Letter to the Editor: A False Global Warming Will Cause Millions of Lives


Dear Editor:

According to proponents of Climate Change, also called Global Warming, in nine years this World will face a tremendous crisis because of the world getting hotter.

However, well known and reputable scientist, John Casey, has presented facts which indicates this Earth  is actually getting cooler.  His research has “now been corroborated by 17 independent scientific individuals and organizations.”

The facts put forward proves that “Global Warming” is “a $22 Billion Scam.”  That is the amount “our government spends financing global warming initiatives” each year.


Now the fear that Man has caused the Earth to warmup should be considered nothing but fiction.  Since 1998, the temperature has been declining, not rising.

By His Word God created this Earth and it will be His Word that will make it disappear.  That will happen after Jesus has ruled this Earth a thousand years.

But the danger to America, and the World, is the present mindset that Global Warming does exist, and that we have to eliminate the use of fossil fuels.  Doing so would create a catastrophic event which would cause millions of American lives, and billions of lives world-wide.

Little do they know, that, “it was discovered that a mere %1 of scientists, believe” that “human activity is causing change.”

America, and this World, owes a lot to the invention of the internal combustion engine, and to the fuels, which makes the 25 million highway transportation vehicles in the United States function.  Plus millions of farm tractors and other equipment which use fuel to function.    

Any interference in the present system would cause an un-imaginable interruption, which would undoubtably cause precious human lives, because we are totally dependent on them. 

The crazy folks who think of themselves as being progressives, are in fact just the opposite.  Their ideas will destroy our country, just the way they are doing right now.

Their ungodliness will eventually bring destruction upon America and the world.  Possibly very soon, God is going to say enough is enough, or whatever words He chooses to use.  He is the one who said He will bring judgment upon Man for their disobedience.

Manuel Ybarra, Jr
Coalgate, OK                  

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