Carthage wrestling concludes busy regular season

Eli Sneed was the sole COC champion for Carthage with an impressive win at the 138 lb weight class. Crystal Brown / Carthage News Online

DIAMOND, Mo. — The Carthage, Mo. Wrestling Tigers ended their regular season with success at the Diamond junior varsity tournament, a trio of wins over Webb City, Springfield Central and Waynesville, and a fourth-place finish at the Central Ozark Conference Tournament held in Republic.  As the Tigers prepare for the postseason, head coach, Kenny Brown discusses the last few competitions and what to expect in the weeks to come.

Carthage News Online: Your JV got the chance to add a tournament at Diamond recently.  What are you looking for out of them next year?  

Coach Brown: The biggest thing is we want to see them progress as wrestlers.  Some are going to need to step into varsity roles to fill those vacated by our seniors from this year.


CNO: How difficult will it be for your guys to make the transition from jv to varsity?  

CB: Hopefully, it will not be too difficult of a jump.  We have had a lot of competition for the varsity spots this year, which should lead to an easy transition.  The JV boys have been going through the same practices every day that the varsity does.

CNO: The Webb City dual took place at a time when you were missing several wrestlers due to various illness, injury, or circumstance – Who do you feel stepped up for you during this time?  

CB: We had a couple of wrestlers who stepped into their first varsity competitions in the Webb City dual.  Dylan Huntley, Cody Reeves, and Anthony Salas all either earned points for the team or denied points to Webb in how they lost.  Beyond that, our veterans stepped up and made sure that the fate of the dual was not on these three.

CNO: Springfield Central and Waynesville seem to have been affected by many of the same issues with illness that Carthage has – Why was it important for you to still participate in the dual?  

Luke Gall earned a 2nd place finish after an overtime nail biter with Carl Junction’s returning state champ Cassatt at 182 lbs. Crystal Brown / Carthage News Online

CB: The biggest reason was for District seeding purposes.  Both teams are in our District and it was important to get matches in against them.  It provided us with head-to-head matches with them as well as common opponents used in the seeding process.

CNO: What did COC reveal to you in areas of strength and weakness with your wrestlers?  

CB: I thought that our boys wrestled very well from the neutral position and we did a much better job of getting away on bottom than we have in previous years.  As to weaknesses, I believe that the COC tournament demonstrated how important it is to have a full team to contend for a title.  Neosho had 14 and finished 1st.  Ozark had 14 and finished second.  Nixa had 13 and finished 3rd.  Carthage had 12 and finished 4th.  Not only were we open at 2 weights, but we had our JV wrestlers in at two more weights.  Not knocking the JV wrestlers, but our varsity wrestlers would have most likely scored more points for us.  In actuality, our JV wrestlers stepping up allowed us to hold onto 4th place over Willard.  We finished only 2.5 points ahead of Willard.  Without the 22 points scored by Huntley(106) and Salas(220), we would have ended up in 5th.  Opens in a tournament are a larger obstacle to overcome than they are in a dual.  In a dual, you are giving up a maximum of a 12 points swing.  In a tournament like the COC, it is more like a 40-point swing from one weight class.  The 20 points you could possibly earn, and the 20 points you allow other teams to earn.  From a technique perspective, we have been working hard on when we get caught underneath on a shot from the neutral position since the COC tournament.

CNO: What were some of the highlights of the COC tournament for you and the coaching staff?  

CB: Three kids stood out to me.  Eli Sneed was able to be crowned COC champion.  Luke Gall taking the returning Class 3 195 lb. State champion to overtime.  Alexis Vasquez getting injured in his 2nd match against a kid we had majored 4 days earlier.  As a coach, this late in a season, injuries are a constant worry.  Alexis went out with a high ankle sprain, and we are hoping to be able to have him back for Districts.

CNO: So, every wrestling coach in the state has been talking about this year’s changes in the post-season.  Can you explain to us a little about what is different this year and what to expect in the upcoming weeks as we prepare for state?  

Braxden Tate took third place at this weekend’s COC tournament in Republic, MO. Crystal Brown / Carthage News Onlie

CB: The season has been lengthened by 4 weeks.  Normally, we would have a 15-16 team District with the top 4 placers qualifying for state, and the following week have a three-day State tournament in Columbia at Mizzou Arena.  This year, the number of districts has doubled and you only have 7-8 teams in your district.  Top four from Districts qualify for a sectional tournament two weeks later.  That sectional tournament consists of the top four finishers from two districts in a double elimination tournament.  The top three placers at each sectional will qualify for the state tournament two weeks later in Independence at the Cable Dahmer Arena.  This is the first time in the history of the MSHSAA Wrestling Championships that the tournament has not been held at Mizzou. Participants are also limited, as well as coaching staff, managers and general attendance. At the State tournament, all sectional champions will receive a first-round bye.  If you lose prior to reaching the semi-finals, the best you can place is 5th.

