artNotes from Hyde House: New artCentral Exhibition Season


Happy New Year! The 2023 Season opens at artCentral, February 3 through March 18, with an exciting annual tradition graciously underwritten by THE PALMS Massage and Day Spa and Cherry’s Custom Framing and Art Gallery—an exhibition that showcases the fabulously talented community of the Joplin Regional Artists Coalition (JRAC). Each JRAC member artist is invited to submit a unique interpretation of JRAC’s chosen theme “FOILED AGAIN!”.

As a practicing artist, one of my favorite artCentral curatorial tasks is creating the media graphics that promote each exhibition.  Some come easy, others like JRAC’s FOILED AGAIN! offer a challenge! Going to my drawing board I found myself struggling with how best to graphically convey the “foiled again” theme for this exhibition’s invitations and posters.

Finally my answer came in a dream! While sleeping, I was reminded that standing curbside at the 2022 Maple Leaf Festival parade, I snapped a series of photos when I saw a strolling and waving figure dressed in a suit that appeared to be constructed of hundreds of foil triangles.


Voilà! My dream muse delivered not only the media graphics but my JRAC exhibition entry as well.

Waking from my dream and inspired, I went to my computer and opened my album of parade images. I chose a “foiled man” photo that I translated into an animated painted image I now think of as my “FOILED AGAIN MAN”.

Today I send out an artful “thank you!” to the parade’s striding man-in-the-suit whom I have come to learn is the marvelously, multi-talented Kevin Fields, the creative director and dance instructor at Flowagraphy. See for yourself! You can find him on Instagram and Facebook.

JRAC ARTISTS are you ready to make FOILED AGAIN! art? Delivery date is January 22, Sunday, 2:00-4:00 p.m., for your own fabulous creation.


·       In keeping with artCentral’s standard of excellence the Executive Director-Curator of artCentral is responsible for final acceptance and installation of all submitted art works.

·       All submissions must be family friendly. No pornographic works will be considered.

·       One art work may be submitted. A second submission will be considered depending on installation space available.

·       The Director-Curator will not accept any “wet” art work. The artCentral Prepitor will not install any “wet” art work.

·       All art works submitted must be created by JRAC Artists in the previous two years and never before displayed in an artCentral gallery exhibition.

·       2D art works submitted must be framed or gallery wrapped and wired for hanging.

·       3D art works displays, if available, will be supplied by artCentral.

·       All JRAC Artists must submit a signed and dated Participation Agreement (downloaded from artCentral’s website FOILED AGAIN! page).

·       Each artwork must be accompanied by a high quality photo image emailed to [email protected] by Wednesday, January 18, at 5:00 p.m.

·       The Artist grants and artCentral reserves the right to photograph any exhibited art work for the purpose of documentation and/or reproduction at the discretion of the Director-Curator.

·       With the template provided, THREE (3) ID LABELS (downloaded from artCentral’s website FOILED AGAIN! page) shall be completed and two affixed on each art work: 1 label top R Front, 1 label top R Back. A third label shall be submitted to the Director-Curator upon delivery.

·       For detailed information regarding Sales and Sales Tax; Insurance Responsibility; Invoicing and Payments; and Storage Fees (for any art left at artCentral after the close of the Exhibition) consult and look for the FOILED AGAIN! page under EVENTS!

Do mark your 2023 calendars and come celebrate JRAC ARTISTS at the FOILED AGAIN!” Opening Reception on Friday, January 22, 6:00-8:00 p.m. AWARDS will be presented. Libations and hors d’œuvres will be served. Admission is free!