artNotes from Hyde House: Celebrating heroines and heroes


#GivingTuesday and the HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE are two more grand artCentral successes. I stand, applaud and celebrate all those who participate and do their part to support and sustain our small town nonprofit arts center. To all these heroines and heroes I say “Thank you!”

Thank you to all artCentral supporters and friends, heroines and heroes who hit the online “donate” button and made contributions for #GivingTuesday. The success of this Facebook fundraiser goes far to insure the sustainable vitality of artCentral’s work on behalf of art and artists.

Thank you to all seventeen artCentral artists, heroines and heroes who brought their unique creations to fill the galleries and turn Hyde House into a beautifully elegant shopping venue: Linda Brown (Sgraffito clay giftables), Alexandra Burnside (whimsical pillows), April Davis-Brunner (paintings, wind chimes, mugs and coasters), Teri Diggs (garden art), Jerry Ellis (framed prints), Judith Fowler (angel journals and pillows),  Kristin Gerard (jewelry), Alice Lynn Greenwood-Mathé (prints and cards), Becky Golubski (paintings, mugs and pillows), Brenda Hayes (fiber creations), Helen Kunze (paintings), Koral Martin (porcelain, wood and metal ornaments), Jane McCaulley (glass ornaments), Mary Parks (cutting boards, coasters, small paintings), Marty Ann Petersen (whimsical ornaments), Priscilla Pettie (jewelry) and Dana Reed (Owl and Willow artisan candles).

Thank you to artCentral’s board of directors heroines—Betsy Flanigan (president), Jackie Boyer and Wendi Douglas—the phenomenal Holiday Boutique committee who worked with me for a year to create our splendid Holiday Boutique showcase and enlist the assistance of volunteers.


Especially thank you to hero David Greenwood-Mathé, artCentral’s hardworking and always willing prepitor, who prepared gallery walls, distributed banners and event flags, toted tables and chairs and graciously took care of many, many other tasks that made for smooth and easy set-up, shopping and reset of Hyde House.

Thank you to the all the other cheerful volunteers—those heroines and heroes who gave their time and happy spirits to staff the Boutique: Jane Ballard, Jackie Boyer, Aurelia Burr, Maddie Capps, Teri Diggs, Wendi Douglas, Betsy Flanigan, David Greenwood-Mathé, Jason Shelfer and Jane Van Den Berg. The Holiday Boutique couldn’t happen without you!

Thank you to former board member and heroine Gail White who originally brought to the board table the idea to plant and offer Amaryllis bulbs as a Holiday Boutique fundraiser. Each year the limited edition sale has brought more and more interest and success as Amaryllis have been purchased to be given as gifts and to decorate homes and offices.

A grateful thank you to heroine Wendy Verbeek of Bella Flora Nurseries for providing the space for planting and caring for the Amaryllis during their cultivation. Our Holiday Boutique patrons are carrying away stunning blooming plants that will give vibrant color and great joy all through the holiday season and well beyond.

To the artCentral artist heroines and heroes who have created and donated original 5”x7” creations for the Silent Auction fundraiser, I say “Thank you for graciously sharing your gifts and talents! Namaste.” Your beautiful contributions individually and collectively attract patrons who generously support artCentral as they choose your creations to enhance homes and offices locally and far beyond. Our beloved artCentral is enriched by your artistic giving! You are heroines and heroes, one and all.

What a joy for me to work with and among all the artists of artCentral—those just emerging to find their creative voices; those well-established and continuing to find their ever broader audiences; and those special heroines and heroes who are being recognized for the outstanding artistic achievements of their lifetimes. In my next Art Notes I will celebrate with you the exceptional homegrown artist, Lowell Davis, who has very recently been inducted into the Hall of Carthage Heroes.

To all the heroines and heroes who support the life and work of artCentral I offer my deepest gratitude. You make a difference! I honor you!

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