Domestic assault charge filed against Carthage man who allegedly cut relative with sword


The Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney’s office filed a felony domestic assault charge today against Alexander William Springer, (DOB 2004), Carthage man, who allegedly cut a relative with a sword during an altercation Sunday.

From the probable cause statement:

Springer committed the offense due to knowingly causing harm to victim 1 ‘s left hand by cutting him with a sword that was approximately 18 inches long.


Victim 1 was attempting to take the sword from Springer when he grabbed the blade of the sword and Springer aggressively pulled the sword away from [his] grasp, resulting in victim 1 sustaining two lacerations to the palm of his left hand in which EMS had to medically wrap it. 

Springer had already caused damage to some property (shattered camper window) with the sword which was the reason victim 1 was attempting to take the sword so Springer could not damage or hurt anyone any further. 

Springer admitted to having the sword and using it to cause damage to property but that he never intended to hurt anyone. Springer was at the scene due to wanting to fight an individual who had made some derogatory remarks about Springers girlfriend. 

Springer and victim 1 are related by marriage as far as I know due to both subjects agreeing that they were related.

Originally appeared on The Turner Report

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