CNO: Saturday you wrestle in the district tournament at Ozark.  With no scheduled duals or tournaments, what will your schedule consist of with the boys?  

CB: We will continue to fine tune our technique and push to up our cardio.  We will not have a lot of live wrestling in practice because you would hate to have a kid get hurt in practice before possibly their last chance to wrestle.

Davion King took 2nd place at the COC’s 145 lb weight class. Crystal Brown / Carthage News Online

Here are the Carthage JV wrestling results from the Diamond JV Tournament on 01/23/21.

Weight—Name—Grade—Tournament Record—Season Record—Placement

106—Indiana Gray—9—(0-5)—(0-9)—DNP

Lost by technical fall 0-16 to Brady Precht—Willard, Lost by fall in 3:09 to Drake Richardson—Carl Junction, Lost by fall in 2:26 to Connor Pelt—Diamond, Lost by fall in 3:04 to Avery Byars—Marshfield, Lost by decision 4-8 to Chris Trudell—Willard


113—Antoni Sales—9—(2-0)—(4-2)—1st

Won by fall in 0:47 over Bergen Souder—Frontenac, Won by fall in 0:32 over Colton Slaydan—Sherwood


138—Byron Lopez—11—(4-0)—(16-2)—1st

Won by fall in 0:37 over Aidan Wolownik—Frontenac, Won by technical fall 17-2 over Miles Elliott—Kickapoo, Won by fall in 5:19 over Levi Fuller—Marshfield, Won by fall in 4:55 over Peyton Woolman—Marshfield


138B—Emerson Perez—10—(0-3)—(1-6)—DNP

Lost by major decision 2-11 to Dylon Rogers—Marshfield, Lost by fall in 3:29 to Dennis Castro—Rogers Heritage, Lost by major decision 1-9 to Dalton Duquette—Diamond


145—Brayden Benefiel—12—(5-0)—(10-0)—1st

Won by fall in 1:20 over Justin McHenry—Willard, Won by fall in 0:39 over Logan Miller—Marshfield, Won by fall in 0:17 over Marvin Najera—Carthage, Won by decision 7-1 over Lucas Jones—Carthage, Won by fall in 5:42 over Brandon Calentine—Diamond


145—Lucas Jones—10—(3-2)—(7-4)—DNP

Won by fall in 5:11 over Logan Miller—Marshfield, Won by fall in 5:36 over Marvin Najera—Carthage, Won by major decision 15-6 over Brandon Calentine—Diamond, Lost by decision 1-7 to Brayden Benefiel—Carthage, Lost by fall in 3:18 to Justin McHenry—Willard


145—Marvin Najera—9—(1-4)—(4-4)—DNP

Lost by fall in 2:49 to Brandon Calentine—Diamond, Lost by fall in 5:36 to Lucas Jones—Carthage

Lost by fall in 0:17 to Brayden Benefiel—Carthage, Lost by major decision 6-16 to Justin McHenry—Willard, Won by fall in 4:54 over Logan Miller—Marshfield


145B—Elmer Reyes—9—(4-0)—(14-5)—1st

Won by fall in 2:59 over Chris Burns—Diamond, Won by fall in 0:36 over Aldo Hernandez—Carthage, Won by fall in 4:14 over Trey Nye—Carthage, Won by fall in 1:23 over Alex Cruz—Rogers Heritage


145B—Trey Nye—10—(2-2)—(4-6)—2nd

Won by fall in 0:45 over Alex Cruz—Rogers Heritage, Won by fall in 1:14 over Chris Burns—Diamond, Lost by fall in 4:14 to Elmer Reyes—Carthage, Lost by fall in 0:21 to Aldo Hernandez—Carthage


145B—Aldo Hernandez—9—(1-3)—(1-7)—DNP

Lost by fall in 0:28 to Chris Burns—Diamond, Lost by fall in 0:15 to Alex Cruz—Rogers Heritage, Lost by fall in 0:36 to Elmer Reyes—Carthage, Won by fall in 0:21 over Trey Nye—Carthage


