Carthage Wrestling makes statement over Christmas break

Freshman Luke Gall posts a tournament championship win at Harrisonville. Crystal Brown / The Carthage Press

The term “Holiday Break” means something a little different to a wrestler.  Maintaining a specific weight, staying in shape and always adding to your ever-growing collection of vintage wrestling shoes tends to top their wish list.  This year’s Carthage team got a little something extra from Santa this year, as they added a shutout win over district opponent Joplin, a first place finish by over 100 points at the Harrisonville Christmas Tournament and several dominant finishes at the MacDonald County JV Tournament. 

Since Carthage remains in the largest wrestling class in the state this year, Class 4, a resounding win over a district opponent like Joplin is a definite plus in preparing for the second half of the season, according to Head Coach Kenny Brown. 

“We were able to see some small things that need to be fixed before we see tougher opponents.”


Brown also mentioned one of his evening’s highlights was “with Gabe Lambeth being able to come in and get the win in his first varsity match.  There was a lot of pressure for him to be able to get the win and preserve the chance for the shutout.” 

Lambeth, a freshman, filled in for senior, Anderson Ixcol, who was out of town for the holidays.  Brown feels that this depth amongst his junior varsity wrestlers is one of the biggest factors to this year’s team success. 

Coach John Petticrew coaches his son, Grey at the Blue Springs Tournament. Crystal Brown / The Carthage Press

“Our JV has progressed tremendously this season.  With the JV, you are able to see their progress much easier than the experienced wrestlers.  They are running the fundamentals that we preach, and it is paying off in wins for them.” 

That momentum carried over to the varsity team the very next day, as they traveled north to the Harrisonville Christmas Tournament, where they secured their first ever championship. 

“It was definitely a tough tournament with a talented field of wrestlers.  We were able to knock off several ranked wrestlers and lost close decisions to others.  Hopefully this tournament helped prepare the boys for the grind of tough tournaments (Excelsior Springs, Platte County, and the COC) coming up in January,” said Coach Brown.  Striving for excellence has always been a delicate balance for any team Brown has coached, especially when that potential for success is just within reach. 

“I feel that the boys know that this team has the potential to be something special, but I doubt at this point they think too much about it, which is good.  For the most part, their job is to focus on the next match.  It is the coaching staff’s job to worry about what we need to do to prepare them for farther down the road.  We just hope that the boys enjoy the ride.  Appreciation of it can come later,” Brown stated.

That perspective has always served Coach Brown and his team well.  But there’s no denying the utter fulfillment of doing what you love, everyday. 

“This season has been a blast to coach.  We’ve got solid wrestlers up and down the lineup, strong leadership from the upperclassmen, and a coaching staff that enjoys not only what we are doing, but who we are doing it with.  The next major goal has to be continuing our undefeated dual season.  We have several tough duals coming up.  We will face Ozark on Jan. 7th and Class 2 3rd ranked Bolivar on Jan. 16th.  Hopefully those two duals will help us prepare for the Black and Blue Brawl with Class 3 1st ranked Neosho on Jan. 21st.  We’ve been winning every dual by a wide margin so far this year, and it will be good to have a couple of tighter duals leading up to our confrontation with Neosho.  We haven’t beaten Neosho since 2007.” 

While the Carthage Wrestling Tigers continue to set records and break boundaries, the support of the kids and the program remains first and foremost in Coach Kenny Brown’s mind.  “The thing that I most want to see is a full gymnasium for the Black and Blue Brawl with Neosho on Jan. 21st.  We are going to be hosting a dual in the main gym of the high school for I believe the first time.  We need to fill the stands to create a loud, fun atmosphere that these boys will remember forever.” 

Carthage next wrestles a double dual versus Reeds Spring and Ozark at Reeds Spring on January 7th.

Carthage Varsity Wrestling wins the Harrisonville Tournament. Crystal Brown / The Carthage Press

Here are the results from the Carthage wrestling dual with Joplin on 12/19/19 at Joplin.  Carthage is now 4-0 on the season.




Varsity Individual Results

Weight—Name—grade—Season Record

106—Kip Castor—9—(6-0)

Won by fall in 3:04 over Alex Short


113—Carlos Reyes—11—(9-0)

Won by fall in 1:00 over Aton Wilfred


120—Tanner Russow—12—(7-1)

Won by fall in 1:10 over Rocky Walker


126—Selvin Estrada—12—(7-2)

Won by fall in 3:26 over Trace Sargent


132—Dagan Sappington—11—(7-0)

Won by fall in 2:52 over Josiah Vaughn


138—Davion King—9—(8-1)

Won by forfeit


145—Gabe Lambeth—9—(1-0)

Won by decision 7-3 over Jack Stanley


152—Eli Sneed—10—(4-2)

Won by forfeit


160—Kelten Campbell—12—(8-1)

Won by fall in 1:20 over Brenden Mynatt


170—Luke Gall—9—(8-0)

Won by forfeit


182—Brandon Crow—12—(6-2)

Won by fall in 1:57 over Aiden Short


195—Kanen Vogt—10—(8-1)

