Carthage Wrestling claims first place in Farmington Duals


The Carthage Tiger Wrestling Team hit the road last week for their first varsity tournament of the year in Farmington.  With a full lineup available, the team also recorded their first ever first place finish at the tournament, as well.  Head Coach Kenny Brown was pleased with his team meeting the first of what he hopes will be many goals this season.  “This was our 4th year at Farmington.  We took 2nd last year behind Farmington in a tight dual without two of our starters.  Going in, I felt that we had a good chance to win it this year, but with duals, it is all about how your kids match up with theirs.  We won 8 matches to their 6 but ended up doubling their score to win 36-18.  Our kids that lost did a good job not giving up bonus points, and our kids that won earned us a lot of bonus.”

When asked about some of the weekend’s highlight matches, Brown had this to say: “Definitely Kip Castor winning in overtime over the number one ranked 106 in Class 3.  Also, Tanner Russow defeated the returning 113 lb. champion in Class 3 7-0.  Both were quality wins against tough competition.  Luke Gall’s match with Farmington was another highlight.  He was able to pull out the victory against a larger opponent in convincing fashion 6-2.”  Brown feels that these victories are a good lead-in to some of the tougher matches his team will face in Class 4.   “I think we have a very strong dual team.  We don’t have a lot of week areas in our lineup.  We are currently ranked 9th in Class 4, but that is based on individual rankings and not dual team ability.”

Carthage wrestled Joplin tonight in a regional rivalry and district matchup at Joplin, then heads to Harrisonville on Friday and Saturday for a two day tournament.  While Coach Brown is adamant that rankings and chatter are a non-factor when putting together a solid team, he admits that recent wins and margins of victory are making it harder to keep his team off the radar. “We have a shot to make a statement this weekend.  We will be seeing some very tough competition.  Rolla, ranked 2nd in Class 3, Willard ranked 7th in Class 3, St. Charles ranked 8th in Class 3, and Seneca ranked 3rd in Class 2,” Brown stated.  When asked about what he feels are his team’s greatest strengths going into this weekend, he replied, “It is just the depth of our lineup as a dual team and the boys are doing an amazing job wrestling from the top position.  They are getting turns and putting people away.”


It is also important to note that senior, Brener Ocana, recorded his 100th career victory during last week’s duals versus Cassville and Miami.  Ocana is only the 30th wrestler in Carthage history to reach this milestone.  Brown feels that the leadership and example set by Brener exemplify his team’s goal of hard work and perseverance.

While the previous scores of the duals and this weekend’s tournament prove that Carthage has definitely put out a strong team, the coming weeks will serve as a good litmus as we approach the second half of the season.

Here are the Carthage Wrestling Results from the Farmington Duals on 12/14/19.  It was a 6 team round robin.  Carthage is currently ranked 10th in Class 4.  Carthage next wrestles on Tuesday at Joplin starting at 6:00PM.














Farmington—18—currently ranked 5th in Class 3


Individual Results—they will be listed in the order that we wrestled the duals above

Weight—Name—grade—tournament record—season record—state ranking

106—Kip Castor—9—(5-0)—(5-0)

Won by forfeit over Lindbergh

Won by forfeit over Warrenton

Won by major decision 14-3 over Jacob Leavitt

Won by overtime decision 5-4 over Ethan Flaherty—ranked 1st @ 106 in Class 3

Won by decision 4-2 over Nate Schnur


113—Carlos Reyes—11—(5-0)—(8-0)

Won by fall in 0:45 over Spencer Cruzen

Won by fall in 1:39 over Bryce Eddison

Won by fall in 1:04 over Eddie Foster

Won by fall in 0:12 over Dillon Hall—ties an individual weight class record for fastest fall for Carthage. Previously set by Justin Sanderson in 05-06 at 0:12

Won by forfeit over Farmington


120—Tanner Russow—12—(4-1)—(6-1)

