Haines, My Way: ‘Can we put lights on the Whee Hill?’


My kids have been little sugared-up balls of energy – just bouncing off the walls in Christmas exhilaration.

Nolan is 7. His wish list to Santa included such things as tractors, a guitar, a trick bike and “other cool presents.”

Nora is 5. She wants a unicorn … Like, a real unicorn. But she lights up as bright as our tree when she sees Carthage all aglow in Christmas splendor. Well done, “Way of the Salvation” light display! We love the Barksdale Whale and his snowman friend this year. But I had a little request from the backseat this year … “Can we put lights on the Whee Hill!?”


I thought it was too precious not to share that idea with the town …

Our 2018 Christmas has been a wonderful season full of joy. We put “jello” on the windows – those spongey, sticky decorative things (if you know what I’m talking about.) We decorated the tree … Then I helped put some ornaments on branches other than just the ones at their eye-level. We drove around the area looking for amazing light displays, respectfully declined the fruit cake that was described as “yucky candy bread,” and played silly games with our family.

Nora’s Christmas program at Little Folks was a delight. She loves dressing up and singing, but I think she might have been a little nervous in front of so many adoring fans … She sings much louder in the bathtub.

Nolan loved the Steadley annual Sing Along event, and has brought home some pretty impressive art projects … We still haven’t eaten that gingerbread house that was glued to a milk carton with care.

Is it too cliché to say that my kids are my greatest gifts? Well, I’ll say it anyway. I hope the Carthage community was able to enjoy the beauty and experience Christmastime this year with childlike wonder. It’s a joyous time of life with two little ones, but it’s extra magical at Christmas.

I hope the kids in your life bring you smiles and laughter with their precious requests … but I think Nora had an excellent idea for that Whee Hill next year …

Rebecca Haines is a contributor to The Carthage Press.