Senior Wrestlers Schrader, Russow profiled as Tiger Wrestling finishes another successful week

The Carthage Tiger Wrestling Team recorded another 1st Place finish at this weekend's Monett Tournament. Crystal Brown / The Carthage Press

With wrestling districts only one month away, Tiger grapplers recorded two more marks in the dual win column, and another tournament championship. The double dual last week with Ozark and Reeds Spring at Reeds Spring resulted in the closest dual that Carthage has had all year. Class 4 Ozark proved that they came to compete in a tight first dual of the evening. While Carthage was missing three of its regular varsity starters, Coach Kenny Brown was pleased with the ability of his junior varsity athletes to step up and help bring home the victory. 

“A win against a district and state competitor is always great.  It gives us insight to what we’ll be facing in the coming weeks and helps the kids feel like they’re not coming into the state tournament blind,” Brown said. 

While most smaller teams like Reeds Spring don’t put up the number of wrestlers like Carthage, the chance to add another meet after the quiet Christmas break was welcome.  The Tigers once again showed their strength by giving up only six points in the second matchup of the evening.


Inclement weather affected the weekend’s plans to travel to tournaments in Excelsior Springs and Seneca, however.

Enter last year’s Class 2 state champion Monett Cubs and Head Coach Daryl Bradley to save the day with late entry into their local tournament. With several state ranked wrestlers present to compete, the tournament provided a tough alternative for Coach Brown’s varsity wrestlers. Carthage won the tournament, beating the host Cubs by ten points and adding another championship title and outstanding wrestler of the tournament award for 220 lb. senior Kale Schrader.

Teammate and fellow senior Tanner Russow also recorded his 100th career victory and a second-place finish to Willard’s Christian Finley.

The Press sat down with the two wrestlers in its first candid session of Senior Spotlight, focused on this year’s graduating class of wrestlers.

Senior Tanner Russow shows off his second place medal at the Monett Tournment, where he also recorded his 100th career victory. Crystal Brown / The Carthage Press

Part 1: Tanner Russow

The Carthage Press: When did you get started wrestling?

Tanner Russow: 3rd grade when I was 8 years old.

Press: What’s your favorite wrestling memory?

Russow: Going to the state tournament, being at the hotel with the guys and the memories of that weekend.

Press:  What do you like most about the sport?

Russow:  The sport requires teamwork but is also very individual in that you have to do well to help the team.  The sport challenges you a lot and requires a lot of character.  It helps you in life.

Press: What’s the hardest thing to leave behind when you graduate?

Russow:  Underclassmen friends and the team in general.

Press:  So far you and your team have had some fairly impressive achievements this year, but what is your overall goal for the rest of the season?

Russow:  I hope to go to state and compete well as a team.

Press:  What does it mean to be a part of this team? 

Russow:  It’s special to just be part of it because of the bonds and friendships you make with wrestlers and coaches and relationships with other teams.

Press:  Many people say that wrestling helps prepare you for life.  Do you feel that is true and how so? 

Russow:  Yes.  In the workplace and in school.  If you keep working you get better and reach your goals.

Press:  You recently signed to wrestle at Missouri Baptist in St. Louis, so what career are you interested in?

Russow:  Education – I would like to teach history at the junior high or high school level.

Press:  What’s something that few people know about you?

Russow:  Family is my priority.  I have two brothers and a sister that are older that most people haven’t met.

Press:  Which of your teammates will you miss the most when you graduate? 

Russow:  Probably Carlos Reyes because we’ve been wrestling partners for a couple of years and become close.

Press:  Now that you’ve gotten your 100th win, what is your next goal before state?    

Russow: Beat at least 2 records in the CHS Wrestling record book and surpass my previous record of most pins in a season.

Senior Kale Schrader was awarded Outstanding Wrestler of the Monett Tournament, where he won 1st place. Crystal Brown / The Carthage Press

Part 2: Kale Schrader

The Carthage Press:  Coming off an undefeated state championship last year, what new goals have you set for yourself this year? 

Kale Schrader:  Similar to last year, I would like to win another state championship.  I want to really push my teammates to excel and ultimately finish higher in the state placement.

Press:  Being a three-sport athlete, how do you find the motivation to continue to excel? 

Schrader:  It’s my drive to win and I really don’t like to lose.  I have a lot of fun with sports so whatever season it is I embrace it and get to work.

Press:  What are your plans after graduation? 

Schrader:  Go to college and be a veterinarian or conservation agent.  I will be playing a sport but not sure what yet.

Press:  Who do you most admire on your team? 

