Letter to the Editor: Fauci coddles younger Americans 


Dear Editor, 

Dr. Fauci says “we will try anything and everything” to get people vaccinated, like appealing to trusted confidants of the unvaccinated to reason with them. (PBS News Hour, July 19, 2021) 

Interestingly, Dr. Fauci does not even go near suggesting actual enforcement of public health law, the only thing that has ever worked in the history of the world to end epidemics.  

Our infectious disease expert knows that today’s young people in their twenties and thirties will do very little in their own health interests unless and until they are forced to, just like when they were teenagers. 


But the mouthpiece of two administrations also knows that rule of law is politically unpopular today, so he sides with libertarians who think no one should ever be required to do anything against their will.  

Here’s the thing. Our Millennials and Zers are happy to do whatever is required of them at work in order to get their paychecks, at pain of firing if they don’t. Why can’t government require them to get vaccinated in order to get their good citizenship paychecks, at pain of fine or lengthy community service if they don’t?  

Kimball Shinkoskey
Woods Cross, Utah

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