New PI takes flight in Carthage with Blue Bird Investigations


She’s a songbird of justice in Carthage.

Kacey Baugh-Lee has two passions – teaching young musicians with her small business Maple Leaf Music Company, and finding justice for victims across the state of Missouri with Blue Bird Investigations, LLC.

“My work could take me anywhere in the state, so our state bird is the inspiration behind the name,” she said. “Last fall, I was able to help recover stolen property, and something inside me said there’s something to this. It’s so rewarding to be a part of helping solve injustices, and that’s the bottom line – helping people.”

This past December, Baugh-Lee added a Private Investigators license to her studio on the Square. She has happily guided students for 10 years in all forms of music, and now will be helping citizens with a wide variety of challenges. Her specialties include: Missing Persons; Insurance/Workman’s Compensation Fraud; Domestic, Civil, and Criminal Investigations; Background Checks; Undercover Surveillance; and Process Serving.


“We have such a great community of people and strong moral compass that we find ways to pull up our bootstraps and work past setbacks, but I see that there’s a need for someone who can advocate for justice. I want people to know I can offer help, and they don’t have to face certain issues on their own. This kind of work involves such a wide variety of situations, but I understand every situation will require compassion and that people will be reaching out for help a time of need.”

Baugh-Lee ensures complete confidentiality in her work and also the ability to coordinate with law enforcement and the justice system. She mentioned specifically her excitement to help protect small businesses and the mission of fair treatment in entrepreneurship.

“I’m going to pursue this (Blue Bird Investigations) as any business,” she said. “A lot of people have a need and I’m going to give it 100 percent and be strategic in what I can offer the best – it’s anything any business can do to be successful.”

Blue Bird Investigations and the Maple Leaf Music Company is located at 341 S. Main (west side of the Carthage Square) and may be reached at 417-837-9701. For more information, please visit or Facebook.

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