Electronics Recycling Day Saturday April 24


If it plugs in or uses batteries but no longer works for you, Saturday is your day to drop it off at the Carthage Recycling Center at 1309 Oak Hill Road from 9 am to 11 am. The electronics recycling event is coordinated and operated by Region M. Region M provides grant funding for recycling efforts and waste reduction programs. Serving the counties of Barton, Jasper, McDonald, Newton, Vernon, and the cities within. Non-profits, government entities, private businesses, and schools may apply.

The April 24th Recycling Event is an opportunity to dispose of e-waste items like computers, monitors, cables, wires, televisions, radios, VCRs, DVD players, appliances, stereo equipment, office equiptment, cell phones, and more.

The City of Carthage works with a trash provider (Republic Services) and has a bulky item pick-up service.  If a resident has a bulky item (one way to determine or define this item is if one person can handle it and get it loaded) the item will be picked up FREE of charge.  This service must be requested by the homeowner by calling Republic Services directly (1-800-627-1717) and they will get it scheduled.  Republic Services crew have a specific day dedicated to run a route just for this purpose. For more information on the City of Carthage, solid waste policies, and ordinances visit the City of Carthage Municipal Codes – Chapter 20. 

The Carthage Recycling Center works year-round to provide waste reduction services to the city with traditional recycling goals to reduce, reuse, and recycle. The hours of typical operation are Tuesday thru Saturday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


Items accepted:
– Corrugated Cardboard & Paperboard
– Newspaper
– Books, Magazines, office paper
– Glass bottles – no candle jars, or window glass, etc. Items are to be rinsed out and all lids
removed. Bins available for sorted colors (brown, green, clear)
– Plastic – #1 & #2 – rinsed out, lids removed, etc.
– Tin Cans – rinsed out, labels can stay
– Aluminum cans
– Metal Scrap

(The center has set up a sorting table for visitors to use if needed. So, if a customer brings a container of mixed items, they will be asked to use the table to sort)

Additional Services at the Carthage Recycling Center
– There are Roll-Off Dumpsters available. There are fees for the use of these dumpsters. There is a fee schedule on the city website.
E-Waste – currently there are fees for TVs ($15), Monitors ($10) and Microwaves ($10) – Other electronics such as radios, phones, speakers, etc. there isn’t a fee.
Yard Waste – leaves, flower bed clean-outs, etc. there’s not a fee.
Brush and limbs – there is a fee established according to the load (refer to Fee schedule).

A note about the fee schedule: The fee schedule works as a guide, there are all kinds of sizes of truck beds and trailers available today and the size of loads can vary considerably. The staff at the Carthage Recycling Center has to take into account multiple factors when a fee is necessary. Demolition/Construction Waste – refer to the fee schedule.

Items not accepted… typically items like paint cans that still contain paint. If the can has less than 1⁄2” of paint left, then cat litter or a drying element should be used to essentially ‘dry up the paint’. NO aerosols, ammunition, oil containers, tires, medical waste…

Mulch and Compost – Available for free. Some folks come with shovels and load themselves, others come in pickup and trailer and Carthage Recycling Center staff can assist with loading. No limits really at this point, The compost consists primarily of the leaves that have been collected over the years or dropped off in the fall, so it’s ‘unfiltered’ compost – meaning there could be small amounts of debris, sticks, etc – and the mulch
comes from trees and brush that have been run through a chipper – so the quality can vary.

For additional questions, call the Carthage Recycling Center at 417-237-7024


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