artNotes from Hyde House: Artist of the Year Named at Annual Chamber Banquet


What a pleasure to stand at the podium before an auditorium full of guests at the Annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet listening to the words of artCentral board member Lori Marble.

Lori opened with “On an evening, when we have this moment to honor the Artist of the Year for Carthage, I have the great honor to provide remarks on behalf of my friend April Davis Brunner, the 2020 Carthage Chamber of Commerce Artist of the Year. April is an artist I admire and by whom I am inspired. She is, without question, an artistic powerhouse. Her paintings have a mesmerizing energy.

April’s selection for the 2022 Carthage Artist of the Year is also someone I greatly admire, and am fortunate to consider a friend—Alice Lynn Greenwood-Mathé.


Lori shared April’s selection thoughts telling us, “Alice Lynn’s artistic aesthetic is uniquely her own: colorful—with a style and design I have always admired. You are drawn into Alice Lynn’s art—becoming a part of her experience, sharing in a conversation with her.

Alice Lynn’s selfless commitment to artCentral—her support for both seasoned and budding artists at our Carthage non-profit arts center—is a generous and loving example for our area. She is always smiling, always encouraging. Her optimism and ability to infuse each encounter with deep meaning and connection has infused artCentral with a magnetic vitality. Having kids at artCamp—an activity that Alice Lynn spends countless hours organizing, hosting and promoting—is one of her favorite experiences. As an artist, I think it’s so important for our children to experience art firsthand.’”

Presenting me with the 2022 award—an original painting by April created to honor me on this special occasion—Lori concluded, “Congratulations Alice Lynn, the 2022 Carthage Chamber of Commerce Artist of the Year.”

I am very pleased to receive this honor and recognition. I thank Julie Reams and Erin Kitsmiller and Katie Fields and the members of the Chamber Board for creating a beautiful evening. I thank artCentral’s dear art angel—artCentral’s 1985 founder and first director—Sandy Higgins for sponsoring the award. I thank April Davis Brunner for naming me the 2022 Artist of the Year and for pouring her immense talent into creating a treasure just for me. I thank Lori, my sister in art, for presenting the award to me, and I thank my beloved husband David for being the artist that he is and for loving the artist that is me.

I was blessed to have two parents who encouraged my creativity. If I built a playhouse out of sticks and stones, or if I wrote a little story and drew and painted pictures to go with my words, they said, “Oh, you are so artistic!” And those times I acted a little different or weird, they said, “Well, she is just being an artist.”

With all my heart, I believe each of you is an artist, too—whether you make paintings or have a gift for numbers—whether you do your part to save our environment or know how to play a tune or sing a song—whether you give good hugs or share you smiles generously—whether you can build a portfolio or a treehouse—whether you raise a child or a puppy—whether you can identify a bird call or cultivate a garden—whether you serve in a soup kitchen or know how to sew a seam…

Be the artist that you are! Your individual creativity makes a difference to all of us. Honor the artist in yourself. And especially honor the artists in our children. Honor their unique inclinations to create! They are the future makers of our world.

Truly, I am thankful to be honored as the 2022 Carthage Artist of the Year.

The artist in me honors the artist in you! Namaste.