Tax Assistance and Filing Centers will Open in Carthage

Tax Assistance Available

In years past, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Missouri Property Tax Credit (PTC) volunteers have been vital to many in the Carthage community. COVID – 19 has changed many activities, but VITA and PTC volunteers will continue to serve in 2021.

Income Tax Return Preparation & E-filing services will continue for area taxpayers with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program starting February 3rd at the Fairview Christian Church. Due to social distancing and volunteer time demands, appointments are necessary, but clients can schedule by calling 417-388-7609. Clients should call the volunteer number to set an appointment and bring the following items to the appointment for processing and filing: photo identification, social security cards, or other proof of social security numbers, W-2 Forms, 1099’s, or other income documents, 2019 Tax Return, and a writing utensil.

VITA is a free service for low to medium-income taxpayers. Forms are prepared and e-filed by volunteers trained by the IRS. Due to COVID-19 guidelines, volunteers encourage clients to wear a mask and practice social distancing on site. Clients need to call and make an appointment. At the scheduled appointment time, clients should enter the first front doors where volunteers will check identification. Clients will fill out intake sheets inside the church or in their cars with their own writing utensils. Clients will leave all documents and intake forms while volunteers prepare their tax returns. Taxpayers will not enter the church and must have a good phone number in case the volunteer tax preparer needs to ask questions or confirm information. A drop off service is available with no appointment. Taxpayers are urged not to call the church as the church will not have any access to preparers’ schedules or answer tax questions. Volunteers cannot answer tax questions by phone; volunteers must have an individual’s documents and intake forms to answer any tax questions. The VITA program is open on Thursdays and Saturdays beginning February 3rd. Volunteers will prepare taxes at the Fairview Christian Church at 2320 S. Grand Avenue in Carthage.

Missouri Property Tax Credit (PTC) volunteers are working out to the Carthage Nazarene Church on the corner of Fairview & Grand. PTC forms are completed free and offer real estate tax refunds and rent rebates to those that qualify. Taxpayers may drop off documents needed to prepare the rebates with their 2019 tax returns and last year’s PTC (refund) forms between 9 am and noon on the following dates:

  • Monday, February 8th
  • Wednesday, February 10th
  • Wednesday, February 17th

No appointment is necessary; clients are first come, first served. For additional questions, contact Marie at 417-359-5355. Taxpayers are encouraged to wear masks and practice social distancing to assure the safety of volunteers and other people on site. PTC filing is a free service provided by the same preparers that volunteered at the Senior Center last year. Taxpayers will drop off forms, and volunteers will call when forms are completed. Volunteers will notify taxpayers of when and where to pick up completed forms. Taxpayers must provide a good telephone number for communication and questions.

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