CHS Wrestlers win double dual


CHS Wrestling results from the double dual on 12/06/22 at Cassville with Berryville AR and Cassville.




Berryville AR—6





Individual Results—Berryville dual listed first, Cassville Second

Weight—Name—Grade—Season Record

106—Tanner Putt—10—(2-1)

Won by forfeit

Won by fall in 3:33 over Kurt Deaver


113—Alberto Sales—11—(3-0)

Won by forfeit

Won by forfeit


120—Grady Huntley—9—(2-1)

Won by forfeit

Won by fall in 0:41 over Noah Uriah


126—Aydan Nye—10—(2-0)

Won by fall in 1:44 over Shelton Davidson

Won by decision 8-7 over Jaret Hinson


132—Bradyn Tate—11—(3-0)

Won by fall in 2:28 over Justin Allen

Won by fall in 1:27 over Brian Lopez


138—Brandon Perez—10—(2-1)

Won by fall in 1:17 over Bill Hayes

Won by forfeit


144—Jared Portillo—9—(1-1)

Won by fall in 1:28 over Colton Franklin

Lost by fall in 2:18 to Colton Roark


150—Grey Petticrew—12—(2-0)

Won by fall in 1:38 over Gavin Merieda

Won by major decision 11-3 over Riley James


157—Trey Nye—12—(3-0)

Won by fall in 0:33 over Alex Reeves

Won by decision 8-6 over Tristan Thompson


165—Davion King—12—(2-0)

Won by fall in 1:01 over Jarrett Mann

Won by decision 7-0 over Jake Anthonysz


175—Gabe Lambeth—12—(2-1)

Won by fall in 0:24 over A.J. Gerrard

Won by fall in 0:45 over Chayton Issler


190—Jamison Moser—10—(1-1)

Lost by fall in 2:22 to Tun Oo

Won by forfeit


215—Alexander Salas-Marquez—11—(3-0)

Won by fall in 1:28 over Zydon Ballard

Won by fall in 1:11 over Ethan Sizemore


285—David Recinos—10—(3-0)

Won by decision 7-1 over David Moreno

Won by decision 5-3 over D.J. Glidewell


Junior Varsity Results

126—Mason Pugh—9—(2-3)

Lost by fall in 4:00 to Nay Blut—Berryville


126—Emerson Ixcol—10—(1-4)

Lost by fall in 4:52 to Nay Blut—Berryville


215—Brayden Lee—10—(2-3)

Lost by fall in 1:24 to Kaden New–Cassville