Schrader:  Coach Brown and Coach Petticrew because they really pushed me last year and turned me into the wrestler that I am.

Press:  Was it difficult to acclimate to a new town, team, bigger class last year?

Schrader:  Moving in high school is always tough, but the town and all of my sports teams really welcomed me in and I felt like I’d lived here my whole life.

Press:  What’s something about you that most people don’t know about you?

Schrader:  My parents mistakenly left me alone by myself for the day when they thought the other had taken me to pre-school.  I ate three boxes of cereal and watched cartoons all day.  When they got home they felt so bad they said I could go out to eat wherever I wanted.

Press:  What do you feel is the most important lesson wrestling has taught you? 

Schrader:  That failing isn’t always a bad thing and that when you lose to use it as a learning experience rather than seeing it as losing.

Press:  What’s your favorite wrestling memory? 

Schrader:  Definitely winning state last year.

Press:  What should we expect to see from Kale Schrader in February?

Schrader:  Adding in some swim workouts with my teammates in the mornings and making another run at the podium.

Press:  Coach Brown has mentioned how your positive attitude and work ethic helped bring around the environment of the wrestling room and motivate other wrestlers to work harder and have fun.  What inspires this attitude? 

Schrader:  You might as well have fun if you’re going to be working that hard.  Any time complaining and not enjoying the sport is just time wasted.

Here are the results from the double dual with Ozark and Reeds Spring on 01/07/20 in Reeds Spring.  Carthage moves to 6-0 on the season. 


Carthage—34—ranked 7th in Class 4




Reeds Spring—6


Individual Results—Ozark first, then Reeds Spring


Weight—Name—Grade—Season Record—State ranking


106—Kip Castor—9—(13-2)

Won by forfeit

Won by fall in 0:34 over Rocky Love


113—Carlos Reyes—11—(17-3)

Won by forfeit

Won by forfeit


120—Tanner Russow—12—(15-2)

Won by major decision 12-0 over Lucas Campbell

Won by fall in 0:48 over Chase Johnson


126—Selvin Estrada—12—(12-6)

Lost by decision 3-9 to Wyatt Snyder

Won by major decision 22-9 over Tyler Nance


132—Dagan Sappington—11—(13-3)—ranked 6th in Class 4

Lost by decision 2-9 to Braxton Strick—ranked 3rd @ 126 in Class 4

Won by technical fall 16-1 over Anthony Tolbert


138—Davion King—9—(14-5)

Lost by fall in 5:20 to Eli Maskrod

Won by fall in 5:02 over Easton Byrne


145—Eli Sneed—10—(5-5)

Lost by major decision 0-8 to Clayton Moison

Won by fall in 5:36 over Christian Beck


152—Brett Rockers—10—(4-4)

Won by overtime decision 14-12 over Riley Newsom

Lost by fall in 2:26 to Jakob McCracken


160—Kelten Campbell—12—(16-2)

Won by decision 8-6 over Riley Sundlie

Won by forfeit


170—Luke Gall—9—(17-0)

Won by decision 3-0 over Kale Conway

Won by fall in 1:41 over Nick Rogers


182—Obed Gonzalez—11—(1-1)

Lost by major decision 12-20 to Harper Kissee

Won by forfeit


195—Kanen Vogt—10—(13-4)

Won by decision 6-3 over Braegan Patman

Won by forfeit


220—Kale Schrader—12—(10-0)—ranked 1st in Class 4

Won by fall in 0:37 over Sean Collins

Won by forfeit


285—Alexis Vasquez—11—(4-3)

Lost by fall in 3:12 to Hunter Tennison

Won by forfeit


JV Results


126—Lucas Jones—9—(6-1)

Won by fall in 3:43 over Mason Highley—Ozark


126—Santos Guzman Gomez—9—(2-6)

Lost by major decision 1-4 to Mason Highley—Ozark


126—Walter Reyes-Mojica—10—(0-7)

Lost by fall in 1:31 to Caleb Allen—Reeds Spring


126—Jose Gomez—9—(2-6)

Lost by fall in 5:15 to Caleb Allen—Reeds Spring


132—Braxdon Tate—10—(1-0)

Won by decision 5-2 over Dylan Billingsley—Ozark


132—Cody Reeves—10—(6-4)

Lost by decision 5-7 to Dylan Billingsley—Ozark


132—Brayden Benefiel—11—(4-3)

Won by fall in 1:03 over Preston Wilson—Ozark


132—Esvin Gonzalez—9—(1-7)

Lost by fall in 3:34 to Kody Shephard—Ozark


132—Trey Nye—9—(4-4)

