JV Wrestling Tigers bring dominant team to MacDonald County Tournament

Coach John Petticrew coaches his son, Grey at the Blue Springs Tournament. Crystal Brown / The Carthage Press

As the winter break continues, the Carthage Tiger JV Wrestling Team continued to demonstrate that they have been doing anything but taking a break over the holidays.  With 37 competitors, 29 of which medaled, Carthage continued to show their dominance and depth at the MacDonald County tournament. 

While the varsity team traveled north to Harrisonville, Assistant Coach and Carthage Wrestling Alum, John Petticrew, talked with us about the JV team, his role as a coach and what it means to be part of the wrestling family:

Press:  Carthage took 37 wrestlers to the Mac County Tournament last weekend – what do you think makes the kids continue to go out for the team, year after year?


Petticrew:  “I think first and foremost the kids (all kids) just want to be a part and belong to something. Wrestling is a sport that you are going to get out of it what you put into it. That means that as long as you are willing to work you will see some sort of success. So you won’t get buried on a depth chart, if you aren’t varsity you will get to climb up through JV and see varying levels of success until hopefully one day you secure a varsity spot.”

Press:  What’s your favorite part of coaching for this team?

Petticrew:  “I love the relationships. The relationships with my fellow coaches as well as the relationships built with the athletes. One of the greatest compliments is for someone to call you coach and trust you.”

Press:  Who stood out to you this weekend as having improved?

Petticrew:  “It’s gonna sound cliché but I truly saw improvement from everyone and with the way the boys have been working we are going to see more improvement when we hit the mats at Seneca on Jan 11th.”

Press:  What does it mean to you to be able to coach your own son in a sport that has had such a significant impact on your life?

Petticrew:  “I have always said that wrestling was a major influence on me and has had a lot to do with who I am as a person. I’ve credited my coaches second only to my dad as far as mentoring me, so the thought that I get to wear both hats with my son Grey is pretty cool. The biggest thing for me is at the end of the day I’m his dad and that role is more important to me, so I want to continue to enjoy this sport with my son and not ride him too hard which tends to be the norm with fathers and sons in sports together. We have a very talented coaching staff and he is in great hands with any of the other guys. He is off to a great start this season, so I’ll sit back and be dad and try not to screw that up.”

Some rapid-fire questions:

Favorite moment from the tournament?

“Watching James Chuta, Blaine Steffen, Chastin Utter medal. They have all put in a lot of work so it was great to see them win their first medals.”

Funniest wrestling moment this weekend?

“One of the boys forgot 1 shoe so had to rely on the kindness of his teammates to share their shoes so that he could compete.”

Best moment so far in your coaching career?

“Being on the mat with my son when he got his first high school win.”

Best perk of being a coach?

“Oh it’s gotta be that I have a closet full of Carthage Wrestling gear now.”

Worst thing about wrestling?

“It’s a great sport. Even the hard parts teach you life lessons. You win some, you learn some. So, can’t really say a worse thing.”

Goals for the rest of the season?

“I want us to when a district championship! I want these boys to experience that feeling. Now I also have a selfish reason for this goal as well…. Two district championship banners in our room have my name as a wrestler on them. Now I want one as a coach.”

Here are the Carthage JV Wrestling results from the McDonald County JV Tournament on 12/21/19.  Carthage brought 37 wrestlers and left with 28 medals.  9 firsts, 14 seconds, and 5 thirds.  Carthage next wrestles in a double dual on 01/07/20 against Ozark and Reeds Spring starting at 5:00PM at Reeds Spring.


