Carthage Non-Profit Directory

Carthage News Online and Virtual Carthage are working together to compile and distribute a directory of non-profit services in Carthage. Services may include COVID-19 Response services or traditional services that community organizations have always offered to the community.

One of the first steps in disaster recovery is to gather a list of resources that the community can rely on for services. When a disaster such as the current pandemic with closures and economic disparity in response to the pandemic occurs, new portions of the community need services they have not needed in the past.  Additionally, our churches and non-profit organizations can use the directory to identify gaps in services and consider funding new avenues to meet community needs.

As the community prepares to re-open on May 3, 2020, we hope that you will use the directory to refer services to friends, neighbors, and families to helpful resources.

Additional services can be sent to The directory will be updated weekly.