Lost by fall in 1:28 to Sean Evans—Ozark


138—Emanuel Chavez—12—(3-4)

Lost by fall in 3:13 to Eric Sheppard—Ozark


138—Selvin Garcia—9—(0-9)

Lost by fall in 5:41 to Eric Sheppard—Ozark


138—Robin Hernandez—10—(1-0)

Won by fall in 1:12 over David Howser—Ozark


138—Byron Lopez—10—(5-4)

Won by decision 13-9 over David Howser—Ozark


145—Gabe Lambeth—9—(7-1)

Won by fall in 0:50 over Jackson Speed—Ozark


145—D.J. Witt—11—(4-2)

Won by fall in 1:28 over Jackson Speed—Ozark


145—Grey Petticrew—9—(8-0)

Won by fall in 0:31 over Jacob Westhoff—Ozark


145—Kanon Williams—9—(6-1)

Won by fall in 1:19 over Jacob Westhoff—Ozark


160—Gustavo Rodriguez—11—(2-8)

Lost by fall in 0:29 to Jason Burge—Ozark


160—Lucas Lund—9—(7-3)

Won by fall in 1:58 over Jason Burge—Ozark


220—Rafael Lopez—10—(6-3)

Lost by fall in 1:47 to Caleb Hayes—Ozark


220—Chastin Utter—11—(4-5)

Lost by fall in 1:45 to Jonathan Pickle—Ozark


Here are the Carthage Wrestling Results from the Monett Invitational on 01/11/20.  Carthage next wrestles in a home dual with Bolivar on 01/16/20 starting at 6:00PM.


1–Carthage–300.5–ranked 7th in Class 4

2–Monett–290.5–ranked 1st in Class 2

3–Willard–241–ranked 6th in Class 3

4–Bolivar–232–ranked 3rd in Class 2


6–Moberly–172–ranked 6th in Class 2



9–Bolivar JV–78.5



12–Willard JV–48

13–Carthage JV–41

14–Monett JV–29

15–Logan-Rogersville JV–12

16–Cassville JV–1


Individual Results

Weight–Name–Grade–Tournament Record–Season Record–Placement–State Ranking

106–Kip Castor–9–(2-2)–(15-4)–3rd

won by fall in 3:27 over Karey Anderson–Monett

lost by decision 6-8 to Noah Agcaoili–Willard

lost by decision 2-7 to Jacob Foster–Logan-Rogersville

won by fall in 2:52 over Kurt Deaver–Cassville


113–Carlos Reyes–11–(3-1)–(20-4)–2nd

won by fall in 1:53 over Adrian Contreas–Bolivar

won by fall in 0:55 over William Holdren–Willard

won by fall in 3:04 over Jacob Zelle–Osage

lost by decision 2-8 to Canyon Cunningham–Bolivar–ranked 3rd @ 120 in Class 2


120–Tanner Russow–12–(4-1)–(19-3)–2nd

won by fall in 1:01 over Griffin Swearengin–Logan-Rogersville

won by fall in 0:33 over Jaxton Berry–Willard

won by fall in 1:10 over Aidan Gerber–Eldon

won by decision 3-0 over Thomas Pennington–Bolivar

lost by major decision 2-10 to Christian Finley–Willard


126–Selvin Estrada–12–(4-1)–(16-7)–2nd

won by fallin 3:29 over Braidyn Spiegel–Bolivar

won by medical forfeit over Gage Zelle–Osage

won by decision 6-5 over Oscar Martinez–Willard

won by fall in 2:43 over Jacob Aleshire–Moberly

lost by fall in 1:20 to Matthew Bahl–Monett–ranked 1st @ 126 in Class 2


126–Braxdon Tate–10–(3-2)–(10-4)–DNP

lost by decision 2-4 to Jacob Aleshire–Moberly

won by fall in 0:32 over Matthew Whittenburg–Cassville

lost by fall in 1:03 to Matthew Bahl–Monett–ranked 1st @ 126 in Class 2

won by medical forfeit over Gage Zelle–Osage

won by fall in 2:35 over Braidyn Spiegel–Bolivar


132–Dagan Sappington–11–(3-2)–(16-5)–DNP–ranked 6th @ 132 in Class 4

won by decision 2-1 over Timothy Stevens–Willard–ranked 5th @ 132 in Class 3

won by fall in 1:50 over Jadon Ewing–Cassville

won by fall in 5:07 over Andrew Keithley–Willard

lost by fall in 2:54 to Karter Brink–Monett–ranked 2nd @ 132 in Class 2

lost by decision 0-2 to Timothy Stevens–Willard–ranked 5th @ 132 in Class 3


138–Davion King–9–(2-3)–(16-8)–DNP

lost by fall in 4:44 to Jay Strausbaugh–Logan-Rogersville–ranked 1st @ 138 in Class 2

