Carthage Varsity Wrestling records another championship at Platte County Invitational

Carthage Wrestling takes home a first place team finish. Crystal Brown / Carthage News Online

Carthage Wrestling concluded another successful weekend as this year’s Platte County Invitational tournament champions.  After a disappointing loss to conference rivals Neosho – their first on the season – the Tigers regrouped and claimed a first place team finish with three individual weight class champions. 

“The kids stepped up to the challenge and were able to get a lot of bonus points.  Coming off a disappointing loss to Neosho, the boys realized that Platte was going to definitely be a challenge.  We were going into it without two of our key starters, Luke Gall and Brener Ocana.  I honestly wasn’t even thinking that we had a very good chance to win it until halfway through the day,” said head coach Kenny Brown.  “Platte is one of the toughest tournaments we go to every year.  I think that it was down a little this year compared to previous years, but I fully expect the competition to be back up in the future.  Weather kept several teams (Oak Grove, Helias, and Kirksville) from being able to compete and all three teams have several ranked wrestlers on their rosters.  Because of that, the tournament went to a slightly different format on only one day instead of two.”

Brown was extremely pleased with the performance of his three individual champions. 


“The biggest highlights have to be three wrestlers (Carlos Reyes, Anderson Ixcol, and Kelten Campbell) winning their first tournament championships for Carthage.  Those three came up big for us in terms of the team race.  Obviously the other highlight was Schrader’s rematch with Cade Lautt.  Last year we won 8-5, this year we lost 2-5.  Both matches were essentially one point matches where the loser had to force an opportunity late in the match for a shot at victory.  When wrestlers of that caliber get in that situation, the final score doesn’t reflect just how close the match actually is.” 

This weekend also marks the fourth consecutive Carthage tournament win for the Tigers this year. 

“None of my past teams have won this many titles.  In the 1993-94 season, Coach Holman’s team won 5 tournament championships.  The most one of my teams has ever won in a season was 3 in the 2006-07 season.  It takes a talented group to win this many championships in a season, but included in that is the ability to remain healthy, which we are struggling with,” Brown stated.  “We’ve got the COC tournament coming up this weekend and we are going into it without Luke Gall(170) and Brener Ocana(285).  Those are normally two big point scorers for us.  Add to that the depth of the tournament this year, and we are looking at probably the toughest COC tournament we have ever been involved with. Hopefully, by this point in the season, the boys are able to start to get a glimpse of the finish line (Districts and State) and realize it is time to start making their final push to accomplishing their goals.  Almost half of our varsity (6/14) are seniors, so there is a lot of intrinsic motivation.  This is their last shot to get their name in the Carthage Wrestling Record Book.  Their last shot to get their picture on the wall in the wrestling room as a State placer/Academic All-State.  Their last chance to get their name on a banner in the room for a District championship.  Those things go a long way towards driving these young men to continue to improve.  My assistants do a great job of keeping the atmosphere in the room light while still pushing the boys to excel.”

Coach Brown also mentioned the positive side of his team’s loss to Neosho the past week. 

“I don’t know that the loss really changed the team dynamic.  It definitely hurt taking that loss in a year when we believed we had the opportunity to knock them off, but we have moved on from it and grown from it.  Neosho exposed some of our weaknesses – we have addressed them and improved.  The Platte County Tournament showed how much we have improved in just a couple of days.  We did a much better job of moving on bottom because of that loss to Neosho.  Just seeing the boys growing as a team and individuals has been immensely rewarding.  Even with some of the adversity we have faced this year, the boys continue to maintain positive attitudes and allow themselves to be coached.  After losses, kids are asking for help with specific things in terms of technique.  They want to get better, not just for themselves, but for their teammates.” 

Here are the Carthage Wrestling Results from the Platte County Invitational on 01/25/20.  4 teams were not allowed to attend the tournament because of weather.  Carthage next wrestles at home on 01/30/20 at 5:00 pm in the main gym in a double dual versus Raymore-Peculiar and Waynesville.

