Billy Long announces run for US Senate in Missouri


Kellyanne Conway hired as Senior Advisor and Pollster 

Springfield, MO — On Tuesday, Aug. 3, on Fox News in an interview with Tucker Carlson, Congressman Billy Long announced his entrance into the race for Missouri’s open U.S. Senate seat. Billy spent 31 years as an auctioneer and real estate broker before making the leap to politics in 2010, winning a highly contested race for Missouri’s 7th Congressional seat.

In a press release announcing his run, the Billy Long team says “Billy is Fed Up with how Washington is mismanaged and will bring a commonsense approach to the United States Senate,” according to the release.

“We need to get the Senate back. You aren’t going to do anything until you get the Senate back and I’m the guy who can win that Senate seat in Missouri” said Billy during his interview with Tucker Carlson regarding his announcement. 

“As Republicans we must fight hard to regain control of the Senate. The Democrats are working at warp-speed to dismantle everything President Trump and I fought for over the last four years. I’m Fed-up and I’m not having it,” he added. 

Kellyanne Conway
Kellyanne Conway

Words cannot express Congressman Long’s gratitude to be joined in this battle by his good friend Kellyanne Conway in her role as Senior Advisor and Pollster along with Jamestown Associates’ Larry Weitzner who will head up media for his campaign. 

“At a 50-50 split, the US Senate is increasingly a place where our freedom, opportunity and security hang in the balance,” Kellyanne Conway noted. “Who serves in the Senate matters. Kamala Harris has not done much as Vice President, but she has broken 8 ties in the Senate. The Democrats now control what happens to you. Congressman Billy Long is a fighter who unequivocally supports the America First agenda. He was one of the longest and the strongest supporters of President Donald J. Trump. That’s because Billy saw then what the media still refuse to see: American Exceptionalism, not American Socialism, is our destiny.” 

Billy said, “I led the fight to punish China for stealing Americans’ intellectual property rights, I have fought to ensure election integrity, energy independence, educational opportunities, and I have fought for job creators, job holders and job seekers.” 

The press release also says, “Billy got on the Trump Train early and he never got off. Now he invites everyone to get on the Billy Bus and help stop the erosion of liberty and prosperity.” 

Congressman Long will be kicking off his campaign with a bus tour of Missouri.