Won by forfeit


220—Kale Schrader—12—(1-0)

Won by fall in 1:11 over Gunner Price


285—Brener Ocana—12—(8-0)

Won by forfeit


Junior Varsity Individual Results

113—Lucas Jones—9—(2-1)

Won by technical fall 17-1 over Orion Norris


113—Christian Brown—10—(4-0)

Won by major decision 10-1 over Orion Norris


145—D.J. Witt—11—(1-0)

Won by fall in 1:17 over Malachi Porter


145—Grey Petticrew—9—(3-0)

Won by fall in 0:56 over Devin Lawson


145—Kanon Williams—9—(1-0)

Won by fall in 3:44 over Malachi Porter


145—Jonathan Coreas Perez—10—(1-3)

Won by fall in 0:59 over Devin Lawson


152—Brett Rockers—10—(0-1)

Lost by injury default to Drew VanGilder


170—Gustavo Rodriguez—11—(1-4)

Lost by fall in 0:53 to Draven VanGilder


195—Isaac Saba—10—(0-1)

Lost by fall in 2:55 to Mataou James


195—Brian Zuniga—9—(3-1)

Won by fall in 1:24 over Aiden Luckey


195—Cristian Salas—10—(1-0)

Won by fall in 2:55 over Aiden Lucky


220—Rafael Lopez—10—(4-0)

Won by fall in 2:30 over Scott Lowe


220—Alexis Vasquez—11—(3-1)

Won by fall in 3:28 over Scott Lowe


285—Chastin Utter—11—(1-3)

Won by fall in 1:52 over Michael Schultz

Here are the results from the Harrisonville Holiday tournament on 12/20-21/19.  

