Carthage JV Wrestling Team performs well at Blue Springs Tournament


The Carthage JV Wrestling team traveled to Blue Springs for the season’s first junior varsity tournament last Saturday.  As the team’s first outing with some of the bigger wrestling powerhouses such as Staley, Liberty and Kearney, Coach Kenny Brown was pleased with the overall performance. “I felt that our kids wrestled well.  It was nice to see some of our brand new to the sport wrestlers utilizing the techniques that they have learned over the past month.  It is always a treat to be able to witness their reactions to the first time their hand gets raised after a match.”  Of the 29 wrestlers that Carthage took to the tournament, seven came away with first place finishes. 

As in previous years, expectations are always high when you’re talking about the future of the team.  “We just want to see them continue to improve, in both technique and physical conditioning,” said Coach Brown.  “So far with the JV, we have concentrated on technique, so we really need to push our conditioning with the JV wrestlers this second month of the season.”  Brown also commented on some of the standout performances of the tournament: “Christian Brown(113) and Cristian Orellana(182).  Both are second year wrestlers and were able to come out with 1st place finishes.  Both placed 3rd at this tournament last season, and the fact that they were able to win it this year is a testament to how much they have grown in the sport in the span of a year.”

As evidenced by the ever-increasing signups each year, Carthage continues to maintain strength in numbers.  Brown had this to say about the phenomenal growth his sport has seen: “A big part is the exposure these boys are getting to wrestling before they get to high school.  Our youth program continues to grow and our junior high coaches (Zach Canfield and Nathan Enyart) do an amazing job of recruiting kids.  We have an administration that supports us with the coaches we need and in promoting our sport.  Last year, we were able to host an assembly dual, further exposing more kids to what being a Carthage Wrestler means.”


The JV team will wrestle next as part of the varsity dual with Joplin on Tuesday, December 17th. A JV dual with Lebanon will be hosted by Carthage next Thursday, December 19th, and then the JV team rounds out the week with a tournament in McDonald County on Saturday, December 21st.

Here are the JV wrestling results from the Blue Springs JV Wrestling Tournament on 12/07/19. 