Individual Results

Weight–Name–Grade–Tournament Record–Season Record–Placement


113–Christian Brown–10–(2-1)–(6-1)–2nd

won by decision 5-0 over Edgar Perez–Cassville

lost by major decision 3-12 to Jesse Bantock–Seneca

won by fall in 0:23 over Kenneth Hanafin–Glendale


113–Lucas Jones–9–(3-0)–(5-1)–1st

won by technical fall 18-2 over Orion Norris–Joplin

won by fall in 1:23 over William Holdren–Willard

won by decision 5-0 over Corbin Houseman–Grove


120–Devon Paxtor–10–(1-3)–(1-6)–DNP

lost by major decision 0-8 to Ryan Donica–McDonald County

lost by fall in 2:50 to Akhilleus Arguelles–Cassville

won by decision 8-6 over Jonathonn Havelka–Grove

lost by fall in 2:44 to Dylan Billingsley–Ozark


120–Walter Reyes-Mojica–10–(0-4)–(0-6)–DNP

lost by major decision 2-11 to Canon Railey–Glendale

lost by fall in 1:54 to Parker Jones–Har-Ber

lost by fall in 0:39 to Dylan Frazier–Carl Junction

lost by fall in 2:28 to Lucas Campbell–Ozark


126–Jose Gomez–9–(0-4)–(2-5)–DNP

lost by major decision 1-10 to Jacob Owens–McDonald County

lost by fall in 3:54 to Levi Maskrod–Ozark

lost by decision 5-6 to Rhyn Withnell–Monett

lost by fall in 0:20 to Lane Parrish–Har-Ber


126–Landyn Midcap–10–(4-0)–(5-1)–1st

won by fall in 2:01 over Trace Sargent–Joplin

won by fall in 0:46 over Justin McHenry–Willard

won by fall in 2:34 over Tyler Helton–Grove

won by fall in 3:12 over Chris Zbranek–Carl Junction


126–Santos Guzman Gomez–9–(1-3)–(2-5)–DNP

lost by fall in 1:37 to Dallas Johnson–Cassville

lost by fall in 1:45 to Mason Highley–Ozark

lost by fall in 1:35 to Landon Stephens–Neosho

won by forfeit over Grove


132–Brayden Benefiel–11–(2-3)–(3-3)–DNP

lost by decision 0-4 to Brock Sundlie–Ozark

lost by decision 2-5 to Nolan Moeller–Ozark

lost by decision 2-6 to Jake Anthonysz–Cassville

won by decision 6-0 over Mekhi McGarry–Carl Junction

won by fall in 4:18 over Sam Ellis–Grove


132–Trey Nye–9–(3-2)–(4-3)–2nd

lost by decision 5-9 to Cody Reeves–Carthage

won by fall in 2:56 over Preston Wilson–Ozark

lost by decision 7-9 to Jeremy Williams–Seneca

won by fall in 2:07 over Jeramiah Kincaid–Neosho

won by fall in 1:55 over Malachi Samuel–Har-Ber


132–Cody Reeves–10–(5-0)–(6-3)–1st

won by decision 9-5 over Trey Nye–Carthage

won by fall in 2:13 over Jeramiah Kincaid–Neosho

won by fall in 2:53 over Preston Wilson–Ozark

won by fall in 3:42 over Malachi Samuel–Har-Ber

won by forfeit over Seneca


132–Esvin Gonzalez–9–(1-4)–(1-6)–DNP

lost by fall in 1:59 to Colton Burr–Neosho

lost by fall in 2:17 to Kody Shephard–Ozark

won by decision 11-4 over Grant Geter–Carthage

lost by major decision 0-8 to Jackson Capps–Har-Ber

lost by fall in 2:26 to Wyatt Alexander–Cassville


132–Grant Geter–11–(0-5)–(0-5)–DNP

lost by fall in 2:13 to Jackson Capps–Har-Ber

lost by decision 4-7 to Wyatt Alexander–Cassville

lost by decision 4-11 to Esvin Gonzalez–Carthage

lost by fall in 1:47 to Kody Shephard–Ozark