Team Results

1–Carthage–943–ranked 9th in Class 4

2–Willard–821–ranked 7th in Class 3

3–Marlow OK–820–ranked 2nd in 3A

4–Seneca–726.5–ranked 3rd in Class 2

5–Carl Junction–663.5

6–St. Charles West–614


8–Grain Valley–590



11–Rolla–504–ranked 2nd in Class 3

12–St. Charles–494–ranked 8th in Class 3




16–St. Joe Benton–409

17–Olathe West–391

18–Webb City–366.5




22–William Chrisman–256.5




Individual Results

Weight–Name–Grade–Tournament Record–Season Record–Placement–Ranking


106–Kip Castor–9–(5-2)–(11-2)–4th

won by fall in 5:48 over Gavin Sydnor–St. Charles West

won by medical forfeit over Noah Agcaoili–Willard

won by decision 6-4 over Gehrig Furr–Marlow

won by forfeit over Ruskin

won by decision 3-2 over Lukas Walker–Carl Junction

lost by technical fall 0-16 to Keith Ransom–Mexico–ranked 1st in Class 2

lost by fall in 2:50 to Wyatt George–Republic


113–Carlos Reyes–11–(6-3)–(15-3)–3rd

won by fall in 1:43 over Gavin Adams–Helias–ranked 5th in Class 3

won by fall in 1:38 over Brayan Juarez–Mexico–ranked 3rd in Class 2

won by major decision 16-2 over Dalton Duley–Seneca–ranked 5th in Class 2

lost by decision 0-2 to Christian Finley–Willard–ranked 2nd in Class 3

lost by decision 7-9 to Case Rich–Marlow

won by fall in 5:43 over Bryce Edison–Warrenton

won by fall in 1:35 over Morgan Oser–St. Charles West

lost by decision 5-8 to Dru Azcona–Grain Valley

won by decision 2-1 over Antonio Rizzi–Belton


120–Tanner Russow–12–(6-1)–(13-2)–3rd

won by fall in 2:51 over David Thorne–St. Charles

won by fall in 0:29 over Nick Ripperger–Harrisonville

won by fall in 0:49 over Dymand Watson–St. Charles West

won by fall in 1:52 over Angelo Barron–St. Joe Benton

won by fall in 2:56 over Josh Ferrel–St. Charles West

lost by decision 0-4 to Kyler Carter–Webb City–ranked 3rd in Class 3

won by decision 3-0 over Tyler Lawson–Marlow


126–Selvin Estrada–12–(4-3)–(11-5)–6th

won by fall in 1:24 over Alex Moore–Harrisonville

won by decision 10-8 over Aidan Neal–Camdenton

won by fall in 2:00 over Reese Russman–Olathe West

lost by decision 0-5 to Josh Copher–Webb City

lost by technical fall 4-19 to Kendon Pollard–Seneca

won by decision 9-3 over Carson Hayes–Helias

lost by decision 6-8 to Dylan Mosley–Mexico–ranked 4th in Class 2


132–Dagan Sappington–11–(5-2)–(12-2)–4th

won by fall in 3:43 over Andrew Keithley–Willard

won by major decision 10-0 over Drake Keele–Smith-Cotton

won by major decision 11-0 over Connor Timmons–St. Joe Benton

won by fall in 1:19 over Clint Rhodes–Harrisonville

won by decision 4-0 over Clayton Swadley–Seneca

lost by decision to 0-3 to Kyle Davis–Marlow

lost by decision 0-3 to Jacob Schrimpf–Helias


132–Braxdon Tate–10–(6-2)–(6-2)–DNP

lost by fall in 1:09 to Kyle Davis–Marlow

lost by decision 2-7 to Ronald Watson–St. Charles West

won by fall in 2:45 over Cale Bentley–Camdenton

won by fallin 1:05 over Ben Shannon–Olathe West

won by decision 8-2 over Gabe Hesington–Republic

won by fall in 2:41 over Chance Benford–Carl Junction

won by fall in 3:40 over Connor Timmons–St. Joe Benton

won by decision 4-2 over Brady Littleton–Belton


138–Davion King–9–(5-3)–(13-4)–DNP

won by fall in 1:23 over Lincoln Renfro–Seneca

won by fall in 1:09 over Caleb Bush–Smith-Cotton

won by fall in 1:19 over Isaiah Madson–Republic

lost by fall in 1:25 to Grant Garrett–Camdenton–ranked 3rd in Class 3

won by fall in 0:20 over Jerome Tyler–Ruskin

lost by fall in 2:41 to Alexsey Salaz–Helias–ranked 4th in Class 3

lost by decision 0-7 to Dathan Mickem–Rolla–ranked 6th in Class 3

won by major decision 16-7 over Brantley Carter–Webb City


145–Eli Sneed–10–(0-2)–(4-4)–DNP

lost by fall in 3:54 to Wyatt Forck–Helias

lost by fall in 5:13 to Jonathan O’Connell–Republic

withdrew from tournament due to injury


152–Brett Rockers–10–(3-3)–(3-3)–6th

won by fall in 1:40 over Isaac Collyott–Republic

lost by fall in 1:34 to Cameron Mickelson–Grain Valley

won by fall in 1:09 over Grant Findley–Olathe West

lost by decision 4-7 to Dane Napier–Seneca

won by decision 9-4 over Mason Gaddie–Harrisonville

lost by fall in 3:52 to Trent Busby–St. Charles West


160–Kelten Campbell–12–(6-1)–(14-2)–3rd

won by fall in 1:50 over Alex Tesreau–Helias

won by fall in 2:50 over Tony Tinoco–Winnetonka

won by fall in 3:59 oer Jaren Foster–St. Charles West

won by fall in 0:38 over Terrell Williams–Mexico

won by fall in 0:25 over Cole Hayes–Marlow

lost by fall in 3:18 to Connor Sandridge–Republic

won by fall in 1:28 over Jaren Foster–St. Charles West


170–Luke Gall–9–(7-0)–(15-0)–1st

won by fall in 1:30 over Kenderal Webber–Ruskin

won by fall in 1:21 over Bryce Leuenberger–Camdenton

won by decision 5-2 over Kale Hunt–Marlow

won by fall in 3:39 over Rylan Dixon–Willard

won by fall in 1:02 over David Redding–Rolla

won by fall in 3:39 over Rico Alaniz–William Chrisman

won by decision 5-2 over Drake Tipton–Grain Valley–ranked 2nd in Class 3


182–Brandon Crow–12–(4-4)–(10-6)–DNP

won by fall in 1:49 over Tyler Soendker–Smith-Cotton

lost  by decision 2-6 to Andrew Jones–Warrenton

won by fall in 0:59 over Chance Mickem–Rolla

lost by fall in 0:47 to Jackson White–Carl Junction–ranked 1st in Class 3 @ 195

won by fall in 1:43 over John Hickman–Republic

won by decision 9-4 over Ethan Weber–Olathe West

lost by decision 1-3 to Roger Carranco–Webb City

lost by fall in 3:45 to Ethan Weber–Olathe West


195–Kanen Vogt–10–(3-3)–(11-4)–4th

won by fall in 3:34 over John Starkey–Warrenton

won by fall in 5:04 over Kaiden Davis–Camdenton

lost by decision 4-7 to Carson Moore–Marlow

won by decision 8-3 over Carson Miller–Harrisonville

lost by fall in 0:22 to Jed Brandon–Willard–ranked 4th in Class 3

lost by decision 2-7 to Carson Moore–Marlow


220–Kale Schrader–12–(7-0)–(8-0)–1st–ranked 1st in Class 4

won by fall in 0:53 over Landon Hinton–Grain Valley

won by fall in 1:03 over Cody Patton–St. Charles West

won by fall in 0:47 over Michael Smith–St. Charles

won by fall in 1:59 over Brody German–Webb City

won by fall in 0:34 over Jackson Hazel–Smith-Cotton

won by fall in 1:40 over Zach Griffith–Marlow

won by major decision 10-2 over Skyleer Commons–Seneca


285–Brener Ocana–12–(4-1)–(12-1)–4th–ranked 5th in Class 4

won by fall in 1:13 over Eric Bautistalemus–Smith-Cotton

won by fall in 0:56 over Josh Napier–Warrenton

won by fall in 1:32 over Jimmy Hensel–St. Charles West

won by decision 3-2 over Carson Gehring–Willard

lost by injury default to Dakota Davis–Camdenton–ranked 5th in Class 3

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