Tiger senior wrestlers recognized; team puts up three more wins on the season

Emerson Ixcol attempts to pin Kickapoo's Brian Hill at 126 lbs. Crystal Brown / CNO

CARTHAGE, Mo. — Carthage Tiger wrestling completed another full week of wrestling, chalking up three more victories last week. Tuesday marked senior night for four Tigers: Bradyn Tate, Alexander Salas-Marquez, Dylan Huntley and Rolman Paxtor-Elias.  Seniors were recognized with their parents before the evening’s duals.

At 106 lbs., Tanner Putt got the Tigers off to a great start with the fall over Kickapoo’s Preston Ingram.  A forfeit by the Chiefs at 113 gave Caden Groom another six points, followed by Wyatt Hole’s major decision over Joseph Woodward at 120 lbs.  Brian Hill, in turn, picked up the fall for Kickapoo over Carthage’s Emerson Ixcol at 126 lbs., but the Tigers rallied the next two matches with pins of their own: Grady Huntley at 132 lbs. and Bradyn Tate at 138 lbs.  Tate’s heart-stopping near loss to Kickapoo’s Jahan Huynh in the first period was countered by a pin in the third. “I just wanted to keep things interesting for Senior Night”, said Tate.

Carthage took losses over Aydan Nye at 144 lbs. and Israel Perez at 150 lbs., but bounced back again with a huge pin from Keagon McCoy at 157 lbs.  A forfeit by the Tigers at 165 lbs. and losses at 175 and 190 brought the score to 34-28 in favor of the Tigers with two matches to go.  David Recinos fall at 215 lbs. sealed the deal, though, for the Tigers, even after a quick pin by Kickapoo at 285 lbs.  The varsity Tigers walked away with a 40-34 victory over the Chiefs, before traveling to Springfield the next night to face the Central Bulldogs and Waynesville Tigers in a double dual.


While the varsity pulled out a close victory, the junior varsity struggled on the evening, winning five of sixteen matches.  Those victories included Mason Pugh with a fall at 132 lbs., Malachi Dougless with a 7-2 decision at 138 lbs., Kort Reynolds and Saul Alvarado Hernandez with fall at 157 and 175 lbs. and Hector Escobar with an injury default.  The Carthage girls saw an even split with the Chiefs, as both went 4-4 on the evening.  Key victories came from Emmy Hernandez at 125 lbs. with a pin over Tiyeh Burns, and Irish Lee, also with the fall over Trinity Lusk at 130 lbs.

Senior Dylan Huntley and parents. Crystal Brown / CNO
Senior Alexander Salas-Marquez and parent. Crystal Brown / CNO
Senior Rolman Paxtor-Elias and parents. Crystal Brown / CNO
Senior Bradyn Tate and parents. Crystal Brown / CNO

Carthage vs. Kickapoo Dual

January 23, 2024

Win 40-34

106 Tanner Putt (Carthage) over Preston Ingram (Kickapoo) (Fall 2:29)

113 Caden Groom (Carthage) over Unknown (For.)

120 Wyatt Hole (Carthage) over Joseph Woodard (Kickapoo) (MD 15-2)

126 Brian Hill (Kickapoo) over Emerson Ixcol (Carthage) (Fall 5:15)

132 Grady Huntley (Carthage) over Kaine Schwaninger (Kickapoo) (Fall 3:19)

138 Bradyn Tate (Carthage) over Jahan Huynh (Kickapoo) (Fall 5:10)

144 Beau Benton (Kickapoo) over Aydan Nye (Carthage) (Dec 7-4)

150 David Duer (Kickapoo) over Israel (Yosvin) Perez (Carthage) (Dec 11-8)

157 Keagon McCoy (Carthage) over Tate Kawamoto-Takeshita (Kickapoo) (Fall 3:22)

165 Xander Burks (Kickapoo) over Unknown (For.)

175 Kaydon Dame (Kickapoo) over Joshua Hill (Carthage) (Fall 1:18)

190 Jonathan Vargas (Kickapoo) over Alexander Salas-Marquez (Carthage) (MD 14-4)

215 David Recinos (Carthage) over Brad Englund (Kickapoo) (Fall 4:35)

285 Logan Wolf (Kickapoo) over Jaxton Lopez (Carthage) (Fall 1:00)

JV Matches:

