Tate dominates 51st Platte County Invitational

Junior Bradyn Tate poses with other individual weight class winners at the 51st Annual Platte County Invitational. Crystal Brown / CNO

Bradyn Tate was this weekend’s Platte County Invitational Champion at 132 lbs.  Tate faced a tough schedule, punctuated by Platte County, Smithville, Belton and Hannibal.  With four pins, two major decisions and two decisions in the semifinals and finals, Tate improves his record to 33-3 going into this week’s duals against Webb City, Springfield Central, Waynesville and the COC Tournament.

As a team, Carthage had three other wrestlers that placed third in the tournament, including Tanner Putt at 106 lbs., Kip Castor at 144lbs. and David Recinos at 285 lbs., returning after a lengthy absence following an injury.

Here are the Carthage Wrestling results from the Platte County Invitational on 01/20-21/23.  Carthage next wrestles Webb City at Webb City on 01/24/23 starting at 6:00.


Team Scores

1—Olathe North—343.5



4—Platte County—282


6—St. Michael—240.5


8—Blue Springs—229.5


10—Van Horn—188.5

11—Excelsior Springs—182.5

12—Oak Grove—162.5


14—William Chrisman—127.5

15—St. James—95

Individual Results

Weight—Name—Grade—Tournament Record—Season Record—Placement

106—Tanner Putt—10—(4-2)—(21-11)—3rd

Won by fall in 1:36 over Jervin Riddle—William Chrisman

Won by decision 6-1 over Landon Lane—St. Michael

Won by fall in 2:50 over Mlondani Emoyi—Van Horn

Lost by fall in 5:56 to Austin Brown—Hannibal

Lost by major decision 0-10 to Jaxson Scott—Olathe North

Won by fall in 2:23 over Parker Lock—Helias

113—Indiana Gray—11—(1-6)—(1-6)—DNP

Lost by fall in 3:14 to Cooper Collins—Excelsior Springs

Lost by decision 6-7 to Keegan Martin—Oak Grove

Lost by fall in 0:50 to Caden Hulett—Platte County

Won by fall in 3:29 over Liam Bowles—St. James

Lost by fall in 3:07 to Tristan Waters—Smithville

Lost by fall in overtime fall to Jaylen Civil—Warrensburg

Lost by major decision 0-13 to Parker Lutz—St. Michael

120—Grady Huntley—9—(5-3)—(20-11)—DNP

Won by fall in 1:26 over Dominick Betts—Excelsior Springs

Lost by fall in 3:45 to Austin Stevick—St. Michael

Won by forfeit over Alexander Escabi-Fullmer—Platte County

Won by fall in 0:37 over Rony Guardiola—William Chrisman

Lost by decision 4-5 to Drake Brinkley—Hannibal

Won by fall in 3:20 over Aleksandr Careaga—Helias

Won by major decision 11-2 over Alex Hutchcraft—Smithville

Lost by fall in 5:13 to Aleksandr Careaga—Helias

126—Israel Perez—10—(1-5)—(1-7)—DNP

Lost by fall in 1:12 to Tristen Essig—Hannibal

Lost by fall in 2:28 to Will Burchard—St. James

Lost by fall in 5:48 to Jayden Welch—Warrensburg

Lost by fall in 4:53 to Javarien Jeffries—William Chrisman

Lost by fall in 1:11 to Taggart Murphy—Olathe North

Won by decision 7-6 over Riley Smith—Blue Springs

Tate wins the championship match at 132 lbs. over Culp from Hannibal by a score of 4-3. Crystal Brown / CNO

132—Bradyn Tate—11—(8-0)—(33-3)—1st

Won by fall in 1:09 over Vinny Pinzon—Smithville

Won by fall in 1:39 over Jaylon Dillard—Olathe North

Won by major decision 15-4 over Shane Leary—Platte County

Won by fall in 0:49 over Ryne Marcum—Excelsior Springs

Won by fall in 2:44 over Landin Kunsch—Belton

Won by major decision 13-2 over Lucas Barry—St. Michael

Won by decision 4-2 over Lane Cross—Belton

Won by decision 4-3 over Chad Culp—Hannibal


144—Kip Castor—12—(5-2)—(14-7)—3rd

Won by major decision 14-2 over Austin Timmons—Olathe North

Won by fall in 2:36 over Kevin Rodriguez—Van Horn

Won by fall in 2:47 over Korbin Schmidli—Blue Springs

Won by fall in 2:28 over Isaiah Seymour—Platte County

Lost by decision 0-4 to Peyton Elliot—Hannibal

Lost by decision 4-8 to Jace Duemmel—Helias

Won by fall in 2:46 over Draiden Chilcoat—Platte County

150—Grey Petticrew—12—(3-3)—(20-7)—DNP

Lost by fall in 5:33 to Koen Ramage—Hannibal

Lost by decision 0-7 to Brady Littleton—Belton

Won by fall in 1:09 over Montez Clemons—Platte County

Lost by fall in 3:44 to Alex Hutchcraft—Smithville

Won by fall in 5:33 over Carson Hayes—Helias

Won by fall in 4:58 over Greg Dillon—Blue Springs

157—Trey Nye—12—(3-4)—(18-11)—DNP

Lost by major decision 0-11 to Darrius Paige—Van Horn

Lost by decision 5-11 to Eli Homan—Helias

Won by fall in 1:19 over Owen Mitchell—Smithville

Lost by major decision 7-16 to Daniel Startk-Wroblewski—Warrensburg

Won by fall in 5:11 over Bryan Jennings—Platte County

Lost by fall in 1:30 to Darrell Smith—Platte County

Won by fall in 4:22 over Bryan Jennings—Platte County

165—Gabe Lambeth—12—(4-2)—(17-10)—DNP

Lost by fall in 3:00 to Vance Provost—Olathe North

Lost by decision 3-7 to Chase Baldwin—Blue Springs

Won by fall in 0:35 over Colton Rittenhouse—Van Horn

Won by fall in 3:35 over Haze Middleton—Smithville

Won by fall in 3:46 over Griffin Moses—St. Michael

Won by major decision 15-2 over Haze Middleton—Smithville

175—Esvin Gonzalez—12—(0-6)—(6-15)—DNP

Lost by decision 6-11 to Jameson Lyons—Belton

Lost by fall in 0:29 to Logan Montoya—Helias

Lost by fall in 3:27 to Joseph Rizzie—St. Michael

Lost by major decision 4-15 to Daniel Seymour—Oak Grove

Lost by fall in 1:20 to Austin Clevenger—Smithville

Lost by fall in 1:20 to Lake Johnson—Blue Springs



285—David Recinos—10—(6-2)—(20-6)—3rd

Won by fall in 5:52 over Adam Colwel—Blue Springs

Won by fall in 1:34 over Ezias Poli—William Chrisman

Won by decision 3-0 over Just Wright—Excelsior Springs

Won by decision 3-1 over Kameron Doyle—Platte County

Won by fall in 3:14 over Braden Hales—Olathe North

Lost by fall in 5:00 to Sampson Stillwell—St. Michael

Lost by fall in 0:32 to Caleb Groff—Oak Grove

Won by decision 3-1 over Ryan Ross–Hannibal