Lost by fall in 1:00 to Skyler Akers

Won by forfeit

Won by fall in 0:58 over Blayne McDermott

Won by fall in 4:23 over Camron Steffey

Won by decision 7-0 over Austin Wadlow—ranked 1st @ 120 in Class 3


126—Selvin Estrada—12—(3-2)—(6-2)

Lost by decision 4-11 to J.P. Homfeld—ranked 5th @ 120 in Class 4

Won by forfeit

Won by major decision 13-5 over Trey Scott

Won by major decision 10-1 over Kenny Thompson

Lost by decision 4-8 to Kyle Crawford—ranked 6th @ 126 in Class 3


132—Dagan Sappington—11—(5-0)—(6-0)

Won by fall in 3:15 over Jackson Baker

Won by forfeit over Warrenton

Won by forfeit over Sikeston

Won by fall in 0:53 over Mason Lucas

Won by decision 4-2 over Blake Cook—ranked 5th @ 132 in Class 3


138—Davion King—9—(4-1)—(7-1)

Won by fall in 1:28 over Michael Gyuriseck

Won by fall in 2:30 over Jake Evrard

Won by fall in 1:08 over Alex Hicks

Won by fall in 0:56 over Warren Fiedler

Lost by decision 4-7 to Drew Felker


145—Anderson Ixcol—12—(4-1)—(7-1)

Won by fall in 3:55 over Sean Williams

Won by forfeit over Warrenton

Won by fall in 2:34 over Cannon Gaddis

Won by fall in 5:42 over Colton Thompson

Lost by overtime decision 4-7 to Smokey Branch


152—Eli Sneed—10—(3-2)—(3-2)

Won by fall in 4:54 over Brock Barger

Won by forfeit over Warrenton

Won by major decision 15-3 over Devyn Tinsley

Lost by fall in 3:38 to Callum Sitek—ranked 2nd @ 152 in Class 3

Lost by decision 2-4 to Colby Vinson


160—Kelten Campbell—12—(4-1)—(7-1)

Lost by decision 4-10 to Alex Lauer

Won by forfeit

Won by fall in 1:18 over Dominic Mullin

Won by fall in 1:53 over Jackson Roloff

Won by fall in 1:23 over Luke Houston


170—Luke Gall—9—(5-0)—(7-0)

Won by fall in 4:50 over Conner Kuehler

Won by fall in 3:02 over Colton Rice

Won by fall in 0:13 over Isaac Griggs—breaks an individual weight class fastest fall record for Carthage set in the 85-86 season by Mark Logan with 0:18

Won by fall in 1:46 over Liam Sitek

Won by decision 6-2 over Royce Harris


182—Brandon Crow—12—(3-2)—(5-2)

Won by fall in 2:44 over Brayden Kenner

Lost by decision 2-7 to Andrew Jones

Won by fall in 1:29 over Mark Fisher

Won by forfeit over Pacific

Lost by decision 6-8 to Judd Cunningham—ranked 3rd @ 182 in Class 3


195—Kanen Vogt—10—(4-1)—(7-1)

Won by fall in 1:07 over Carlos Mejia

Won by fall in 1:18 over John Starkey

Won by forfeit over Sikeston

Won by forfeit over Pacific

Lost by decision 5-7 to Kale Krouse


220—Alexis Vasquez—11—(3-2)—(3-2)

Won by decision 11-9 over Matt Mengis

Lost by decision 5-7 to Colton Dyche

Won by forfeitover Sikeston

Lost by decision 8-14 to Sam Williams

Won by fall in 2:51 over Peyton Simily


285—Brener Ocana—12—(5-0)—(7-0)—ranked 5th @ 285 in Class 4

Won by fall in 2:34 ovre Matt Ludwig

Won by fall in 1:29 over Josh Napier

Won by fall in 0:12 over Travyon Blackmon

Won by forfeit over Pacific

Won by fall in 1:31 over Clayton Barber


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