artNotes from Hyde House: Meet and Greet beneath the Trees

Kittens at the Humane Society in Carthage, Missouri, waiting for a new home.

They’re coming! They’re coming! Adorable dogs and precious kittens will be here at artCentral on two Sunday afternoons during our All Creatures Great and Small exhibition showcasing more than fifty animal-centric images by members of the Four State Photography Enthusiasts.

Yes, dedicated Carthage Humane Society volunteer Braden Horst is bringing these treasures for a “Meet and Greet”. From 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 25, and Sunday, September 15, on the Hyde House lawn in the cool shade beneath the beautiful, spreading canopy of old growth trees, you’ll find an assortment of furry delights waiting for your visit.

If you have experienced the love of an animal—seen the energetic wag of a dog’s tail or heard the soft purr of a contented cat—you know the affection of a pet that is dedicated to you. The unconditional love and companionship that animals give us are what make these creatures such exceptional gifts in our lives.


Should you fall in love and have your heart set on taking home a special new companion that you meet at artCentral, Braden will happily facilitate adoption. The shelter’s usual adoption fee will be reduced for these two special days.

Checking in with the Humane Society’s website at, I learned:

The Carthage Humane Society (CHS) is a non-profit animal shelter in Jasper County, Missouri. Home to many homeless companion animals entrusted to the Society’s care, CHS puts the animals first. Working with dedication to promote responsible pet ownership, CHS plays an ever-evolving role as mediator in the changing relationship between people and animals.

The Humane Society’s mission is to provide a safe, caring and temporary haven for animals entrusted to their care. Since 1948, the Humane Society has reached out to those people who enjoy and employ animals, as well as those who love and share their lives with them. As an animal welfare organization, the Society is also very much a people business. Supporting and promoting the human-animal bond, the CHS strives to place adoptable animals in responsible homes. The Society also strives to reduce pet over-population by offering education on the advantages of spaying and neutering.

Caring for the large number of animals seen during the year at CHS is very expensive. The majority of shelter funds come from donations in the form of memberships, bequests, adoptions and gifts from individuals like you, businesses and foundations. Get involved and help animals in Jasper County and beyond. Your tax-deductible donation to CHS helps make vaccinations, medical treatment and daily care available for animals at the shelter. On the Society’s website you can make a financial gift safely and securely through PayPal to help the animals staying at the shelter.

Your gifts and contributions can be in many forms including purchases made from the shelter’s Amazon Wish List and shipped directly to the CHS doorstep. The gift of your volunteering is one of the best donations you can make. You can sign up to volunteer your time to help at your availability. Tasks vary from dog walking, kennel cleaning and yard work to office work.

The Humane Society also provides lost and found services and advocates prevention first. Pet owners are encouraged to keep a collar and identification tags with the owner’s name, local phone number and home address on their dog or cat at all times. If your pet is lost, visit the shelter during business hours as soon as possible and return frequently to view intake pets. No phone calls, please. Only onsite viewing can positively identify your pet.

The Carthage Humane Society is located at 13860 Dog Kennel Lane in Carthage, Missouri. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. The shelter is closed on Sunday and Monday. You can call the Society at (417)358-6402.

The best way to prevent permanent loss is by securing your pet safely using microchip technology. Microchips can be implanted just under the skin of dogs and cats. Veterinary, animal control, animal shelters and local humane society professionals can then use handheld scanners—just like those used in market checkout lines—to “read” the chips implanted in animals found wandering unsupervised. The microchip provides a unique code for the pet that can then be matched against an identification database. Microchips are made to work through the lifetime of a pet—a chip typically lasts at least twenty-five years. They don’t ever need replacing and can’t be lost. For more information on microchipping and many other ways to protect your pet visit

When you come to artCentral’s Humane Society “Meet and Greet” beneath the trees, be sure to step inside elegant Hyde House and visit All Creatures Great and Small, artCentral’s awesome August and September exhibition. Generously underwritten by Central Pet Care, All Creatures Great and Small will be on display throughout the galleries at 1110 East Thirteenth Street in Carthage, Missouri, during weekend gallery hours from August 23 to September 22. The public is invited. Admission is free.

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