lost by fall in 4:14 to Colton Burr–Neosho


138–Selvin Garcia–9–(0-4)–(0-8)–DNP

lost by fall in 2:01 to Jaron Coatney–Willard

lost by decision 3-9 to Logan Barwick–Seneca

lost by decisoin 2-7 to Remminton Kennon–Branson

lost by decision 1-3 to Brian Cresswell–Ozark


138–Byron Lopez–10–(1-3)–(4-4)–DNP

won by overtime decision 9-7 over Kendyn Bennett–Carl Junction

lost by fall in 3:25 to Sean Evans–Ozark

lost by decision 8-9 to David Howser–Ozark

lost by fall in 2:36 to Paedon Cosey–Willard


138–Emanuel Chavez–12–(2-1)–(3-3)–2nd

won by fall in 0:34 over Zane Brown–Willard

won by forfeit over Har-Ber

lost by fall in 2:17 to Eric Shephard–Ozark


145–D.J. Witt–11–(2-2)–(3-2)–3rd

won by major decision 10-2 over Brandon Calentine–Diamond

won by fall in 1:25 over Jackson Speed–Ozark

lost by overtime decision 1-3 to Grafton Miller–Glendale

lost by major decision 1-12 to Dustin Macy–Grove


145–Grey Petticrew–9–(4-0)–(7-0)–1st

won by fall in 4:22 over William Collier–Willard

won by fall in 4:06 over Sam Holloway–Branson

won by fall in 3:13 over Konner Poynter–Monett

won by fall in 1:19 over Coty Dumond–McDonald County


145–Kanon Williams–9–(4-1)–(5-1)–2nd

won by decision 6-3 over Jeremiah West–Glendale

won by fall in 3:55 over Malachi Porter–Joplin

won by fall in 1:48 over Jacob Westhoff–Ozark

won by technical fall 17-0 over Sebastian Devries–Branson

lost by decision 0-5 to Lizandro Villa–Monett


145–Gabe Lambeth–9–(4-0)–(6-1)–1st

won by fall in 2:22 over Gaven Mendoza–Grove

won by fall in 0:15 over Devin Lawson–Joplin

won by decision 7-6 over Noah Quillman–Neosho

won by fall in 0:49 over Cutter Hicks–Cassville


152–Wessly Estes–11–(4-0)–(5-0)–1st

won by fall in 1:47 over Kai Andrews–Ozark

won by fall in 1:46 over Tanner Fick–Glendale

won by decision 8-4 over Jesus Barboza–Har-Ber

won by fall in 1:56 over Matt Bush–Grove


152–Andrew Holden–11–(4-0)–(4-0)–1st

won by major decision 13-3 over Creed Lambeth–Carthage

won by fall in 2:31 over Ulysses Deleon–Neosho

won by fall in 0:12 over Nathan Gray–Diamond

won by fall in 0:54 over Joshua Shockley–Glendale


152–Creed Lambeth–11–(3-1)–(3-1)–2nd

lost by major decision 3-13 to Andrew Holden–Carthage

won by fall in 0:17 over Nathan Gray–Diamond

won by fall in 0:41 over Joshua Shockley–Glendale

won by fall in 2:57 over Ulysses Deleon–Neosho


152–Fernando Lopez–11–(3-1)–(5-3)–2nd

won by fall in 4:28 over Dawson Humphrey–Grove

lost by fall in 3:49 to Bryan Lopez–Har-Ber

won by fall in 4:07 over Gabe Mabrey–Neosho

won by fall in 1:41 over Garret DeMasters–Carl Junction


152–Levi White–12–(3-1)–(4-2)–2nd

won by fall in 1:41 over Waylon Ridenger–Branson

won by fall in 0:39 over Brady Byerley–Glendale

won by fall in 0:28 over Nevan Challenger–Carl Junction

lost by fall in 3:53 to Drew VanGilder–Joplin


160–Lucas Lund–9–(4-1)–(6-3)–2nd

won by fall in 0:54 over Dillon DeMasters–Carl Junction

won by fall in 2:48 over Charles Williamson–Glendale