152—Esvin Gonzalez—10—(2-3)—(2-7)—DNP

Lost by fall in 3:41 to Daniel Clark—Kickapoo, Lost by decision 7-12 to Alex Williams—Frontenac, Won by fall in 0:21 over Elvis Vasquez—Carthage, Lost by fall in 1:03 to Kendyn Bennett—Carl Junction, Won by fall in 1:54 over Kevin Arana—Rogers Heritage


152—Elvis Vasquez—9—(0-5)—(1-9)—DNP

Lost by fall in 1:02 to Alex Williams—Frontenac, Lost by fall in 0:36 to Kendyn Bennett—Carl Junction

Lost by fall in 0:21 to Esvin Gonzalez—Carthage, Lost by decision 6-10 to Kevin Arana—Rogers Heritage, Lost by fall in 0:40 to Daniel Clark—Kickapoo


152B—Grant Lasley—11—(2-2)—(9-3)—3rd

Won by fall in 0:25 over Alex Spencer—Kickapoo, Won by fall in 1:40 over Brad Englund—Kickapoo, Lost by decision 10-12 to Lorenzo Hayworth—Willard, Lost by decision 8-15 to Gabe Lambeth—Carthage


152B—Gabe Lambeth—10—(4-0)—(15-1)—1st

Won by fall in 1:13 over Brad Englund—Kickapoo, Won by fall in 1:11 over Alex Spencer—Kickapoo, Won by fall in 0:33 over Lorenzo Hayworth—Willard, Won by decision 15-8 over Grant Lasley—Carthage


160—Creed Lambeth—12—(2-2)—(10-5)—3rd

Won by fall in 0:26 over Braxstion Kelley—Marshfield, Lost by fall in 3:15 to Kendal King—Diamond, Won by fall in 1:16 over Evan Kotzman—Frontenac, Lost by fall in 2:55 to Jase Motlagh—Willard


160B—Ben Rogers—9—(0-3)—(3-8)—DNP

Lost by fall in 1:08 to Dakota Day—Kickapoo, Lost by fall in 1:25 to Duncan Young—Marshfield, Lost by fall in 0:37 to Jeff Echeerrja—Rogers Heritage


170B—Lucas Lund—10—(1-2)—(5-2)—DNP

Won by decision 10-4 over Matt Moore—Frontenac, Lost by decision 11-12 to Parker Hammons—Marshfield, Lost by fall in 1:07 to William Collier—Willard


182—James Chuta—12—(2-2)—(11-7)—3rd

Won by forfeit, Lost by fall in 2:33 to Shane Shaughnessy—Willard, Lost by fall in 3:23 to Austin Reyes—Willard, Won by fall in 1:48 over Chris Stewart—Frontenac


195—Diego Morales—10—(0-5)—(3-14)—DNP

Lost by fall in 1:24 to Trenton McDowell—Carl Junction, Lost by fall in 1:51 to Ty Douglas—Diamond, Lost by fall in 0:54 to Seth Metzker—Kickapoo, Lost by fall in 1:56 to David Lawson—Willard, Lost by fall in 2:57 to Eli Reynolds—Marshfield


220—John Cruz—9—(0-4)—(1-5)—DNP

Lost by fall in 1:07 to Brady Withnell—Frontenac, Lost by fall in 1:25 to Jesua Coquij—Carthage, Lost by fall in 0:58 to Emanuel Garcia—Rogers Heritage, Lost by decision 10-16 to William Lasater—Marshfield


220—Jesua Coquij—9—(4-0)—(6-0)—1st

Won by fall in 1:53 over William Lasater—Marshfield, Won by decision 12-9 over Emanuel Garcia—Rogers Heritage, Won by fall in 1:25 over John Cruz—Carthage, Won by fall in 1:09 over Brady Withnell—Frontenac


220B—Antony DeLeon—(3-1)—(3-1)—2nd

Won by fall in 0:31 over Jacob Lomosi—Kickapoo, Won by fall in 0:33 over Kegeen Williams—Willard, Won by fall in 0:11 over John Bearden—Marshfield, Lost by fall in 0:12 to Anthony Salas—Carthage


220B—Anthony Salas—10—(4-0)—(9-1)—1st

Won by fall in 0:25 over Kegeen Williams—Willard, Won by fall in 1:27 over Jacob Lomosi—Kickapoo, Won by fall in 1:41 over John Bearden—Marshfield, Won by fall in 0:12 over Antony DeLeon—Carthage


