Carthage Wrestlers fall to Ozark, Neosho on Alumni Night

Lenny Escobar gets the pin over Ozark's Kerans at 165 lbs. Crystal Brown / CNO

CARTHAGE, Mo. — With only five wins by Carthage wrestlers in each dual, the Tigers suffered tough losses to Ozark and Neosho on January 16th.  Tanner Putt (106), Caden Groom (113), Lenny Escobar (165) and Jaxton Lopez (285) all recorded pins against their respective opponents from Ozark in the first dual of the evening. Senior Bradyn Tate (138) pulled out a decision against Teagon Patterson for the final victory, but it was not enough to sustain the onslaught of pins Ozark put on every weight class but 215 lbs.  David Recinos fought the good fight against Ozark’s Ruben Arvizu, but ultimately lost in the tiebreaker.  The JV team suffered the same fate at the hands of the opposing Tigers, with their only three wins coming at weight classes 126, 132 and 138 lbs. respectively.  Eli Smith recorded the fall, with decisions by Malachi Dougless and Franky Contreras.  On the girls’ side, Emmy Hernandez put up six points with a win by forfeit at 125 lbs., and Irish Lee pinned Ozark’s Bella Moser at 130 lbs.  Open weights were the ultimate deciding factor for Ozark’s win, as Carthage forfeited four matches to their more complete lineup.

Between matches, Carthage recognized several alumni present that helped build the wrestling program into what it is today.  The Tigers then took to the mats for the second dual of the evening against the Neosho Wildcats.  Wyatt Hole led the matchup with a 10-3 decision over Neosho’s Sebastian Ioanis at 120 lbs., but Neosho countered at 126 and 132 lbs. with back to back pins over Emerson Ixcol and Grady Huntley.  Senior, Bradyn Tate (138 lbs.) and sophomore Aydan Nye (144 lbs.) put the meet back in the Tigers’ favor with pins of their own, but the heart of Neosho’s lineup from 150-190 lbs. recorded five critical falls to ultimately seal the Wildcat victory.  Both teams proceeded to record a fall and decision in the final four matches, with Tiger victories by David Recinos at 215 lbs. (5-3 win over Ryan Counts) and Tanner Putt at 106 lbs. (fall over Tucker Feagans). The Carthage junior varsity team saw success against the Wildcat team, winning five of seven matches. Key victories occurred at 126 lbs. by Douglas Ball, Rolman Paxtor-Elias and Danny Lopez-Elias and 106 lbs. by Wyatt Reed and Denis Velasquez.  Both teams wrestled one girls match, ending in a fall for Neosho’s Jillian Ramirez over Arianna Medrano at 135 lbs.

Carthage vs. Ozark Dual


January 16, 2024

Loss 27-51

106 Tanner Putt (Carthage) over Frankie Pichler (Ozark) (Fall 1:34)

113 Caden Groom (Carthage) over Kaden Coffey (Ozark) (Fall 3:27)

120 Damien Moseley (Ozark) over Wyatt Hole (Carthage) (Fall 2:57)

126 Logan Luder (Ozark) over Emerson Ixcol (Carthage) (Fall 1:49)

132 Caden Harrington (Ozark) over Grady Huntley (Carthage) (Fall 1:03)

138 Bradyn Tate (Carthage) over Teagon Patterson (Ozark) (Dec 4-1)

144 Talyn Van Horn (Ozark) over Aydan Nye (Carthage) (Fall 5:56)

150 Eian McCracken (Ozark) over Israel (Yosvin) Perez (Carthage) (Fall 3:38)

157 Jaxon Kerans (Ozark) over Jared Portillo (Carthage) (Fall 0:21)

165 Lenny Escobar (Carthage) over Grady Kerans (Ozark) (Fall 1:12)

175 Colton Powell (Ozark) over Saul Alvarado Hernandez (Carthage) (Fall 3:25)

190 Johnny Williams (Ozark) over Alexander Salas-Marquez (Carthage) (Fall 1:39)

215 Ruben Arvizu (Ozark) over David Recinos (Carthage) (TB-1 4-3)

285 Jaxton Lopez (Carthage) over J.T. Cordell (Ozark) (Fall 3:03)

JV Matches:

126 Christian Kropf (Ozark) over Douglas Ball (Carthage) (Fall 6:00)

126 Eli Smith (Carthage) over Eli Muilenburg (Ozark) (Fall 3:04)

126 Christian Kropf (Ozark) over Erick Mejia Castro (Carthage) (Dec 6-2)

132 Anthony Cordell (Ozark) over Mason Pugh (Carthage) (Fall 3:01)

132 Malachi Dougless (Carthage) over Anthony Cordell (Ozark) (Dec 6-3)

138 Franky Contreras (Carthage) over Greyson Euliss (Ozark) (Dec 7-6)

144 Ryker Waltke (Ozark) over Nelson Cun-Lopez (Carthage) (Dec 6-3)

150 Blake Griffen (Ozark) over Joseph Justice (Carthage) (Fall 1:24)

190 Lucas Edwards (Ozark) over Latrell Abbasi (Carthage) (Fall 3:40)

215 Myles Moesner (Ozark) over Alex Revolorio (Carthage) (Fall 0:45)

Ariana Medrano wrestles Ozark’s Janelle Spohn at 140 lbs. Crystal Brown / CNO

Girls Matches:

100 Kierra Kerns (Ozark) over Mischa Drackert (Carthage) (MD 11-3)

105 Adilyn Hoelzle (Ozark) over Unknown (For.)

110 Emily Price (Ozark) over Maylee Brown (Carthage) (Fall 2:50)

115 Emma Tsaruk (Ozark) over Unknown (For.)

120 Katie Hartgraves (Ozark) over Unknown (For.)

125 Emmy Hernandez (Carthage) over Unknown (For.)

130 Irish Lee (Carthage) over Bella Moser (Ozark) (Fall 3:53)

140 Janelle Spohn (Ozark) over Arianna Medrano (Carthage) (Fall 1:22)

145 Faith Shepard (Ozark) over Unknown (For.)

Alexander Salas-Marquez wrestles Neosho’s Dayton Kivett at 190 lbs. Crystal Brown / CNO

Carthage vs. Neosho Dual

January 16, 2024

Loss 24-51

120 Wyatt Hole (Carthage) over Sebastian Ioanis (Neosho) (Dec 10-3)

126 Kelton Shaffer (Neosho) over Emerson Ixcol (Carthage) (Fall 4:41)

132 Fisher Butler (Neosho) over Grady Huntley (Carthage) (Fall 1:41)

138 Bradyn Tate (Carthage) over Brody Mitchell (Neosho) (Fall 1:29)

144 Aydan Nye (Carthage) over Dany Guinac (Neosho) (Fall 4:34)

150 Carter Howard (Neosho) over Israel (Yosvin) Perez (Carthage) (Fall 2:43)

157 Kade Lawson (Neosho) over Jared Portillo (Carthage) (Fall 1:34)

165 Chase Kivett (Neosho) over Lenny Escobar (Carthage) (Fall 5:11)

175 Kaymon Rhone (Neosho) over Saul Alvarado Hernandez (Carthage) (Fall 1:57)

190 Dayton Kivett (Neosho) over Alexander Salas-Marquez (Carthage) (Fall 2:59)

215 David Recinos (Carthage) over Ryan Counts (Neosho) (Dec 5-3)

285 Everson Tomlinson (Neosho) over Jaxton Lopez (Carthage) (Fall 1:00)

106 Tanner Putt (Carthage) over Tucker Feagens (Neosho) (Fall 2:37)

113 Anthony Stotts (Neosho) over Caden Groom (Carthage) (Dec 11-4)

JV Matches:

126 Danny Lopez-Elias (Carthage) over Jayden Marek (Neosho) (Dec 6-4)

126 Douglas Ball (Carthage) over Peirce Newcomb (Neosho) (Fall 3:37)

126 Rolman Paxtor-Elias (Carthage) over Jayden Marek (Neosho) (Fall 2:32)

190 Aiden Daugherty (Neosho) over Steve Serious (Carthage) (Fall 2:46)

215 Connal Truluck (Neosho) over Alex Revolorio (Carthage) (Fall 1:35)

106 Wyatt Reed (Carthage) over Skiler Shideler (Neosho) (Fall 1:17)

106 Denis Velasquez (Carthage) over Skiler Shideler (Neosho) (Fall 3:29)

Girls Matches:

135 Jilian Ramirez (Neosho) over Arianna Medrano (Carthage) (Fall 1:47)