126 Karter Schwaninger (Kickapoo) over Eli Smith (Carthage) (Fall 1:23)

126 Karter Schwaninger (Kickapoo) over Douglas Ball (Carthage) (Fall 1:07)

126 Jaden Lee (Kickapoo) over Rolman Paxtor-Elias (Carthage) (Fall 1:19)

132 Mason Pugh (Carthage) over Jaiden Tipton (Kickapoo) (Fall 0:50)

138 Jackson Pippin (Kickapoo) over Franky Contreras (Carthage) (Fall)

138 Jackson Pippin (Kickapoo) over Daniel (Jason) Elias (Carthage) (Fall 5:52)

138 Malachi Dougless (Carthage) over Myles Meyer (Kickapoo) (Dec 7-2)

144 Kenion Bluford (Kickapoo) over Nelson Cun-Lopez (Carthage) (Fall 3:52)

144 Andrew Tofflemire (Kickapoo) over Nelson Cun-Lopez (Carthage) (Fall 1:25)

150 Nicholas Finke (Kickapoo) over Joseph Justice (Carthage) (Fall 0:00)

157 Ethan Baltz (Kickapoo) over Jared Portillo (Carthage) (Fall 2:55)

157 Kort Reynolds (Carthage) over Grant Ellis (Kickapoo) (Fall 2:28)

175 Saul Alvarado Hernandez (Carthage) over Dillion Spencer (Kickapoo) (Fall 1:50)

175 Hector Escobar (Carthage) over Evan Eidson (Kickapoo) (Inj. [time])

215 Kaiden Ivey (Kickapoo) over Alex Revolorio (Carthage) (Fall 0:50)

215 Alex Spencer (Kickapoo) over Jed Fewin (Carthage) (Fall 2:21)

Girls Matches:

100 Mischa Drackert (Carthage) over Unknown (For.)

110 Maylee Brown (Carthage) over Unknown (For.)

125 Emmy Hernandez (Carthage) over Tiyeh Burns (Kickapoo) (Fall 1:20)

130 Irish Lee (Carthage) over Trinity Lusk (Kickapoo) (Fall 1:28)

140 Kylie Galyean (Kickapoo) over Arianna Medrano (Carthage) (Fall 2:56)

170 Kaitlyn Finley (Kickapoo) over Unknown (For.)

190 Lyndsey Young (Kickapoo) over Unknown (For.)

235 Lily Mahoney (Kickapoo) over Unknown (For.)

The team battled Waynesville the next evening at Springfield Central in the first of two meets on the evening.  Tanner Putt once again got the Tigers off to a good start with a pin over Isaiah Santos at 106 lbs.  Caden Groom then battled to a 6-5 victory at 113 lbs.  Waynesville proved victorious at 120 and 126 lbs. to close the team score gap to 9-7 Carthage. Two consecutive falls by Grady Huntley (132 lbs.) and Bradyn Tate (138 lbs.) widened the Tigers lead to 21-7, but a back-and-forth battle brought Waynesville within 8 points (27-19) at the end of the 175 lb. match.  Alexander Salas-Marquez picked up a forfeit by Waynesville, and with consecutive falls by David Recinos and Jaxton Lopez (215 and 285 lbs.), Carthage sealed the victory with a 45-19 win.

The junior varsity team came out on top of Waynesville as well, winning seven of thirteen matches.  Of those, Wyatt Reed and Denis Velasquez (106 lbs.), Rolman Paxtor-Elias (120 lbs.), Malachi Dougless (132 lbs.), Blayne Benefiel and Nelson Cun-Lopez (144 lbs.) all recorded pins.

The Tigers continued the evening with a solid win over the Central Bulldogs, 54-27.  With a lineup riddled by open weight classes, the Tigers’ first twenty-four points came from forfeits by the Bulldogs. Carthage dropped losses at 132, 144 and 150 lbs., and recorded their first fall by Joshua Hill at 175 lbs.  Carthage then won four out of the next five matches by forfeit, dropping a pin at heavyweight to Central’s Joshua Nelson.  While the Bulldogs struggled with victories at the varsity level, the junior varsity claimed nine of fifteen matches that evening. Key wins by the Tigers came at 132, 138, 150, 175 and 190 lbs. – all pins.

Carthage vs. Waynesville Dual

January 25, 2024

Win 45-19

106 Tanner Putt (Carthage) over Isaiah Santos (Waynesville) (Fall 1:31)

113 Caden Groom (Carthage) over Cesar Trujillo (Waynesville) (Dec 6-5)

120 Lincoln Stearns (Waynesville) over Wyatt Hole (Carthage) (MD 14-1)

126 Mason Zamora (Waynesville) over Emerson Ixcol (Carthage) (Dec 2-1)

132 Grady Huntley (Carthage) over Dian Justus (Waynesville) (Fall 1:12)

138 Bradyn Tate (Carthage) over Aden Maust (Waynesville) (Fall 2:44)

144 Jonah Manuel (Waynesville) over Aydan Nye (Carthage) (Dec 13-8)

150 Israel (Yosvin) Perez (Carthage) over Unknown (For.)

157 Aiden Smith (Waynesville) over Keagon McCoy (Carthage) (Fall 0:31)

165 Double Forfeit

175 Braylin Scott (Waynesville) over Joshua Hill (Carthage) (Dec 5-2)

190 Alexander Salas-Marquez (Carthage) over Unknown (For.)

215 David Recinos (Carthage) over Khalin Smith (Waynesville) (Fall 1:03)

285 Jaxton Lopez (Carthage) over Caiden Oursler (Waynesville) (Fall 0:48)

JV Matches:

