artNotes from Hyde House: Awards Given for FOILED AGAIN!

DIANA BRAY - Welcome to a 1980s Campsite, Along a Scenic River 22 x 28 mixed media $250.

At the recent festive Opening Reception for FOILED AGAIN!  Juror Nellie Mitchell declared, “This is an incredible collection of local talent…an absolute treat…[that] makes a stunning impression when viewed in person.”

FOILED AGAIN! offers the thematic interpretations of forty-six member artists of the JOPLIN REGIONAL ARTISTS COALITION (JRAC).  Each deserves appreciative applause!  Beside the juror’s selections  for special recognition you will find Andrew Batcheller’s beautifully hand-crafted award ribbons and Nellie’s thoughtful commentary for the award recipients which include:

HONORABLE MENTION AWARD  “Careening through the Universe” by  CHERYL CHURCH: “Wow, this is an impressive machine. The way that the shiny chrome reflects the moving world beyond is an unexpected beauty created by a very skilled hand, with an eye for extreme detail. This composition captures hard vs. soft, landscape vs. still life, action vs. rest, with each element of color and line working together in a wonderful harmony…an enchanting composition…very well done.”


HONORABLE MENTION AWARD “Their Ethereal Peace” by Chadan Tomlin: “There is something haunting about this painting…suggestive of angels and demons…like the beginning of a story that has been conjured by accident…a dark beauty, something from a tarot reading or a story told by a gypsy late at night. Sometimes the things that resonate with us the most are the things that we understand the least. I like art that doesn’t tell me everything, and this piece absolutely leaves me wanting more.”

BEST REFLECTION OF EXHIBITION THEME AWARD “The Moon Danced while the Stars Sang” by Brenda Sageng: “Ethereal, mercurial, luminescent, a shimmering magic whirlwind of wax with delicate flecks of gold create a composition so effortless and pleasant it resonates with the soul.  It is a dream and an experience. It is like being on the cusp of the future and the past, the edge of infinity. It is truly a tiny treasure.

THIRD PLACE AWARD “Passage to India” by Debbie Reed: The artist showcases the many delightful qualities of watercolor in this mixed media piece….It is illustrative and grand, with a hint of a story not told beneath the surface. The expert application of knowing when to suggest through hinting and when to propel to the surface all the details throughout, as well as utilizing repetition, pattern and primary colors, make this piece a true show stopper in its adherence to the lovely gilded theme.

SECOND PLACE AWARD “Be Mine” by Helen Kunze: Proof that big things can come in small packages, this oil painting leaves a grand impression…a simple thing, so mundane yet it feels exotic and intimate, a kiss depicted as lust. The creamy colors and textures of the background hint at a yumminess found in a Thiebaud [painting], while the foil wrapping dazzles with layers of texture and opulent color, a richness that serves as an absolute treat.

FIRST PLACE AWARD “Welcome to the Campsite, 1980s” by Diana Bray: It takes a skilled eye and a deft hand to take a bunch of trash and render something so stunning. The rich velvety patina on ‘Welcome to the Campsite’ resonates an elegant luxury. The use of color, texture and depth brings to life a composition that is incredibly beautiful and memorable. It has a powerful message infused subtly as a familiar still life (something we shouldn’t be used to seeing) while serving as a fresh warning against society’s blind eye to inconsequential garbage….

Treat yourself to a weekend walk exploring the galleries of Hyde House. You, too, will surely experience Juror Nellie Mitchell’s delight when you visit artCentral at 1110 East Thirteenth Street in Carthage. FOILED AGAIN! is showing through March 18, 2023, generously underwritten by THE PALMS Massage and Day Spa and CHERRY’s Custom Framing and Art Gallery. Gallery Hours are Fridays and Saturdays, 12:00-5:00 p.m.