Carthage R-9 Board accepts retirements of principal, six teachers, resignations of nine teachers


(From the Carthage R-9 School District) 

CARTHAGE, Mo. — The Carthage R-9 Board of Education met in regular session on Monday, November 20, 2023, 6:00 pm, at Fairview Elementary. Present were Board members Jeff Jones, Bill Lasley, Niki Cloud, Ryan Collier, Patrick Scott, and Lora Phelps. Nathan Terry was absent.

Fairview Elementary first grade students provided cheerful songs under the direction of vocal music teacher, Mrs. Megan Blanchard.


The Board approved the Consent Agenda for the purpose of approving the meeting agenda, minutes of previous meeting, minutes of previous board retreat, payment of bills, district financial report, amendments to FY24 budget, current bus driver salary and benefits package, student ridership count and bus routes for 2023-2024, and filing dates for the annual Board of Education election.

Shelley Wilson, School Counselor & K-12 Counseling Department Chair, Deena Murdock, District Counseling Specialist, and Jessica McDonald, District Counseling Specialist, presented the MSIP 6 Standard: Counseling and Advisement evaluative report to the board. An overview of target areas one and two were discussed.

Dr. Boyer, Superintendent, presented the MSIP 6 Standard: Finances evaluative report to the board.

Mr. Jones provided a Carthage R-9 School Foundation update highlighting the success of the Major Saver card campaign and that Trivia Night will be held in February 2024 at Specialty Risk Insurance.

Dr. Boyer, Mr. Jones, Mr. Lasley, Mr. Collier, and Mrs. Phelps attended the 2023 MSBA Annual School Board Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, November 2-4, 2023. All attendees discussed their takeaways from conference sessions.

Rebecca Baker, KPM CPA’s, reviewed the FY 23 audit report. Carthage R-9 was in compliance with all requirements and received an overall clean audit report with no material weaknesses.

Dr. Huntley, Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Jana Sawyer, Director of Language Programs, and Beth Hunt, Curriculum Director, provided information regarding the district’s dual language program. Items discussed were the goals and progress of the program, academic achievement, progress towards biliteracy, attrition rates of students and teachers, waiting lists for the program, and curriculum.

Mr. Collier and Mr. Scott volunteered to serve on the John T. Belcher Scholarship Selection Committee. The committee will select a nominee to represent the district in this competitive scholarship application process.

Dr. Goodnight, Assistant Superintendent for Business, provided the Board information regarding the five bids the district received for the baseball stadium. A decision was made to rebid the project and ask for approval in the December 18, 2023 board meeting.

Dr. Boyer updated the Board regarding the following:

  • Thank you to the board members that were able to attend the MSBA conference and your dedication to moving the district forward.
  • The transportation department will start altering bus routes in January 2024.
  • Blayne Daugherty, dual language student, in the district was able to assist a young girl that was lost by speaking in Spanish and then calling the police department.
  • The 3rd grade feast was a great event where students learned table etiquette and shared what they were thankful for.
  • Kylie Kyte at Fairview Elementary and Rebekah Kelly at CIC were both presented with the Tiger Pride Kindness Award and Alex Benbow at CIC received the McDonald’s Outstanding Educator Award.
  • Three Carthage Tiger educators were recognized at the MOSHAPE State Convention. Jamie Newman (CIC) received the Young Professional of the Year Award, Kirk Jones (JH) received the Professional Service Honor Award, and former Superintendent Dr. Mark Baker was named Administrator of the Year.
  • Carthage High School Theatre department presented the CHS musical “Bright Star”, everyone involved did an amazing job.
  • Veterans Day assemblies were held at all buildings to honor and express our deepest gratitude for their service.

The Board met in closed session immediately following the regular meeting to discuss personnel matters and evaluative personnel reports in compliance with Section 610.021 (3) and (13) of the Revised Statutes of Missouri.