lost by decision 10-12 to Eric Westbrook–Osage

lost by fall in 1:24 to CJ Stanford–Willard

won by decision 12-11 over Gabe Hunter–Cassville

won by fall in 1:46 over CJ Stanford–Willard


145–Anderson Ixcol–12–(3-2)–(10-3)–DNP

won by fall in 3:49 over Ethan Fuchs–Cassville

lost by fall in 1:03 to Dakotah Courtney–Moberly

won by major decision 15-4 over Cutter Hicks–Cassville

lost by fall in 3:51 to Austin Coons–Bolivar–ranked 1st @ 152 in Class 2

won by decision 5-0 over Mason Dulle–Osage


145–Eli Sneed–10–(2-3)–(6-8)–DNP

lost by fall in 2:16 to Ryder Heimbach–Willard–ranked 4th @ 145 in Class 3

lost by decision 3-6 to Mason Dulle–Osage

lost by fall in 4:32 to Elias Barrientos–Monett–ranked 3rd @ 145 in Class 2

won by fall in 2:25 over Owen Christian–Logan-Rogersville

won by forfeit over Cutter Hicks–Cassville


152–Andrew Holden–11–(1-3)–(1-3)–DNP

lost by fall in 1:17 to Gunnar Bradley–Monett–ranked 3rd @ 152 in Class 2

won by fall in 1:16 over Corey Hubkey–Osage

lost by fall in 1:54 to Connor Zimmermann–DeSoto

lost by fall in 5:53 to Jacob Matlock–Bolivar


160–Kelten Campbell–12–(3-1)–(19-3)–3rd

won by fall in 0:42 over Ian Birdno–Eldon

won by fall in 0:55 over Corbin McCully–Monett

lost by fall in 2:39 to Chase Cordia–Osage–ranked 5th @ 160 in Class 2

won by fall in 1:18 over Kameren Brooks–DeSoto


170–Luke Gall–9–(1-4)–(21-1)–2nd

won by fall in 0:55 over Jonethan Miller–Cassville

won by fall in 0:46 over BLake Goodman–Bolivar

won by fall in 2:16 over Rylan Dixon–Willard

won by technical fall 17-2 over Clark Freeman–Moberly

lost by fall in 5:30 to Hayden Burks–Bolivar–ranked 1st @ 170 in Class 2


182–Obed Gonzalez–11–(3-2)–(4-3)–DNP

lost by fall in 3:12 to Tristan Morris–Moberly–ranked 1st @ 182 in Class 2

won by fall in 4:00 over Logan Tolbert–Cassville

won by major decision 14-0 over Davin Agee–Logan-Rogersville

won by fall in 2:32 over Cael McCullah–Bolivar

lost by fall in 5:06 to Chase Greenlee–DeSoto


195–Kanen Vogt–10–(3-2)–(16-6)–DNP

won by fall in 0:35 over Garred Engle–Bolivar

lost by fall in 3:02 to Jed Brandon–Willard–ranked 2nd @ 195 in Class 3

lost by fall in 2:11 to Kaden Dillon–Eldon–ranked 1st @ 195 in Class 2

won by fall in 0:45 over Joshua Harvey–Monett

won by decision 1-0 over Beau Garrett–Moberly


220–Kale Schrader–12–(5-0)–(15-0)–1st–ranked 1st @ 220 in Class 4

won by fall in 0:53 over Adam Reaves–Logan-Rogersville

won by fall in 1:33 over Cole Keeton–Willard

won by fall in 1:06 over Hunter Lebel–DeSoto

won by fall in 0:57 over Raymond Villalta–ranked 6th @ 220 in Class 2

won by major decision 14-2 over Drayton Huchteman–Bolivar–ranked 2nd @ 220 in Class 2


220–Alexis Vasquez–11–(3-2)–(7-5)–DNP

lost by fall in 0:59 to Jarrett Kinder–Moberly–ranked 1st @ 195 in Class 2

won by decision 9-2 over Connor Arrowood–Osage

lost by fall in 1:08 to Drayton Huchteman–Bolivar–ranked 2nd @ 220 in Class 2

won by decision 5-3 over Jeb Blackburn–Willard

won by decision 3-2 over Hunter Lebel–DeSoto


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