220C—Rafael Lopez—11—(2-1)—(5-5)—2nd

Lost by fall in 3:52 to Erik Tomanek—Kickapoo, Won by decision 11-8 over Jagger Robinson—Marshfield, Won by fall in 0:50 over Alexander Salas-Marquez—Carthage


220C—Alexander Salas-Marquez—9—(0-3)—(2-4)—DNP

Lost by fall in 4:37 to Jagger Robinson—Marshfield, Lost by fall in 1:02 to Erik Tomanek—Kickapoo, Lost by fall in 0:50 to Rafael Lopez—Carthage


285—Edward Carreto—9—(0-3)—(0-5)—DNP

Lost by fall in 0:30 to Maguire Wilson—Marshfield, Lost by fall in 1:16 to Chastin Utter—Carthage, Lost by fall in 0:50 to Nathaniel Peters—Marshfield


285—Chastin Utter—12—(1-2)—(2-6)—3rd

Lost by fall in 1:19 to Nathaniel Peters—Marshfield, Won by fall in 1:16 over Edward Carreto—Carthage, Lost by fall in 0:45 to Maguire Wilson—Marshfield


285B—Malachi Housh—9—(3-0)—(10-3)—1st

Won by fall in 3:33 over Seth Smotherman—Sherwood, Won by fall in 1:01 over Caleb Ulesman—Willard, Won by fall in 1:06 over Carter Wilson—Rogers Heritage


Here are the Carthage Wrestling Results from our dual with Webb City on 01/26/21 at Webb City. 



Webb City—12


Individual Results

Weight—Name—Grade—Season Record


106—Dylan Huntley—9—(2-0)

Won by forfeit


113—Bradyn Tate—9—(13-1)

Won by fall in 1:04 over Bobby Pearish


120—Carlos Reyes—12—(27-3)

Won by fall in 1:40 over Colt Taylor


126—Kip Castor—10—(14-14)

Won by fall in 3:29 over Aiden Moore


132—Cody Reeves—11—(0-1)

Lost by decision 2-9 to Dominic Boles


138—Eli Sneed—11—(23-7)

Won by fall in 1:43 over Rafe Mackey


145—Davion King—10—(26-4)

Won by fall in 3:12 over Hunter England


152—Braxdon Tate—11—(18-3)

Won by major decision 10-0 over Brantley Carter


160—Grey Petticrew—10—(11-9)

Lost by decision 0-2 to Brayden Hollingsworth


170—Brett Rockers—11—(15-6)

Won by fall in 4:40 over Jackson Ward


182—Luke Gall—10—(21-4)

Won by decision 8-6 over Roger Carranco


195—Obed Gonzalez—12—(4-17)

Lost by fall in 2:40 to Jacob Ott


220—Anthony Salas—10—(1-0)

Won by fall in 3:35 over Robby Hollis


285—Alexis Vasquez—12—(13-6)

Won by major decision 15-5 over Kole Carr


Junior Varsity Results

138—Byron Lopez—11—(17-2)

Won by fall in 2:42 over Carson Farmer


138—Emerson Perez—10—(1-7)

Lost by fall in 2:50 to Carson Farmer


145—Brayden Benefiel—12—(11-0)

Won by fall in 3:05 over Aiden Rose


145—Lucas Jones—10—(9-4)

Won by fall in 1:40 over Houston Collard

Won by decision 10-5 over Cooper Heilbrun(152)


145—Elmer Reyes—9—(15-5)

Won by fall in 0:42 over Bronson Collard


145—Trey Nye—10—(6-6)

Won by fall in 4:3 over Bronson Collard

Won by fall in 3:55 over Aidan Rose


152—Gabe Lambeth—10—(17-1)

Won by fall in 4:40 over Cooper Heilbrun

Won by fall in 0:58 over Nathan Jacks


152—Grant Lasley—11—(11-3)

Won by major decision 13-5 over Nathan Jacks

Won by fall in 1:04 over Houston Collard


170—Lucas Lund—10—(7-2)

Won by fall in 5:30 over Brayden Waggoner

Won by fall in 1:01 over Roman Hart(182)


182—James Chuta—12—(11-8)

Lost by fall in 4:17 to Skyler Denton


285—Malachi Housh—9—(11-3)

Won by fall in 0:47 over Hayden McBroom


285—Garrett Lilienkamp—11—(4-4)

Won by fall in 1:02 over Hayden McBroom


Here are the results from the double dual with Waynesville and Springfield Central on 01/28/21 at Springfield Central. 





