Carthage Wrestling celebrates Senior Night, claims another victory versus Webb City

Anderson Ixcol recognized with his parents on Senior Night for Tiger Wrestling. Crystal Brown / Carthage News Online

Carthage Wrestling recognized this year’s seniors during the Tuesday night dual with Webb City.  Seniors Anderson Ixcol, Kelten Campbell, Selvin Estrada, Levi White, Kale Schrader, Brener Ocana, Blane Steffen, Emanuel Chavez, Tanner Russow and manager Samantha Benhumea walked out with their loved ones between the junior varsity matches and a varsity victory for the Tigers. While the dual marked the first of three consecutive home meets to close out the regular season, seniors Anderson Ixcol, Emanuel Chavez and Selvin Estrada talked to the Press about their goals for the rest of the year and how their wrestling careers began.

The Carthage Press: How old were you guys when you started wrestling?

Selvin Estrada – I was a freshman in high school when I became interested in the sport. Emanuel Chavez– I started sophomore year in high school.  Anderson Ixcol– I began wrestling my 8th grade year.


Press:  What got you interested in the sport?

Selvin – Anderson (Ixcol) and Kiko Perez, a former wrestler on the team, told me it was really fun, so I decided to give it a try.  Emanuel – I didn’t actually want to do it at first but Elder Reyes (a former teammate) convinced me and told me it would keep me in shape.  Anderson – At first my friends and dad tried to talk me into it and then in 8th grade Coach Vernatti (former Carthage coach) convinced me to go out by telling me that I was strong and would like it.

Press:  What kind of goals have you set for yourselves the rest of the season?

Selvin – Qualifying for state and trying to place at state once I get there is my biggest goal.  Emanuel – Winning COC in my weight class is what I’m working for.  Anderson – I want to qualify for state and do well and place.

Emanuel Chavez recognized with his parents on Senior Night for Tiger Wrestling. Crystal Brown / Carthage News Online

Press:  What are your plans after graduation?

Selvin – I’m going to Crowder College and studying computer science and hope to work in technology.  Emanuel – I would either like to become a teacher or join the army.  Anderson – I hope to join the marines and eventually study engineering and construction.

Press:  Who do you guys most admire on the team?

Selvin – I would have to say Anderson, because he’s always willing to help me with technique and moves and he’s a really good friend.  Emanuel – Kelten (Campbell) and Dagan (Sappington).  Kelten always pushes me when we practice and shows me new moves.  Dagan also taught me things as far as moves and helped me learn.  Anderson – Selvin, because he is one of the people that proves to me that hard work beats talent.  He’s been wrestling a shorter amount of time than me but works hard and earned a varsity spot quickly.

Press:  What has been your greatest accomplishment in your wrestling career?

Selvin – Placing in varsity tournaments.  As a freshman I got chances to go to varsity tournaments but never really placed.  Last year I first placed at Excelsior Springs as a junior. Emanuel – The past two years on jv with our team winning the COC tournament was one of the best experiences.  Anderson – I really think I got the most out of listening to my seniors before me and enjoying every moment that we had on the team.  I understand that those moments don’t last.

Press:  What makes being part of the Carthage Wrestling team special?

Selvin – The bond that we have as a family.  When one person wins, we all get hyped up and support each other.  Emanuel – Definitely family bonding.  Other sports don’t have a team sleepover and breakfast and it shows how much we all mean to each other and how much our coaches care.  Anderson – Selvin mentioned family and team bonding and Emanuel talked about hyping each other.  Wrestling teaches you how to support your fellow man and work and help others and it definitely applies to the real world outside of high school by teaching you those skills that apply to real life situations.

Selvin Estrada with his dad on Senior Night for Tiger Wrestling. Crystal Brown / Carthage News Online

Press:  Do you have any regrets about your wrestling career?

Selvin – I wish I would’ve wrestled junior high and gotten a lot more experience.  Emanuel – I feel the same as Selvin.  I wish I would have started earlier and gone out more than three years.  Anderson – I wish I would’ve given it a chance earlier in my career instead of sitting around being lazy and eating and watching other people wrestle.

Press:  What is something about you that very few people know? 

Selvin – Ivan is my middle name and my close friends call me that.  Only older adults call me Selvin bc it’s my dad’s name.  Emanuel -Emanuel is my middle name and Noe is my first name, but nobody calls me that. Anderson – (Emanuel cuts in) – He’s tried everything on the McDonalds menu!  Anderson – I try to make myself seem positive but sometimes I’m not because of my homelife.  I try and portray that to others so that I set a positive example but it’s not always easy.

Press:  What interests do you have outside of wrestling?

Anderson – Running and watching anime and jokes.  Selvin – I like playing soccer, playing the trumpet and piano for my church and learning new songs.  Emanuel – I love soccer…a lot and playing the trumpet for church. 

