Letter to the Editor: Americans want Democracy, not Xi’s Marxism


China is the center of Communism for Asian countries and Mr. Xi Zin Ping is trying to be the focus in attempting the move to Maoism and later Marxism. This move will lead to Government control over the People, instead of the People over the Government as in a democracy.

In 2012, when Xi Zion Ping took over China, he had two priorities: 1) Economic revolution for the people to get them out of poverty; 2) Military might utilizing modern techniques from the Old People’s Army.

Xi hinted about those two points to an American counterpart during his role as Vice President of China in 2011.  Xi asked about civilian control of the U.S. Military as he shared his thoughts on uprisings in the Middle East.

He also spoke about his father who was a revolutionary in the era of Mao Tse Tung.


These talk exchanges have been greatly stimulated in Mr. Xi’s mind as has his interest in American Foreign Policy, and his goal of adjusting politics in the Communist Circle.  Needless to say, his preference is “the value of labor” for  his party, and any controversy to his goal must be weeded out as a protection measure.

After assuming his leadership role in the country, Mr. Xi put all the peasants and commoners of the State into woprk places where they could continue to bring in Foreign Dollars from other countries of the World.  For example, the U.S. is the most popular country to have as a Trade Partner, especially for China, because there is high demand for household goods and related commodities which result in a financial boost for the economy; Mr. Xi is certainly enjoying this money from the U.S. 

Mr. Xi has learned about Military Strategy directly from our U.S. Foreign Policy which he copied and implemented.  With his friend and political adviser, Mr. Wang Hussing, they have established an Autocratic government in China. Mr. Xi believes China’s leadership will modernize the Military System and move it away from the Old People’s Army System.  The Modern Military System will provide opportunities to hold annual military exercises in the South China Sea and related training exercises.

Mr. Xi is not to be trusted—he was the same person who told the World that there was “No Covid 19 in China”, remember? And this was a virus that originated from Wuhan, China (the poorest village).

This virus is still spreading in the U.S. and yet China states that “It is under control there”.  We have to think about WHY it’s under control there—is it because of medical and scientific advances that are not being shared with the rest of the World?

In December 24, 2020—the Wall Street Journal illustrated Mr. Xi’s thoughts and goals:  Maoism, Marxism.  Are we heading to Socialism?  Is this a challenge of the U.S. to Mr. Xi’s Communist Manifesto?  Why is Mr. Xi Socialistic Politics and Philosophy so important?

It is of utmost importance for all countrymen to trust their government, their leaders, and their democracy, and not some unreliable gossip, innuendos, or autocratic nonsense. We need to hear the constructive opinions and truthful facts that make our country a strong democracy, and that is the example that America has demonstrated over these many years.

Yung Hwang, MD (Honorary Member of the Korean War Veterans Organization)

Physician/Surgeon Springfield & Carthage, MO

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