Carthage Parks & Rec announce Lime Scooter expansion, berm bridge dedication



Carthage Parks & Recreation is excited to enter a test period for the expanded use of Lime Scooters in Carthage.

Beginning July 28th through August 21st, we will expand the boundaries available to rent Lime Scooters. The map outlines ride zones and no ride zones. Our goal is to gauge recreational use and see if Lime Scooters are also used for transportation in Carthage. The majority of the city will be available to ride Lime Scooters. In addition, parking will be accessible in most of the city. This will allow you to hop on Lime and park at your destination. We expect some challenges to arise as we move through this test.

During this process, if you would like to provide feedback or have questions, please email Chelsea Cholley at or call the Park office at 417 237 7035. When the test period is complete, we will evaluate the feedback, and community-wide Lime use to develop a plan moving forward.



This Thursday, July 28, the Kellogg Lake Nature Center advisory group will hold a dedication ceremony of the new berm bridge. The bridge was constructed as a phase of the reclamation of the old rearing pond area which was stagnant and full of debris. The project included excavating a breach in the berm wall to allow lake current to clear the stagnation, removing dead trees, fabrication of the bridge that reconnects passage around the berm, and landscaping which will be the final phase.

Special thanks are owed to many who contributed funds or work on the project: Snyder Excavating, Carthage City Engineer, Street, and Parks Departments, Carthage Community Foundation, Kip Smith Realty, Carthage Rotary Club, Shane Meister Towing Service, and Derrick Tilton & Sons. The 38-foot steel bridge was constructed by Wendall Schrock, Avilla, at a cost of $22,000.

The Kellogg Lake advisory group, a non-profit organization which has supported park improvements since 2001, will dedicate the bridge to the city at 5:45p.m. The public is invited to attend.