A Post-Marian Days 2019 Letter of Appreciation to the citizens of Carthage


Dear Mr. Mayor and the People of the City of Carthage,

The Vietnamese people from all over the United States and other parts of the world had gathered for the 42nd Marian Days Celebration. In the past few days, we truly believe that they have experienced a wonderful sense of community here in Carthage through the many kind gestures of charitable and warm welcoming. We, the Brothers and Priests of the Congregation of the Mother of the Redeemer – CRM, (formerly known as the Congregation of the Mother Coredemptrix – CMC) would like to join with them to express our heartfelt gratitude for your friendly supports, which make the 42nd Marian Days such another memorable celebration. We are certain that your hospitality is a wonderful way for those who came here to discover the beauty of being in Southern Missouri.

Particularly, we wish to express our most sincere thanks and gratitude to all the beloved Citizens of Carthage, especially to our friendly neighbors for your never-ending hospitality in welcoming the pilgrims into your houses and properties for family gatherings. Your kindness says much about your love for them. We also would like to express our gratitude to Reverend Dustin Ledford and the Church of the Nazarene; Captain Dana Cook and the Salvation Army in Carthage; Reverend Tony Allmoslecher, Reverend John Mouton and the Fairview Christian Church in Carthage, for permitting the Marian Days’ participants to use the church’s properties. We are also deeply grateful to the First Baptist Church and First Methodist Church for generously providing shuttle buses for transportation for the pilgrims throughout the celebration.

In a very special way, we wish to express our deepest appreciation to our Mayor, The Honorable Dan Rife, and the City Administrator and Council; the impressive works of Police Chief Greg Dagnan, Captain Bill Hawkins, Lieutenant Jeff Steffen, Police Clerk, Michael Banes, and the Carthage Police Department; Chief Roger William and the Carthage Fire Department. You all had diligently worked together under very challenging circumstances in order to provide a peaceful celebration.


Finally, we would like to apologize for any inconveniences that we might have caused our dear people of Carthage during these days. We humbly ask for your forgiveness and understanding. Once again, thank you for your many wonderful gestures of hospitality given to us and our Vietnamese people and for supporting us hosting this annual event. May God continue to bestow his rich blessings upon all of you, your families, and loved ones.

Gratefully yours in Christ,

(Very Rev.) Paul M. Tai Van Tran, CRM

Provincial Minister

To view the letter in a PDF format, click here.

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