106 Wyatt Reed (Carthage) over Jaron Elsner (Waynesville) (Fall 4:48)

106 Denis Velasquez (Carthage) over Jaron Elsner (Waynesville) (Fall 1:07)

120 Rolman Paxtor-Elias (Carthage) over Cameron Harris (Waynesville) (Fall 5:00)

120 Danny Lopez-Elias (Carthage) over Cameron Harris (Waynesville) (Dec 7-3)

126 Connor Cook (Waynesville) over Olvin Vicente (Carthage) (Fall 1:35)

126 Gavin MacMurray (Waynesville) over Eli Smith (Carthage) (Fall 3:21)

132 Luke Cassidy (Waynesville) over Daniel (Jason) Elias (Carthage) (MD 16-2)

132 Malachi Dougless (Carthage) over Mark Campbell (Waynesville) (Fall 1:51)

138 Conner Ross (Waynesville) over Franky Contreras (Carthage) (Dec 3-1)

144 Blayne Benefiel (Carthage) over Marcus Tucker (Waynesville) (Fall 0:40)

144 Nelson Cun-Lopez (Carthage) over Brock Crauthers (Waynesville) (Fall 0:44)

157 Landon Boswell (Waynesville) over Jr (Hector) Gomez-Gonzalez (Carthage) (Fall 1:03)

215 Joshua Amos (Waynesville) over Alex Revolorio (Carthage) (Fall 3:41)

Carthage vs. Central Dual

January 25, 2024

Win 54-27

120 Wyatt Hole (Carthage) over Unknown (For.)

126 Emerson Ixcol (Carthage) over Unknown (For.)

132 Lucas Gideon (Central (Springfield)) over Grady Huntley (Carthage) (Dec 7-1)

138 Bradyn Tate (Carthage) over Unknown (For.)

144 Jalen Ndongi (Central (Springfield)) over Aydan Nye (Carthage) (Fall 5:12)

150 Weston Jones (Central (Springfield)) over Israel (Yosvin) Perez (Carthage) (Fall 4:44)

157 Keagon McCoy (Carthage) over Unknown (For.)

165 Luis Tamayo (Central (Springfield)) over Unknown (For.)

175 Joshua Hill (Carthage) over Noah Phelps (Central (Springfield)) (Fall 4:56)

190 Alexander Salas-Marquez (Carthage) over Unknown (For.)

215 David Recinos (Carthage) over Unknown (For.)

285 Joshua Nelson (Central (Springfield)) over Jaxton Lopez (Carthage) (Fall 0:33)

106 Tanner Putt (Carthage) over Unknown (For.)

113 Caden Groom (Carthage) over Unknown (For.)

JV Matches:

120 Alexander Davies (Central (Springfield)) over Jace Nichols (Carthage) (Fall 1:24)

120 Alexander Davies (Central (Springfield)) over Dylan (Michael) Evans (Carthage) (Fall 1:08)

126 Lucas Phelps (Central (Springfield)) over Erick Mejia Castro (Carthage) (Fall 4:29)

126 Lucas Phelps (Central (Springfield)) over Brayan Perez Flores (Carthage) (Fall 0:34)

126 Michael Ritter (Central (Springfield)) over Eli Smith (Carthage) (Fall 1:13)

132 Mason Pugh (Carthage) over Angel Reyes (Central (Springfield)) (Fall 0:17)

132 Thomas Turley (Central (Springfield)) over Daniel (Jason) Elias (Carthage) (Dec 8-6)

138 Franky Contreras (Carthage) over Caylen Woodard (Central (Springfield)) (Fall 0:47)

150 Joseph Justice (Carthage) over Eli Kromrey (Central (Springfield)) (Fall 0:50)

157 Braden Taylor (Central (Springfield)) over Kort Reynolds (Carthage) (Fall 0:25)

157 Braden Taylor (Central (Springfield)) over Jared Portillo (Carthage) (Fall 0:19)

175 Saul Alvarado Hernandez (Carthage) over Cayden Hall (Central (Springfield)) (Fall 0:29)

190 Latrell Abbasi (Carthage) over Ethan Games (Central (Springfield)) (Fall 1:16)

190 Steve Serious (Carthage) over Ethan Games (Central (Springfield)) (Fall 0:22)

215 Julian Baker (Central (Springfield)) over Alex Revolorio (Carthage) (Fall 1:33)