A Forrest Gump of the Erudite Set: A Genealogical Look Back at One of Carthage’s Own Sons

Tommy Starcher - - Maui Community Theatre Maui, Hawaii (c. 1940)

Almost without exception, everyone is familiar with Winston Groom’s fictional character, Forrest Gump, and the movie of the same name made famous by Tom Hanks in his Oscar-winning performance.

Although Forrest was mentally slow with a purported IQ in the neighborhood of 75, he possessed exceptional running skills and an uncanny proclivity for being physically present at the time of many historic events.

While the story of Forrest Gump was fictional, there are probably countless similar stories of a non-fictional nature in which regular everyday people had a propensity for being present during interesting and sometimes even historic events in our nation’s history. This is one such story. Click here to access the profile.


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