1—Carthage—190—ranked 7th in Class 4

2—Olathe North KS—186.5—ranked 5th in Kansas 6A

3—St. James KS—179

4—Platte County—111.5

5—Rockwood Summit—111

6—Smithville—ranked 6th in Class 3

7—William Chrisman—78


Individual Results

Weight—Name—Grade—Tournament Record—Season Record—Placement—ranking

106—Kip Castor—9—(1-3)—(17-8)—DNP

Lost by fall in 1:08 to Cael Alderman—Olathe North—ranked 2nd

Won by fall in 5:00 over Mason Greer—Platte County

Lost by fall in 1:11 to Kolby McClain—Smithville—ranked 1st in Class 3

Lost by fall in 0:40 to Mio Cregan—St. James


113—Carlos Reyes—11—(4-0)—(25-5)—1st

Won by fall in 1:03 over Austin Logan—Smithville

Won by decision 10-6 over Max Schemmel—St. James

Won by fall in 5:15 over Casin Lawrence—Olathe North

Won by fall in 0:59 over Grant Stathopoulos—Platte County


120—Tanner Russow—12—(2-2)—(23-5)—3rd

Lost by decision 2-4 to Joseph Triscornia—Olathe North—ranked 3rd

Won by fall in 1:09 over Matt Wood—St. James

Lost by decision 2-4 to JT O’Rourke—Smithville

Won by fall in 1:56 over Devin Shipp—Rockwood Summit


126—Selvin Estrada—12—(4-1)—(22-8)—2nd

Won by fall in 2:55 over Angel Miranda—St. James

Won by fall in 1:38 over Aydn Castillo—William Chrisman

Won by major decision 10-2 over Camden Pye—Rockwood Summit

Won by decision 5-3 over Braxdon Tate—Carthage JV

Lost by technical fall 2-17 to Keegan Slyter—Olathe North—ranked 1st


126—Braxdon Tate—10—(2-2)—(12-6)—3rd

Won by fall in 2:34 over Jeremiah Boone—Smithville

Lost by major decision 0-11 to Keegan Slyter—Olathe North—ranked 1st

Lost by decision 3-5 to Selvin Estrada—Carthage

Won by fall in 2:52 over Camden Pye—Rockwood Summit


132—Dagan Sappington—11—(3-2)—(19-9)—3rd—ranked 6th

Won by fall in 1:23 over Ty Sarrett—Smithville

Won by fall in 3:30 over Alec Samuelson—Olathe North—ranked 6th

Won by fall in 3:06 over Nathaniel Lauck—William Chrisman

Lost by fall in 1:06 to Danny Feist—St. James

Lost by fall in 1:04 to Eli Rocha—Platte County—ranked 1st


138—Davion King—9—(2-1)—(18-10)—2nd

Won by fall in 1:44 over Gunner Murphy—Olathe North—ranked 4th

Won by decision 10-3 over Jack Steinlage—St. James

Lost by fall in 1:21 to Devan Lewis—Smithville—ranked 1st


145—Anderson Ixcol—12—(5-0)—(16-4)—1st

Won by decision 11-5 over Jose Cervantes—Olathe North—ranked 3rd

Won by decision 7-2 over Liam Hedrick—Rockwood Summit

Won by decision 3-0 over Jared Parsons—Platte County

Won by fall in 1:48 over Jackson Medina—St. James

Won by decision 4-3 over Riley Brown—Smithville


152—Brett Rockers—10—(3-2)—(7-6)—3rd

Won by fall in 3:34 over Clayton Hall—St. James

Lost by technical fall 4-20 to Landon Wilkes—Olathe North

Lost by fall in 1:27 to Ty Brunk—Rockwood Summit

Won by fall in 2:17 over LJ Scott—Platte County

Won by fall in 1:02 over Aiden Krahn—Smithville


160—Kelten Campbell—12—(4-0)—(25-3)—1st

Won by fall in 1:00 over Ben McDaniel—Platte County

Won by fall in 2:55 over Aidan Quinn—St. James

Won by fall in 2:00 over Caelin Stegmann—Rockwood Summit

Won by fall in 5:39 over Rico Alaniz—William Chrisman




182—Obed Gonzalez—11—(2-3)—(7-7)—DNP

Lost by fall in 4:10 to Mason Walters—William Chrisman

Lost by decision 2-3 to Gabe Harmon—Platte County

Won by fall in 137 over Evan Harper—Smithville

Won by major decision 9-1 over Brandon Perks—Rockwood Summit

Lost by fall in 3:50 to Wade Spencer—St. James


195—Kanen Vogt—10—(3-2)—(20-9)—3rd

Lost by fall in 7:58 to Mark Waller—Olathe North

Won by fall in 5:05 over Andru Campos—William Chrisman

Won by decision 6-0 over Johnathan Owen—Platte County

Won by fall in 1:25 over Tyler Wilson—Smithville

Lost by fall in 0:33 to Isaac Stean—St. James—ranked 6th


220—Kale Schrader—12—(4-1)—(21-1)—ranked 1st, ranked 8th nationally by intermat

Won by fall in 1:04 over Trisan Wald—Smithville

Won by fall in 0:50 over Jesse Schillinger—Platte County

Won by fall in 0:47 over Michael Vernon—Olathe North

Won by fall in 0:43 over Lyndon Shell—William Chrisman

Lost by decision 2-5 to Cade Lautt—St. James—ranked 2nd, ranked 7th nationally by intermit




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