Thank you to our latest group of seniors for sharing a little bit about themselves and what it means to be a Carthage Wrestler.  Stay tuned for the last installment of the Senior Spotlight next week following the last home dual.


Here are the Carthage Wrestling results from our dual with Webb City at home on 01/28/20.  Carthage moves to 8-1 on the season.  We next wrestle at home in a double dual with Seneca and Buffalo on 2/6/20 at home starting at 5:00pm.


Carthage—47—ranked 7th in Class 4

Webb City—18


Individual Results

Weight—Name—Grade—Season Record—State Ranking

106—Kip Castor—9—(18-8)

Won by forfeit


113—Carlos Reyes—11—(26-5)

Won by major decision 14-3 over Donald Simonds


120—Tanner Russow—12—(23-6)

Lost by decision 0-4 to Kyler Carter—ranked 4th in Class 3


126—Selvin Estrada—12—(22-9)

Lost by decision 6-13 to Josh Copher—ranked 5th in Class 3


132—Dagan Sappington—11—(20-9)—ranked 6th in Class 4

Won by decision 10-8 over Tony Bidlack


138—Davion King—9—(19-10)

Won by fall in 1:36 over Brantley Carter


145—Anderson Ixcol—12—(17-4)

Won by major decision 10-2 over Jackson Taylor


152—Brett Rockers—10—(8-6)

Won by fall in 3:16 over Jackson Ward


160—Kelten Campbell—12—(26-3)

Won by fall in 0:51 over Colton Gordon


170—Levi White—12—(0-1)

Lost by fall in 3:12 to Roger Carranco—ranked 6th in Class 3 @ 182


182—Obed Gonzalez—11—(8-7)

Won by decision 7-3 over Gabe McDonald


195—Kanen Vogt—10—(20-10)

Lost by fall in 3:32 to Jacob Ott


220—Kale Schrader—12—(22-1)—ranked 1st in Class 4

Won by fall in 1:06 over Brody German


285—Alexis Vasquez—11—(8-7)

Won by decision 4-3 over Buddy Belcher


Junior Varsity Results

113—Christian Brown—10—(10-3)

Won by fall in 4:40 over Mayson Gouge


120—Jose Gomez—9—(6-8)

Lost by fall in 4:52 to Cody Herndon


120—Walter Reyes-Mojica—10—(2-11)

Lost by fall in 1:53 to Aiden Moore


126—Santos Guzman Gomez—9—(4-9)

Won by fall in 1:03 over Landon Trammel


132—Grant Geter—11—(1-9)

Won by decision 12-8 over Joey Friel


132—Brayden Benefiel—11—(9-4)

Won by overtime decision 9-8 over Snyper Herron


132—Cody Reeves—10—(10-6)

Won by overtime decision 8-6 over Snyper Herron


132—Esvin Gonzalez—9—(4-9)

Won by fall in 3:30 over Justin Allen


132—Trey Nye—9—(7-5)

Won by fall in 2:37 over Justin Allen


138—Robin Hernandez—10—(3-1)

Won by major decision 14-1 over Aiden Rose


138—Selvin Garcia—9—(3-10)

Lost by fall in 1:17 to Hunter England


138—Emanuel Chavez—12—(7-4)

Won by overtime decision 15-13 over Dominic Boles


138—Byron Lopez—10—(7-5)

Won by major decision 15-6 over Dominic Boles


145—Eli Sneed—10—(2-0)

Won by fall in 2:45 over Pryce Mason


145—D.J. Witt—11—(9-3)

Won by fall in 0:56 over Rafe Mackey


145—Grey Petticrew—9—(13-1)

Won by fall in 0:54 over Rafe Mackey


145—Jonathan Coreas Perez—10—(5-3)

Won by fall in 5:19 over Houston Collard


145—Kanon Williams—9—(10-2)

Won by fall in 1:16 over Nathan Thomas


152—Andrew Holden—11—(6-0)

Won by fall in 0:45 over Braxton Smotherman


152—Creed Lambeth—11—(5-1)

Won by fall in 0:39 over Braxton Smotherman


160—Wessly Estes—11—(9-0)

Won by fall in  3:22 over Logan White


160—Fernando Lopez—11—(10-3)

Won by decision 10-9 over Logan White


170—Lucas Lund—9—(9-7)

Lost by fall in 1:55 to Isaac Ervin


182—Blane Steffen—12—(4-4)

Lost by fall in 4:44 to AJ Bash


182—James Chuta—11—(5-6)

Lost by overtime decision 5-6 to AJ Bash


195—Brian Zuniga—9—(10-2)

Won by fall in 5:20 over AJ Forsythe


195—Isaac Saba—10—(5-4)

Won by fall in 0:19 over AJ Forsythe


220—Rafael Lopez—10—(8-5)

Lost by fall in 3:27 to Nathan Peterson


220—Antony DeLeon—9—(5-3)

Won by fall in 1:57 over Nathan Peterson


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