Individual Results

Weight—Name—Grade—Tournament Record—Season Record—Placement

106—Kip Castor—9—(2-0)—(2-0)—1st

Won by technical fall 16-0 over Craig Omozeje—Staley

Won by decision 8-2 over Danny Hampton—Blue Springs South


113—Christian Brown—10—(3-0)—(3-0)—1st

Won by fall in 1:48 over Logan Sommers—Lee’s Summit North

Won by fall in 2:43 over William Thomsen—Staley

Won by decision 8-1 over Logan Lehman—Liberty


113—Lucas Jones—9—(1-1)—(1-1)—2nd

Lost by decision 0-2 to Dalton Coe—Odessa

Won by fall in 0:41 over Kevin Kyle—Truman


120—Devon Paxtor—10—(0-3)—(0-3)—DNP

Lost by fall in 0:50 to Nathan VanDruff—Staley

Lost by fall in 2:24 to Josiah Smith—Fort Osage

Lost by fall in 2:03 to Gunnar Pace—Liberty


120—Walter Reyes-Mojica—10—(0-2)—(0-2)—DNP

Lost by fall in 2:35 to Jack Christensen—Staley

Lost by fall in 1:46 to Eamonn Tyler—Fort Osage


126—Landyn Midcap—10—(1-1)—(1-1)—2nd

Won by fall in 2:12 over Wyatt Scott—Staley

Lost by overtime fall in 5:31 to Gary Jacobs—Kearney


126—Santos Guzman Gomez—9–(1-2)—(1-2)—3rd

Won by decision 8-3 over Russell Lyman—Fort Osage

Lost by fall in 1:00 to Brock Mills—Kearney

Lost by fall in 2:20 to Branden Browning—Truman


126—Jose Gomez—9–(1-1)—(1-1)—2nd

Lost by fall in 2:51 to Keeron Ward—Marshall

Won by fall in 2:51 over Christian DelRio—Winnetonka


132—Cody Reeves—10–(0-3)—(1-3)—DNP

Lost by decision 1-2 to Demonquaveon Oliver—Fort Osage

Lost by fall in 4:06 to Austin Reynolds—Belton

Lost by fall in 1:32 to Vann Grimes—Kearney


132—Esvin Gonzalez—9—(0-2)—(0-2)—DNP

Lost by major decision 0-13 to Jason Briones—Liberty

Lost by fall in 2:37 to Thomas Reyes—Staley


132—Trey Nye—9—(1-1)—(1-1)—2nd

Lost by major decision 3-16 to Chayton Kellum—Oak Grove

Won by fall in 2:04 over Jerico Caliston—Smith-Cotton


138—Emanuel Chavez—12—(1-2)—(1-2)—3rd

Lost by fall in 2:58 to Jude Axsom—Liberty

Lost by fall in 2:55 to Joey Perdue—Kearney

Won by fall in 0:35 over Zavier Daily—Belton


138—Byron Lopez—10—(2-1)—(3-1)—2nd

Lost by fall in 2:42 to Josh Womack—Kearney

Won by fall in 1:26 over Roman Tyson—Liberty

Won by fall in 2:02 over Ahrajah Givens—Mexico


138—Selvin Garcia—9—(0-3)—(0-4)—DNP

Lost by fall in 2:52 to Ryan Williams—Mexico

Lost by fall in 1:43 to Devin Rendleman—Winnetonka

Lost by fall in 0:43 to Cole Davis—Lee’s Summit North


145—Jonathan Coreas Perez—10—(0-2)—(0-3)—DNP

Lost by decision 4-5 to Wayne Pearson—Lee’s Summit North

Lost by decision 3-6 to Zander Dombroski—Blue Springs South


145—Gabe Lambeth—9—(2-1)—(2-1)—2nd

Won by fall in 2:18 over Asa Sanders—Liberty

Lost by decision 5-8 to Javi Gutierrez—Lee’s Summit North

Won by fall in 0:50 over Jadon Freestone—Kearney


145—Grey Petticrew—9—(2-0)—(2-0)—1st

Won by fall in 0:52 over Xavier Brungardt—Kearney

Won by fall in 1:58 over Benson Smith—Staley


152—Levi White—12—(0-1)—(1-1)—DNP

Lost by decision 0-6 to Tyson Day—Staley

Withdrew from competition due to illness


152—Fernando Lopez—11—(1-2)—(2-2)—3rd

Lost by decision 6-12 to Able Swope—Staley

Won by forfeit over Liberty

Lost by fall in 2:15 to Tommy Jarrett—Kearney


160—Gustavo Rodriguez—11—(0-3)—(1-4)—DNP

Lost by fall in 0:59 to Jacob Battey—Staley

Lost by fall in 2:24 to Sam Rieger—Liberty

Lost by fall in 1:38 to Sebastian Manoza—Truman


160—Lucas Lund—9—(1-2)—(2-2)—3rd

Lost by fall in 1:32 to Ashton Zeikle—Warrensburg

Won by fall in 0:37 over Ethan Aggson—Blue Springs

Lost by fall in 1:00 to Yale Barkefelt—Smith-Cotton


182—Cristian Orellana—11—(3-0)—(3-0)—1st

Won by fall in 3:30 over Nate Moore—Lee’s Summit West

Won by fall in 2:42 over Colton Treloar—Truman

Won by fall in 0:30 over Ezra Schneider—Smith-Cotton


195—James Chuta—11—(1-2)—(1-2)—3rd

Lost by fall in 1:28 to Ammon Reyes—Kearney

Won by fall in 2:10 over Tyler Trucke—Lexington

Lost by fall in 1:35 to Eduardy Huff—Oak Grove


195—Anthony Salas—9—(2-1)—(2-1)—2nd

Lost by fall in 2:13 to Cole Williams—Kearney

Won by fall in 1:45 over Aidan Graham—Lafayette County

Won by fall in 2:20 over Jaden Emerson—Lexington


195—Brian Zuniga—9—(2-1)—(2-1)—2nd

Won by fall in 0:27 over Myles Walker—Belton

Lost by major decision 2-16 to Zachary Coetzee—Lee’s Summit North

Won by decision 11-8 over Tucker Black


220—Kanen Vogt—10—(3-0)—(3-0)—1st

Won by fall in 3:43 over Gunnar McTamney—St. Michael

Won by fall in 1:39 over Maeson Windsler—Belton

Won by fall in 0:53 over Nelson Deyerle—Blue Springs


220—Chastin Utter—11—(0-3)—(0-3)—DNP

Lost by fall in 2:27 to Anthony Cooper—Liberty

Lost by fall in 2:48 to Devin Pind—Staley

Lost by fall in 3:35 to Rafael Lopez—Carthage


220—Alexis Vasquez—11—(2-0)—(2-1)—1st

Won by decision 9-4 over David Marshall—Staley

Won by decision 8-1 over Elijah St. Helene—Belton


220—Rafael Lopez—10—(3-0)—(3-0)—1st

Won by fall in 2:37 over Devin Pind—Staley

Won by fall in 4:08 over Anthony Cooper—Liberty

Won by fall in 3:35 over Chastin Utter—Carthage


220—Antony DeLeon—9—(0-1)—(0-2)—DNP

Lost by fall in 5:45 to Jayden Lawson—Lexington

Withdrew from tournament due to injury

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