In closed session the Board approved the following personnel actions:

Approved the employment of professional, certified, support, and substitute staff as presented contingent upon receiving a clear criminal record check from the Missouri Highway Patrol and Federal Bureau of Investigation, and a clear check of the Adult Abuse/Neglect Registry maintained by the Missouri Department of Social Services for all employees new to the district:

PN Staff Contract Renewals: 

Mari Beth Linder, Practical Nursing Program Coordinator Carthage Tech Center Re-employment for 2024
Jo Ellen Branstetter, Practical Nursing Instructor Carthage Tech Center Re-employment for 2024
Jessica Barrett, Practical Nursing Instructor Carthage Tech Center Re-employment for

2024 Certified Hire

Elder Reyes, SPED Teacher Carthage Junior High School New Hire
Mr. Reyes has been student teaching with our district. He will graduate from Missouri Southern State University in December of 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Education.
Calvin Gazaway, SPED Teacher 6th Grade Center New Hire
Mr. Gazaway is a retired educator. Most recently he was a Music Teacher at Columbian Elementary and Sixth Grade Center.

Support Hire

Yvonne Holmes, Cook Carthage Intermediate Center Modification
Bethany Jeffries, Personal Paraprofessional Fairview Elementary New Hire
Darryl Berg, Bus Driver Transportation New Hire
Rebecca Taylor, Tiger Cub Care Paraprofessional Mark Twain Elementary New Hire
Antonio Mejia, Custodian Carthage High School New Hire
Mary Filbeck, Bus Driver Transportation New Hire
Michelle Funk, School Nurse Columbian Elementary New Hire
Chester Harris, Bus Driver Transportation New Hire
Larry Doty, SPED Paraprofessional 6th Grade Center Modification
Cayden Crahan, Assistant Bus Mechanic Transportation New Hire

Substitute Hire 

Cheryl Worthington, Substitute District New Hire
Larry Doty, Substitute District New Hire
Donald Manka, Substitute District Modification
Alli Gibson, Substitute District New Hire
Amanda Jones, Substitute Nurse District New Hire
Jimi Tucker, Substitute District New Hire
Joseph Bartosh, Substitute District Modification
Seth Lingengfelter, Substitute District New Hire

Support Transfer 

Sheril Vonholten-Cartwright, Personal Paraprofessional Carthage Intermediate Center Transfer
Katie Wimer, Instructional Assistant Columbian Elementary Transfer
Ryan Staggs, Custodian Carthage High School Transfer

Certified Retirement/Resignation 

Jenny Bogle, Principal Carthage Junior High School Retirement
Judith Lucas, SPED Teacher Pleasant Valley Elementary Retirement
Cheryl Church, Art Teacher Carthage High School Retirement
Michelle Joyce, SPED Teacher Carthage Junior High School Retirement
Jeffrey Marrs, Machine Tech Teacher Carthage Tech – South Retirement
Chris Wilkerson, PLTW Biomed Teacher Carthage Tech – South Retirement
Randall Evans, Career Tech Teacher Carthage Junior High School Retirement
Elizabeth Arthur, 3rd Grade Teacher Fairview Elementary Resignation
Brett Cline, SPED Teacher Sixth Grade Center Resignation
Elizabeth Nichols, 5th Grade Teacher Carthage Intermediate Center Resignation
Mariah Stilabower, 1st Grade Teacher Columbian Elementary Resignation
Haley Manley, EL Teacher Fairview Elementary Resignation
Miranda Mason, 2nd Grade Teacher Fairview Elementary Resignation
Jennifer Grizzel, 2nd Grade DL Teacher Fairview Elementary Resignation
Evelyn Andrews, 4th Grade Teacher Carthage Intermediate Center Resignation
Jasmine Deckard, 5th Grade Teacher Carthage Intermediate Center Resignation

Support Retirement/Resignation

Carl Titius, Custodian Carthage High School Retirement
Jason Latzko, Head Custodian Fairview Elementary Resignation
Bailee Bland, Nurse Coordinator District Resignation
Richard Southard, Bus Driver Transportation Resignation
Joseph Bartosh, HSE Teacher CTC-North Resignation
Xandria Virtue, Cook Fairview Elementary Resignation
Carmen Feliciano, District Registrar Welcome Center Resignation

Substitute Resignation 

Crystal Masters, Substitute Cook District Resignation
Anna McGatha, Substitute Cook District Resignation
Taylor Ferris, Substitute District Resignation

Extra Duty Resignation 

Taylor Ferris, 9th Grade Volleyball Carthage High School Resignation
Mark Lingenfelter, Girls Head Tennis Coach Carthage High School Resignation

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