, and her grandkids Justin and Jolene. Her daughter Kathy and her grandsons Mark and Ryan, her great grandkids Jacy, Landry, Ryah and Rece. 

The kids favorite memories:

In December of 1957, five very unhappy Hartley children left their home and friends in Carthage Missouri to move to Kildare, Oklahoma. Dad had taken a new job in Ponca City and our loving mother opened the Hut Drive In the following year in Newkirk. Our lives changed forever. Mom taught us by example to be courteous, work hard and take pride in our work. We worked hard but had fun. I am very thankful for the great friends and memories made during this early part of our life in this caring community. Thank you Mama.  -Gloria Williams


When not in Oklahoma, she might be in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Maine.

She loved the change of seasons, the history of New England, the friends, the food & the ocean. She made many friends and still receives notes, photos and flowers.  She visited the oldest fair in the country (Topsfield Fair). Living 30 miles outside of Boston was comforting, relaxing and peaceful. She always helped pick veggies, pick flowers, feed the chickens and gather eggs. She was always the first one to the dinner table.  She loved Randy’s cooking.  Always happy; courteous & liked telling jokes & playing cards.  She was a true Christian; she always said “I LOVE EVERYBODY!” Rest in peace MOM.

-Carol Johnson

As usual, my sisters decided what I should write.  We were all sitting around the table after a  family meal, Kathy asked mom, “out of all the kids, who was your favorite?” and mom responded without missing a beat, “Doug”.  Everyone, especially Kathy was pretty surprised.  She then explained that I kept the home fires burning.  I did the chores, kept the animals fed, stalls cleaned and farm running while everyone else was away at the races.  Mom could always appreciate hard work.  She kept the family together and a mess of kids pointing in the right direction.  Love you mom.

-Doug Hartley

Family, traveling and horses come to mind when remembering some of my mother’s favorite things. I spent a lot of time with her in all of these. One memorable day we spent together was on Saturday May, 1st 2004. It was Kentucky Derby Day! This was Mom’s first derby and on her bucket list. My mom Ida, my daughter Jolene, my wife Michelle and I had an awesome time getting all spiffed up in our derby attire, fancy hats and all! The rain came down in buckets that day, but not on Ida; she was in the clubhouse suite enjoying the elaborate buffet and fancy mint juleps. Being the good horse handicapper that she was, she bet on the winner, Smarty Jones! It was such a great day for us all. I love you forever, Mom.  -Jim Hartley

My most memorable times with my mother happened because of her adventurous spirit, so we traveled. The Vatican in Rome, Crown Jewels in London, lapping swimmers in the Olympic size pool in Central America, and at 92 to Germany where she took a hot air balloon ride piloted by her cousin. Mom soaked up life and wasn’t just alive, she was LIVING and lived life to the fullest.  -Kathy Wolfe

Ida never met a stranger, likely because her reputation preceded her and she had such marvelous spirit that people naturally gravitated towards her.  That same spirit or rather the fact she was full of piss and vinegar kept her youthful and sharp as a tack until the very end. She was never short on stories or jokes and she commanded attention at every table. Most will remember the Hut or the Newkirk Track or maybe just a story here and there, but the important part is so many people remember.  To have such an impact on so many people is a true testament to her character and life.  Please retell her stories and the ones she wrote herself along the way.  Her branch has fallen, but only to make way for others to continue to grow nurtured by her fiery wisdom.

Lessons to learn from Ida Hartley

  • Always bet on the grey horse or the dog that craps before a race
  • Always play to win.  At all costs, even if it means hiding a few cards here and there
  • The stories and jokes worth telling are almost always inappropriate and obscene
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say, even if it means telling off a cop
  • Work hard, make your kids work harder
  • Make friends everywhere you go.  Especially ones terrible at cards
  • If you can’t win at betting, be the bookie.

Services will be postponed until a later date when all the family can be together.  A special thank you to Humanity Hospice for everything they do.  Without them, this transition would’ve been much more difficult.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to the following:

Humanity Hospice

1109 N Bryant Ave Suite 100

Edmond, OK 73034


Newkirk Community Chest

PO Box 468

Newkirk, OK 74647

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