Perspectives on Money: The Best Kept Secret in the Financial World


Risk-Averse Investing

The investing world thrives on the allure of unpredictability, but as history has shown us, unpredictability often leads to a repeating pattern—bubble, crash, bubble, crash. This cycle has been in a loop since 1995, punctuated by higher highs and slightly lower lows. With significant market drops slicing portfolios in half twice in the last 12 years, the age-old principle of “past performance is not indicative of future results” feels almost ironic.

The calculus of portfolio recovery is often underestimated. For instance, if you’ve invested $100,000 and faced a 50% loss, you’re left with $50,000. To recover, you’ll need a 100% return, not 50%, to reclaim your initial investment. This uphill battle makes a case for avoiding another round on the stock market rollercoaster, particularly with funds you can’t afford to lose again. The prudent approach is to allocate a part of your investment into financial vehicles designed to offer consistent returns and security, especially when contemplating long-term goals like retirement.


For those not sitting on an endless pile of wealth, figuring out a sustainable income stream for retirement is crucial. Traditionally, brokers have fixated on equity markets for capital gains, often overlooking other mechanisms to safeguard and grow your retirement nest egg. But today, innovative income-generating strategies are emerging that promise more income and less exposure to market volatility.

Foundational income retirement planning is gradually taking center stage as an integral component of a holistic financial strategy. Once people on the brink of retirement, or those recently retired, understand its vital role, they’ll likely prioritize it as the cornerstone to build their diversified retirement portfolios. This allows for a more balanced approach between risk and security, tailored to individual needs and circumstances.

So, it’s time to ask some vital questions:

How long do you want your money to last?

Do you currently have money at risk, or is it safely guaranteed?

Are you looking for a guaranteed income plan?

Would you prefer a lifetime income plan with flexibility for additional money if needed?

Do you want a guaranteed income for life, with any remaining balance paid 100% to your beneficiaries?

A secure retirement usually mandates maintaining guaranteed cash values and setting up guaranteed income for life. Our approach, which has resulted in 100% client satisfaction, is hinged on offering income certainty, irrespective of market conditions or life expectancy. Our strategies are robust and flexible enough to address challenges in the critical planning phase of securing retirement income for life.

So why should you contact us? Here are three compelling reasons:

  1. Income Certainty: Learn how we can supplement your retirement income in a guaranteed way, which often comes with higher benefits than more volatile, risk-associated plans.
  2. Le3gacy Planning: Ensure your loved ones have a continued income after your lifetime, enhancing their financial security.
  3. Safety Net: Mitigate the impact of other poorly performing investments by allocating some of your funds into a safe financial vehicle.

The unpredictability of stock markets is not a certainty you have to accept. You can adopt a more secure, risk-averse approach, especially when your life’s savings and future comfort are on the line. Welcome to the era of smarter, safer, and more sustainable investing.

  • The stock market has a cyclical pattern of bubbles and crashes, posing a significant risk to investors, especially those planning for retirement.
  • Recovering from a 50% loss requires a 100% gain, making it crucial to reconsider keeping all your money in high-risk portfolios.
  • Innovative income-generating strategies that offer better income with less exposure to market risk are emerging.
  • Foundational income retirement planning may support a balanced and secure retirement portfolio.
  • Questions to ask yourself include how long you want your money to last, whether your current investments are guaranteed, and what kind of income plan you desire for retirement. 

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