Haines, My Way: Love a good scare but conquer fear


It’s OK to love Halloween as long as you keep Jesus close to heart.

I don’t feel the necessity to separate the Oct. 31 observance, and here’s why.

Just about every Sunday (and we try to make it Wednesday nights too) my kids and I go to church. The teachings, the messages and the love that is poured into us throughout the year cannot be diminished from one season or holiday.

We face fears year-round – Halloween can be a time to celebrate conquering those fears. I even think it’s healthy to address what you’re scared of, and practice overcoming those fears.


We are meant to be lions – bold in the face of danger.

I’m not afraid to tell you my fears. I struggle with claustrophobia sometimes, and snakes – even Indiana Jones hated those.

But those are two of my fears that tend to be showcased around Halloween, and I believe it makes me stronger to face them. I don’t like it – but it’s good for me.

The thrill of a good scare is followed with amazing peace when you realize and focus on the fact that nothing can stop you from Heaven, or disconnect you from God’s grace.

Don’t scare yourself to the point where it’s too hard to feel God’s protection – He’s there with you in every dark moment of your life. Don’t forget who you are in Christ – fearless.

It’s a fun time of year, and I think Carthage does a great job of embracing this moment to love the kids.

But let’s also teach them the value of the peace-of-mind that comes with Jesus for not just the scary Halloween moments, but for all times in our life when we face fear.

Rebecca Haines is a contributor to The Carthage Press.