Springfield Central—3


Individual Results—Waynesville dual will be listed first, Central second


Weight—Name—Grade—Season Record

106—Dylan Huntley—9—(2-2)

Lost by decision 4-6 to William Austin, Lost by decision 2-8 to Lucas Gideon


113—Bradyn Tate—9—(15-1)

Won by fall in 0:48 over Mathew Schaffer, Won by major decision 12-2 over Rylan Lashley


120—Carlos Reyes—12—(29-3)—Carlos earned his 100th victory in his 2nd match of the night tonight to become the 32nd Carthage wrestler to reach this milestone

Won by decision 8-3 over Dustin Green, Won by fall in 1:10 over Griffen Ray


126—Kip Castor—10—(16-14)

Won by forfeit, Won by forfeit


132—Cody Reeves—11—(2-1)

Won by forfeit, Won by decision 5-2 over Cohen Bane


138—Eli Sneed—11—(25-7)

Won by decision 5-0 over Kaiden Cruz, Won by fall in 1:44 over Weston Jones


145—Davion King—10—(28-4)

Won by fall in 0:42 over Kevin Cruz, Won by technical fall 19-4 over Gaven Bremenkamp


152—Braxdon Tate—11—(20-3)

Won by fall in 3:34 over Martin Medrano, Won by fall in 1:55 over Tyler Loveland


160—Grey Petticrew—10—(13-9)

Won by decision 8-6 over Isaac Peterson, Won by forfeit



OPEN vs. Aiden Sterns—Waynesville


170—Lucas Lund—10—(1-5)

Won by forfeit over Springfield Central


182—Luke Gall—10—(23-4)—Luke set the Carthage Individual Weight Class Record for a 182 with 84 takedowns in a season.  The previous record was set by Skyler Bloomer with 70 takedowns in the 2014-15 season.

Won by technical fall 23-8 over Dillon Smith, Won by forfeit


195—Obed Gonzalez—12—(5-18)

Lost by decision 0-7 to Colton Justus, Won by forfeit


220—Anthony Salas—10—(3-0)

Won by forfeit, Won by fall in 0:38 over Joshua Nelson


285—Alexis Vasquez—12—(14-7)

Lost by fall in 5:19 to Jacob Forshey, Won by forfeit


Junior Varsity Results—All JV matches were with Waynesville

120—Antoni Sales—9—(4-3), Lost by fall in 2:33 to Jason Walsh


120—Christofer Gonzalez—9—(5-8)

Won by fall in 2:24 over Cody Grieser—Waynesville


120—Walter Reyes-Mojica—11—(4-5)

Lost by fall in 5:25 to Jason Walsh


126—Mason Rustad—10—(6-1)

Won by fall in 1:06 over Micheal Ferguson


145—Brayden Benefiel—12—(12-0)

Won by fall in 0:48 over Ryan Clarke


145—Lucas Jones—10—(10-4)

Won by technical fall 17-1 over Ryan Clarke


152—Gabe Lambeth—10—(18-1)

Won by fall in 0:12 over Blaise Moynihan


152—Grant Lasley—11—(12-3)

Won by fall in 0:52 over Blaise Moynihan


152—Esvin Gonzalez—10—(3-7)

Won by fall in 1:08 over Linden Fields


152—Elvis Vasquez—9—(2-9)

Won by fall in 0:19 over Linden Fields


160—Creed Lambeth—12—(11-5)

Won by fall in 1:12 over Gunner Legrand


160—Ben Rogers—9—(3-9)

Lost by fall in 0:25 to Josh Bess–Waynesville


170—Lucas Lund—10—(9-2)

Won by fall in 2:53 over Clinton Johnson, Won by fall in 0:46 over Mason McDonald


182—James Chuta—12—(12-8)

Won by decision 4-3 over Yedial Santana-Horta


285—Malachi Housh—9—(11-4)

Lost by fall in 1:16 to Justin Sheppard


285—Garrett Lilienkamp—11—(4-5)

Lost by fall in 1:21 to Justin Sheppard


Here are the results from the COC tournament held in Republic on 01/30/21.  Carthage next wrestles in the JV COC Tournament in Willard on 02/06/21.  The varsity next wrestles in the Class 4 District 5 Tournament on 02/13/21 in Ozark.


