Letter to the Editor: Build Back Better


Dear Editor:

Last month, the House of Representatives passed the Build Back Better Act. This bill will be instrumental in the fight against climate change. It’s now on our Senators to work together to get the 51 votes we need.

I care so much about this bill because of the work it can do to guard our communities from the negative effects of climate change. This year saw nationwide impacts from California wildfires, historic flooding in New York City, and numerous hurricanes and droughts. Our communities can’t wait any longer for real climate solutions.


I urge the Senate to strengthen and pass Build Back Better before the end of the year. It’s time to put an end to fossil fuel subsidies, and increase funding to protect the future of our planet, children, and communities.
This bill will be instrumental for families in our country, especially those who are struggling the most. Paid family leave, universal pre-K, child tax credits, and other aspects of the bill are so vital to the future of our community.
This bill will be instrumental in rebuilding this country’s infrastructure, which will positively impact public health. It will replace dangerous lead pipes, providing safe, clean water to millions, especially in the most vulnerable communities. It would also expand and electrify public transit, decreasing pollution. I now call on the Senate to push for more even funding in the bill so we can get 100% of lead pipes replaced and save countless people and children from lead poisoning. Additionally, this bill only makes 10% of buses and trains electric – I urge my Senator to fight for more.

James Ford
Joplin, MO