Through the Looking Glass: Saturday shopping – Take 2!


If you’ve been following my column, you might remember that I tried to have a leisurely day of shopping and hanging out around the Square a couple of weeks ago. With the Christmas Open House for chamber businesses this last Saturday I decided to try this again and hope for better results.

I started out on the square at Joslyn’s Artisan Market. I wasn’t sure what an artisan market was, but the window said “Merry Christmas” across the front and looked super cute so I decided I had to check it out.

I was really glad I did! I ran into Marilyn Baugh, who was shopping with her granddaughter, and was able to admire the trendy handmade Christmas shirts. I think I will eventually have to own the red truck one with the Christmas tree. I drive a red truck and definitely am loving that this trend is back again this year.


I also saw that they had corn bags that you microwave to use as a heating pad. I overheard owner Tina Joslyn explaining to Marilyn that they would have them for sale during the Christmas parade and that they would be warming them all night for free.

I will definitely remember this in a couple of weeks when we are freezing watching the parade. She also had this thing called a Bowl Buddy that I never knew I needed to own. Stop by and ask her about it, it’s a pretty cool little gadget!

From Joslyn’s I went to Carthage Hardware, because who doesn’t love a 50% off Christmas sale? I had a nice visit with Ray Mathis, the owner, and he helped me find the coolest lantern/snow globe/nativity scene. 

I’m honestly not sure what to call it, but it is full of water, looks like a lantern, and has a light and swirling glitter that looks like stars over Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. Whatever it is, it looks really cool sitting on our piano since I gave it to Mom for her birthday.

My next stop was All Things Grand. I hadn’t been in there in ages and loved the vintage camper holiday décor they had! They also had some awesome globes that are on acrylic stands and have magnets in them as well as solar power that makes them spin perpetually. I enjoyed visiting with Charlie Rogers while I was there and he also showed me some hand carved gourds that were snowmen and Santa Clauses.

After I left Charlie’s I met up with my sister-in-law, Sarah Hoover, and we hit The Hive Salon to say hi to owner Kelly Hartley. We stocked up on Bare Minerals Christmas sets that I didn’t even know I needed, but Sarah swears they have the best mascara (and I’m a sucker for a really good deal) so I now own mascara and some new lipstick.

We capped off our day at Repurpose Boutique. I had just been in there earlier this week and stocked up on Lipsense while they were running it at 25 percent off. I swear I have enough lipstick to last three years now, someone needs to cut me off!

Shopping with Sarah is definitely an experience because I end up with things that I normally wouldn’t try myself. If this whole Jasper County Auditor-Elect gig doesn’t work out I think she has a future in sales. Anyhow, Sarah was very convincing, and I am now the proud owner of a new graphic tee that talks about Hallmark movies (it’s perfect for me!) and the softest, fluffiest, warmest, chenille cardigan that I have ever owned. I resisted the urge to get more lipstick and visited with owner Heather Orscheln as I checked out.

You would think that after all that shopping I would be ready to go home and curl up on the couch in my new cardigan with a Hallmark movie, but I was missing my boat, so I drove to the lake and checked on it and then hit the Christmas lights at Silver Dollar City. I’m in the Christmas mood, but it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet!

Brandi Ensor is a lifelong Carthage resident. She is adamantly single, spoils her nieces and nephews as much as possible, and loves camping and boating with her 16-year-old son, Johnathan.