Carthage Junior High bands receive straight 1 ratings at Nevada Band Festival


The Junior High Bands had a great day on Saturday at the Nevada Band Festival. The 7th Grade Band and 8th Grade Band received straight “1”(Exemplary) ratings from the judges. In addition, many soloists performed.

Students who received “1”(Exemplary) ratings for solos: Lucas Lund, Lily Smith, Brett Backerman, Hank Almandinger, Eddy Perez, Ethan Stark, Rebecca Morris, Austin Davis, Rolman Paxtor, Abigail Elias, Fabian Solano, Hunter Wright, Audrey Patrick, Marissa Topete, Lain Davison, Karen Casteneda, Madison Riley, Diana Enamorado, Allie Williams, Izzy Reynolds, Peyton Norris, Walter Reyes, Morgan Polley, Edward Carreto, Cindy Cruz, Daisy Oxlaj, Jonathan Elias, Emerson Perez, Thomas Banta, Hailey Callahan, William Wallace, Caden Champagne, Joshua Griffith, Madison Chriswell, Kaylyn Hayes, DJ Bergen, Jerl Blankenship.

Students who received “2”(Outstanding) ratings for solos: Aidan Cline, Reese Bastings, Aubriana Lovett, Emotion Goodman, Trinity Bunn.


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