‘Farce of Nature’ fills Stone’s Throw with laughter

Farce of Nature - Cast & Crew

Ready to laugh?

A reeling-good time has hit the stage at Stone’s Throw Dinner Theater. “Farce of Nature” – written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten – will hold opening night tonight and continue through the weekend, and Aug. 20-22.

The story is set in Mayhew, Arkansas, where an Ozarks family runs a charming fishing lodge … both in need of some repairs. In a run of coincidences and small-world situations, a Chicago man in witness protection and a gangster’s wife come to the lodge … Then “all hell breaks lose,” as D. Gene Wilburn says – played by Neal Ruggeberg.

This comedy brings all the fun of local theater, played by some of Stone’s Throw’s favorite returning thespians, brought together and directed by Doug Dickey. The set was created by Dickey, Bryan Hammer and local artist Tom Jones, who plays the role of Carmine DeLuca.


“Everything the audience will see in this play is a reflection of local talent and love for theater,” said Rebecca Haines, who plays the part of Jenna Sealy. “We have had an absolute blast working on this performance, and it means a lot to us. We’ve had some real, meaningful connections to each other, and I’ll never forget this comedy and the people who’ve brought it to life.”

To make a reservation, please call 358-9665. Stone’s Throw Dinner Theatre is located at 2466 W. Old 66 Blvd. Stay up-to-date with the theater by following the Facebook page or signing up for the newsletter.

Wanelle Wilburn – Susie Lundy
D. Gene Wilburn – Neal Ruggeberg
Jenna Sealy – Rebecca Haines
Maxie Wilburn Suggs – Leecia Bloss
Carmine DeLuca – Tom Jones
Tyler “Ty” Wilburn – JJ Ramos
Lola Barbosa – Gloria Wilson
Sonny Barbosa – Dalton Cobb
Roxanne Thorn – Diann Mazurek
Director – Doug Dickey
Assistant Director – Misty Hammer
Producer – Mark Sponaugle
Costuming – Vicki Dickey
Art Work – Tom Jones
Set Construction – Bryan Hammer, Doug Dickey, Tom Jones
Set Design – Doug Dickey & Misty Hammer
Light & Sound – Doug Dickey
Stage Manager – Misty Hammer
Michelle Jamison and Shelli Jones

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