Letter to the Editor: Hate has no place in our communities


Dear Editor:

Why is no one speaking out?  Where are the voices of reassurance?  When do we start standing up to the nonsense? Recent events have come to light making it crystal clear that our highest elected county official, the Presiding Commissioner of Jasper County, does not care to represent all of the citizens who live here.  Mr. Bartosh’s cavalier reposts on social media of racist comments have no place in our community.

The events involving the Commissioner’s underage son being shown in a video drinking in a bar and singing derogatory, inflammatory, racist words, should be troubling to us all. Those actions are the impetus for Mr. Bartosh’s character to have come to light. 

And yet here we are – over one week later and we have not heard a statement from anyone in a leadership position across Jasper County denouncing this.  We should be standing up and shouting to every single person that this Hate Speech (let’s call it what it is) will not be tolerated.


There has been too much silence.  Too many underreactions. 

We call upon every city leader, county leader, religious leader to speak up!  This is the time.  The time to lead.  It is time to declare that hate has no place in our communities.

The silence is deafening.


Abi Almandinger

Dave Armstrong

Tymon & Kim Bay

Thomas & Tiffany Buck

Elizabeth Carter

Craig Diggs

Sabrina Drackert

Tiffany Goar

Jeff & Tina Hallmark

Kara Hardesty

Alison Holman

Shawn & Andrea McGrew

Doug Osborn

John & Adrian Petticrew

Lora Phelps

Catherine Platt

Chuck & Terri Sanders

Jim Schriever

Laura Schwab

Mary Schwab

Jason & Melinda Simmons

Caleb Stiles

Seth Thompson

Mike and Tria Zeiter

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