won by fall in 0:27 over Soloman Botta–Har-Ber

won by fall in 4:36 over Tanner Moulden–Willard

lost by decision 1-6 to Matt Bansemer–Grove


160–Gustavo Rodriguez–11–(1-3)–(2-7)–DNP

lost by fall in 0:44 to Lucas Beyer–Har-Ber

lost by fall in 0:23 to Rsj Ifamilik–Neosho

won by fall in 2:04 over Daniel Chavira–Branson

lost by fall in 0:20 to Shane Shaughnessy–Willard


182–Cristian Orellana–11–(3-2)–(6-2)–3rd

lost by decision 4-6 to Obed Gonzalez–Carthage

won by fall in 2:42 over Zack Dal Porto–Branson

won by fall in 1:59 over Jose Sanchez–Neosho

lost by decision 3-9 to Logan Tolbert–Cassville

won by fall in 3:42 over Daniel Jeik–Har-Ber


182–Obed Gonzalez–11–(4-1)–(4-1)–2nd

won by decision 6-4 over Cristian Orellana–Carthage

won by decision 10-3 over Daniel Jeik–Har-Ber

won by fall in 1:46 over Zack Dal Porto–Branson

won by fall in 2:36 over Jose Sanchez–Neosho

lost by fall in 2:51 to Logan Tolbert–Cassville


182–James Chuta–11–(2-2)–(3-4)–3rd

won by fall in 0:58 over Christian Bellville–Monett

won by fall in 4:11 over Micheal Legget–Branson

lost by fall in 2:47 to Blane Steffen–Carthage

lost by fall in 0:44 to Jonethan Miller–Cassville


182–Blane Steffen–12–(3-1)–(3-1)–2nd

won by fall in 0:33 over Micheal Legget–Branson

lost by fall in 1:55 to Jonethan Miller–Cassville

won by fall in 2:47 over James Chuta–Carthage

won by fall in 0:16 over Christian Bellville–Monett


195–Cristian Salas–10–(1-2)–(2-2)–3rd

lost by overtime decision 10-12 to Juan Moalez–McDonald County

lost by fall in 2:17 to Joshua Harvey–Monett

won by fall in 1:59 over Cameron Osborn–Grove


195–Brian Zuniga–9–(4-0)–(7-1)–1st

won by fall in 1:54 over Christopher Ada–Neosho

won by fall in 2:04 over Misael Villa–Monett

won by fall in 2:12 over Daniel Parsons–Monett

won by fall in 2:18 over Ben Davis–Glendale


195–Isaac Saba–10–(3-0)-(3-1)–1st

won by fall in 1:49 over Jordan Thompson–Monett

won by decision 7-4 over Gustavo Orellana–Carthage

won by fall in 2:53 over Willima Mitchell–McDonald County


195–Gustavo Orellana–9–(2-1)–(2-1)–2nd

won by fall in 2:52 over William Mitchell–McDonald County

lost by decision 4-7 to Isaac Saba–Carthage

won by fall in 1:00 over Jordan Thompson–Monett


220–Rafael Lopez–10–(2-2)–(6-2)–3rd

lost by fall in 1:41 to Alex Misener–Monett

lost by decision 2-3 to Cameron Bowlin–Har-Ber

won by fall in 0:51 over Nick Stephens–Seneca

won by fall in 1:38 over Seth Gonzalez–Glendale


220–Alexis Vasquez–11–(3-1)–(6-2)–2nd

lost by decision 2-7 to Jakob Tate–Seneca

won by decision 4-2 over Cole Keeton–Willard

won by fall in 1:56 over Kahman Isaia–Glendale

won by fall in 0:52 over Jonathan Pickle–Ozark


220–Chastin Utter–11–(3-1)–(4-4)–2nd

won by fall in 0:32 over Osiel Salas–Monett

won by fall in 2:06 over Elijah Valdez–Glendale

lost by fall in 2:15 to Derek Hicks–Willard

won by fall in 1:34 over Lalynd Stauber–McDonald County


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