Team Scores






6—Carl Junction—159

7—Webb City—137





Individual Results


Weight—Name—Grade—Tournament Record—Season Record—Placement


106—Dylan Huntley—9—(3-2)—(5-4)—DNP

Lost by major decision 0-14 to Sam Melton—Joplin, Won by fall in 1:59 over Eian McCracken—Ozark, Lost by fall in 1:38 to Lukas Walker—Carl Junction, Won by technical fall 20-3 over Thomas Mutarelli—Branson, Won by technical fall 15-0 over Trenton Sanders—Nixa


113—Bradyn Tate—9—(4-1)—(19-2)—2nd

Won by fall in 2:48 over Colt Taylor—Webb City, Won by fall in 0:36 over Jovanni Balsamo—Ozark, Won by fall in 2:29 over Max Matthews—Carl Junction, Won by fall in 0:46 over Wyatt Black—Neosho, Lost by technical fall 0-16 to Zan Fugitt—Nixa


120—Carlos Reyes—12—(3-2)—(32-5)—3rd

Won by fall in 2:59 over Freddy Cerrato Martinez—Joplin, Won by technical fall 19-4 over Daniel Laney—Ozark, Lost by decision 5-11 to Landon Kivett—Neosho, Lost by fall in 1:28 to Peyton Moore—Nixa, Won by fall in 3:35 over Dominick Famiano—Republic


126—Kip Castor—10—(1-4)—(17-18)—DNP

Lost by fall in 0:57 to Kyshin Isringhausen—Branson, Lost by fall in 1:00 to Jordan Hurst—Ozark, Won by fall in 4:58 over Jacob Simpson—Republic, Lost by fall in 0:58 to Rocky Walker—Joplin, Lost by fall in 1:08 to Aiden Moore—Webb City


132—OPEN—Sappington is still out and Cody Reeves(JV) was on a church trip


138—Eli Sneed—11—(5-0)—(30-7)—1st

Won by fall in 3:17 over Tyler Storment—Branson, Won by fall in 0:54 over Rafe Machey—Webb City, Won by decision 4-2 over Lucas Campbell—Ozark, Won by fall in 1:52 over Nate Copeland—Neosho, Won by fall in 2:46 over Oscar Martinez—Willard


145—Davion King—10—(3-1)—(31-5)—2nd

Won by fall in 0:31 over Johnathon Burke—Joplin, Won by fall in 2:51 over Hunter England—Webb City, Won by fall in 2:39 over Brock Sundlie—Ozark, Lost by fall in 3:05 to Eli Zar—Neosho


152—Braxdon Tate—11—(2-2)—(22-5)—3rd

Won by fall in 1:52 over Alexander Bewley—Nixa, Lost by decision 0-4 to Clayton Moison—Ozark, Lost by fall in 0:59 to Timothy Stevens—Willard, Won by technical fall 17-2 over Trent Neece—Neosho


160—OPEN—Grey Petticrew was out with Strep Throat


170—Brett Rockers—11—(3-2)—(18-8)—DNP

Won by fall in 3:15 over Jackson Ward—Webb City, Won by fall in 1:24 over Isaac Collyott—Republic, Lost by fall in 3:00 to CJ Stanford—Willard, Lost by fall in 3:04 to Eric Holt—Neosho, Won by major decision 13-3 over Draven VanGilder—Joplin


182—Luke Gall—10—(4-1)—(27-5)—2nd

Won by fall in 0:32 over Caden White—Republic, Won by technical fall 21-5 over Avry Rutherford—Nixa, Won by fall in 0:45 over Harper Kissee—Ozark, Won by fall in 1:10 over Brayden Thomas—Joplin, Lost by overtime decision 3-5 to Jesse Cassatt—Carl Junction


195—Obed Gonzalez—12—(0-4)—(5-22)—DNP

Lost by fall in 3:50 to David Honeycut—Republic, Lost by fall in 4:30 to Peyton Greer—Ozark, Lost by fall in 1:19 to Jeremiah Larson—Neosho, Lost by fall in 1:01 to Jonas Keohane—Willard



220—Anthony Salas—10—(1-4)—(4-4)—DNP

Lost by fall in 1:28 to Derek Hicks—Willard, Lost by fall in 2:16 to John Gholson—Nixa, Lost by decision 2-9 to Luke Hulse—Ozark, Lost by fall in 1:29 to Luke Gunn—Joplin, Won by fall in 3:07 over Robby Hollis—Webb City


285—Alexis Vasquez—12—(1-1)—(15-8)—DNP—Withdrew from tournament due to a high ankle sprain in 2nd match

Won by decision 11-6 over Kameron Bennett—Carl Junction, Lost by fall in 2:45 to Kole Carr—Webb City